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Review #1, by noraxslytherin Her Sweet Dragon

3rd August 2007:
im choked up. :[ i almost cried but i thought better of it because my brother and his friend are spying on me. stupid brother. be right back, lemme throw something in their faces. okay im back. i got yelled at but it was worth it...why am i telling you this? im supposed to leave a review about your story not my life. well, now i'll leave a review for both. :]

this story was totally amazing! seriously, all your one-shots get me hooked. and then i want more. so if i could, i'd run off with your brain and bewitch it to make it talk so it could tell me stories. yes, thats what i'll do. this was awesome and so sad. my eyes were watering. :[ i've never seen that movie, but i love the movie 'the little vampire' which isnt rly related to this but it could be...anyway, AMAZING STORY!


Author's Response: lol Nora!
1st're grounded for throwing things at your brother (sorry, just the mum in me I guess)
2nd.......thanks for the great review & because of that you're ungrounded now!
I loved that movie "The Little Vampire." Really, I think it's just the kid actually, he's such a cutie. Run off with my brain & bewitch it? Hmmmmm, I'll have to think about that for a moment or two!!

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Review #2, by Harry Potter Freaky Fan Girl Her Sweet Dragon

21st June 2007:
Very good story you are very talanted(sp?) but Draco was very OC

Author's Response: Thank you! Draco was very off OC, but that's the beauty of fan fiction, the characters can become what you invision them to be. And yep........talanted is spelled talented lol. Oh well, we all have brain bubbles every once in awhile!!

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Review #3, by _Emma_ Her Sweet Dragon

31st May 2007:
Aww! That is so sad! I am alomost crying!

Emma xx

Author's Response: Thanks Emma! I tried!! lol

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Review #4, by ElissandrAnne Her Sweet Dragon

30th August 2006:
I think I'm reading so many stories in which Draco is a good boy that I won't be able to hate him when I'll read Book 7, lol. Good job, Paula!

Author's Response: LMAO!! That's too true!! Oh my. Yeah, it's really hard for me to stop and remind myself that Draco is really a bad guy!! Who knows, maybe JK herself will turn our little blonde devil around and get us to feel for him!!

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Review #5, by fanof24 Her Sweet Dragon

28th August 2006:
That was okay. I wasn't choked up or anything though. I'm confused about how Hermione knew about the song. How would she know, did Malfoy's mother tell her? Anyway, good story!

Author's Response: No, Malfoy's mother didn't tell her, it was more of Hermione singing a song that she knew from her childhood. She was there when Narcissa died and overheard her calling Draco her sweet dragon. I guess you just have to not look so much for the obvious. Sorry it wasn't a great story, but I seemed to like it :P

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Review #6, by webbythehouseelf Her Sweet Dragon

9th August 2006:
Excellent, O Fluff Queen, mum ! (", )

That was really great, I love this fic. Sorry I took so long to get to it, but I'm here now and I'm glad. I remember watching the film at school, I loved it then.

Keep up the Fluffy work, mum. It's really great.

Dave ! (", )

Author's Response: Yay Dave!! You finally read my fluffy. I'm glad you liked it. Sweet memories of "Pete's Dragon" watching it at school for me as well.

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Review #7, by antlers Her Sweet Dragon

3rd August 2006:
crying now..

Author's Response: Aww....I'm glad!! I love making people a good way that is!!

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Review #8, by mskairijade Her Sweet Dragon

1st August 2006:
beautiful, simply beautiful

Author's Response: Awwww Kai!! I'm so glad you liked this. Welcome back btw! I've missed you & your stories..........are they updated yet??? lol

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Review #9, by MugglebornWitch Her Sweet Dragon

12th July 2006:
Okay. I cried. So sad and perfect. Way to go.

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you! I love when I make people cry.......makes me want to cry!! :). Now here's a hug!!

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Review #10, by Pure Muggle Her Sweet Dragon

11th July 2006:
I'm puzzled. I read this last night and thought I left a review... obviously I didn't. *blinks in confusion*
Okay, what I was going to say is that I absolutely love this! I can just imagine Mrs Weasley being compassionate enough to take the two in, just as much as I can imagine Ron and Ginny flipping about it! The only mistake I found... if it is one... you did mean Hermione arrived just before Bill's wedding, right? Not Charlie's?
As I said before, great story and definitely one to keep tissues handy! Her sweet dragon - she does love her son. Very high marks!! ~Mon

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your wonderful review! Did I write Charlie's?? ACK!! I'll have to go back & change that. These brain farts become more random as I get older!! lol Thank you for pointing it out. I'm glad you liked this story, it was a real emotional piece for me. Hugs to you Mon!!

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Review #11, by SYN Her Sweet Dragon

10th July 2006:
A good one-shot. I like the stories that have Draco as the good guy. You did this story justice. Great Job.

Author's Response: haha!! Thank you so much Syn. I had a feeling you would like this one. I do hope you take a look at my Narcissa story. I don't know if you would like it or not, but I would love to hear what you have to say about it :D. Thanks for the review, I'm touched that you like it!!

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Review #12, by Jessi_Rose Her Sweet Dragon

10th July 2006:
Mum, this was beautiful. I loved it! Yes, I cried! Merlin, when Draco was next to his mum when she was dying, it was sooooo sad. Blast my strange habit of reading these crying challenges when I'm at work!! I really like it when people use Draco's nickname with is parents -- though it's not canon, it's still a brilliant way to draw out his character. Again, great way of showing Narcissa's love for Lucius -- even though I scorn you for making him a cheater! >_< Still, it was great and worked well in the story, so, I'm really not all that scornful ^_^ Seriously, wonderful job!!! ~Jessi

Author's Response: Yay!! I made you cry!! My deed for the day is done!! lol I really liked this story & to be honest the nickname just rolled out of my fingers when I was typing. I completely forgot Draco meant Dragon, but it worked & then the song struck me. I used to sing that to my oldest when he was a baby. It just worked. Thanks for the review, I'm blushing :D.

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Review #13, by Ms Fred Weasley Her Sweet Dragon

10th July 2006:
Wow! That was really good.. I loved it!!

Author's Response: Oye!! Thank you so much! I really, really love to see that you reviewed this. Makes me smile to see it appreciated!!

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Review #14, by Ravenclaw Lady Her Sweet Dragon

9th July 2006:
*massive standing ovation*. You have outdone yourself, my dear, this is your best work yet, it's fantastic. I LOVE Draco and you've got me feeling very sorry for my poor Dragon, which is a good thing! I could never feel sorry for the Ice Queen Narcissa in a million years as I rather think that the best Narcissa is a dead one...*grin* That was very powerful, beautifully descriptive. By the way, terrific song choice, I'm a big Anne Murray fan. Great work! RL

Author's Response: Oh!! *takes a deep, deep bow* HAHA!! Thank you Tammie!! w00t! Best work ever?? YES YES YES!! I'm humble at the moment.

I guess people are going to have different perspective on the death of Narcissa, I guess it depends on how you look at her & her life........especially married to Lucius. I mean no one really knows how these two got together so you can on ly make up your own thoughts. My story about her is making her an ice queen bitch........but I'm not done with that story yet!! HAHA!!

I love Anne Murray too. My mother played her & John Denver all the time, sweet memories growing up with them.

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