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Review #1, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans Raining Teardrops

21st May 2009:
oh my god, this maade me cry. this was amazing. im bawling my eyes out. this was a reeallyy reallly good story! great jobbb!!

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Review #2, by Janhavi Raining Teardrops

4th August 2007:
You could certainly write more like this, it is quite good.

Author's Response: thank you! this was my first [and pretty much only] story like this!

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Review #3, by Brenda16 Raining Teardrops

9th May 2007:
I don't know... it's okay but to be honest... i really didn't like it for some reason... It seemed really rushed and it started to bore me! It's kind of cute but it's not really my kind of story... For some one to kill themselves because their respective halfs are gone... it's just not me but it was okay. -Brenda.

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Review #4, by MrsHermioneWeasely Raining Teardrops

7th February 2007:
that actually made me cry.. i'm serious i have a few tears streaming down my face... that was an amazing story it was so beautiful how he would kill him self to be with her in heven... you are a truly amazing writer i loved it

Author's Response: thanks.

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Review #5, by missdiggory099 Raining Teardrops

2nd January 2007:
OMG thats so SAD and cute aww im like crying.

Author's Response: awwe. lol thanks.

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Review #6, by Rupertluver2012 Raining Teardrops

17th December 2006:
I'm crying. I really am, its that weird cry where no tears come, but on the inside your dying. kind of like that!! it is happy, but for me, (As being harry) if my two best friends just died, i would be even more unhappy. I LOVED IT, GREAT JOB!!

*chow* 10/10.. even tho it deserves a 100!

Author's Response: thank you so much!!

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Review #7, by ILoveLost1888 Raining Teardrops

26th September 2006:
Wow. Why did Hermione dead??? Poer Ron. ^_^

Author's Response: sorry. =[

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Review #8, by nico-queen-o-ramdomness Raining Teardrops

11th August 2006:
OMFG...that w-was s-so sad *snif* i'm going to cry... g-good st-story tho...

Author's Response: awe. remember..its just a story. hopefully it doesnt end like that in the real books! thanks!!

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Review #9, by LolaStars Raining Teardrops

7th August 2006:
It was sad, but write more, please. I want to know what happens to Ron.

Author's Response: its a one-shot, i didnt plan to nor will i ever write more. and as for ron..i suggest you read the story again because clearly you didnt get the then leave another review and see what ya think. but thank you a lot for your review!

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Review #10, by Ronsnewgirl Raining Teardrops

3rd August 2006:

Author's Response: i know, sad right? thanks though! lol

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Review #11, by The Critic Raining Teardrops

2nd August 2006:
It was the best romantic story I've ever read. It reminded me of Romeo and Juilet. You are a very talented writer and although this my first review I have read quite alot of fanfics. Keep it up.

Author's Response: omgosh!! thank you so very much! that means a lot!! this is like, the best review ever! thanks again!

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Review #12, by AmericanRonnyBabe Raining Teardrops

1st August 2006:
Wow, thats about all I can say right now. Wow

Author's Response: i take that as a good thing? hopefully its a good thing. thanks!

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Review #13, by Emme Raining Teardrops

1st August 2006:
Soooo sweet...I was tearing up in the first few paragraphs but by the end I was flat out crying...kind of has a "The Note Book" type ending...loved it

Author's Response: awe! that means so much that you were dont even know! i dont think i've ever made anyone cry with my stories before! [at least, not to my knowledge] thank you so so much!

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Review #14, by mrs_heather_grint Raining Teardrops

31st July 2006:
I feel like I'm going to cry. It's not as in depth as most sad fics, and that might've made it sadder, but I still loved it. :[. 10!!

Author's Response: thank you thank you thank you!

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Review #15, by white stag Raining Teardrops

31st July 2006:
Ron is so selfish! he just kills himself and lets everyone mourn while he's happy with hermione!

Author's Response: eh? well, sorry if you dont like it. thats the way i wrote it.

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Review #16, by Brooke Streams Raining Teardrops

30th July 2006:
I thought it was beautiful!

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #17, by DragonRiderLyra Raining Teardrops

30th July 2006:
Bloody Hell!!! That was amazing! I love how Ron sacrificed himself to be with Hermione. Great, great story.

Warmest praise,

Author's Response: awe, thank you so much. im so glad people like this story! and im a bit surprised too..i wrote it in about 20 minutes.

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Review #18, by hpotter_is_hotter Raining Teardrops

29th July 2006:
ahh sooooooooo sooooooooooo sadddddd! It makes me cry...its soo sweet and soo sad

Author's Response: thanks..glad you liked it..this was the first story like this i've written.

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Review #19, by Cheeky Monkey Raining Teardrops

29th July 2006:
Good one-shot, like the banner too

Author's Response: thanks! i didnt make the banner..that credit goes to lotrqueen415

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