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Review #1, by Gryf_Queen Closure

16th April 2008:
Love it! Update soon!

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Review #2, by Jericho Closure

30th June 2007:
Manicured rows of WHAT exactly. You don't state what's manicured and in rows.

You spelt shakey wrong.

When you say her voice "choked" slightly, do you mean cracked? How does a voice choke? A person chokes. A dog chokes. Voices don't choke.

Um, what happened to her family? Why are they dead? And it would have been helpful if, when you described the graveyard, you had mentioned trees. Because otherwise, when the stalker-guy appears, it's like, your character is retarded and didn't notice a ''dark'' man just randomly standing behind her family's gravestone. I believe that would be kind of hard to miss.

It's also a very short chapter. You should have made it longer.

I'm also not quite sure where this is going ... ? What does her singing and conjuring guitars have to do with it? Well .. with what?

Just a few thoughts.

Hope they were helpful and insightful.

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Review #3, by GracieBagel Closure

25th June 2007:
Wo... Well, first things first. MY NAME. GRACE. Lol. Psst, Good choice of name :D Secondly, that was amazing! Almost made me cry :( It felt as if you were actually there. Nooo Depressimg beginnings are good (I THINK) :) Keep it up! Can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #4, by laugharama_llama Closure

24th November 2006:


Longer chapter is the only thing that I need suggest. Besides that, it was excellent.

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Review #5, by Wolfy. Closure

25th September 2006:
Please add another chapter! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! lol.

Author's Response: The next chapter is waiting to be validated! I promise! :)

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Review #6, by navygirl529 Closure

5th July 2006:
ooooooh! so sweet, and soooo sad! luv it, please keep going!

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Review #7, by asianvoice Closure

1st July 2006:
It was a good beginning, hope to read the next one soon :)

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Review #8, by MiraWithershade Closure

30th June 2006:

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