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Review #1, by JJFuzzyhead 12+ Profanity Tutorial

19th October 2012:
I simply could not stop reading this. This story is riveting. First, somebody's pencil breaks, then Parvati's show gets covered in unicorn poop! I couldn't keep up with all the drama!This is so Dobby-worthy.

Hehe. Just kidding. Thank you, staff!

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Review #2, by xxFlutterStutterBOOMBOOMxx 12+ Profanity Tutorial

30th July 2011:
"Damn it! -my pencil broke"
They don't use pencils at Hogwarts XD
Kidding. Great tutorial.

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Review #3, by leapoffaith24 12+ Profanity Tutorial

30th October 2009:
wow, poop is considered "mild language". LOL!

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Review #4, by Caesar Mariana Magna 12+ Profanity Tutorial

27th September 2009:
This is a good reference for words allowed in 12+ stories that have profanity in them. Terrific.

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Review #5, by darsynia 12+ Profanity Tutorial

29th May 2007:
Thank you for this, it's very helpful!

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Review #6, by Elle Winters 12+ Profanity Tutorial

13th April 2007:

My chapter has been rejected twice because apparently my Summary isn't 12+.

It is not graphic at all - what's the problem?

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