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Review #1, by mariachristine1989 Cold, But Loving Heart

25th May 2017:
Loved your story and style of writing! had me laughing throughout and so dark! perfect combo, well done!

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Review #2, by rogueX19 Cold, But Loving Heart

30th June 2012:
an awesome ending! unexpected and perhaps the best i've read so far! :)

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Review #3, by OZ123 Cold, But Loving Heart

12th September 2011:
I loved it! It's so amazing and sad at the same time.

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Review #4, by kjp Cold, But Loving Heart

10th September 2011:
sorry, it was a good story but i really wanted a nice ending not one were they all die. Sorry but i think he should have turned and got the dark lord instead, because now it just shows he didn't really love her and that he hadn't changed at all. sorry, it was good but i didn't like the ending.

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Review #5, by camz Cold, But Loving Heart

24th August 2011:
what?! they both die?! well, that was unexpected...the story is so damned good... and it's a good tragedy... and i love me a good tragedy!!!;p

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Review #6, by camz Silent Tears In The Night

24th August 2011:
you made me almost cry... best ever. my heart did somersaults!

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Review #7, by Emily <3 Draco Cold, But Loving Heart

20th March 2011:
That was really good , but it was a very sad ending, i liked how his character changed in the story, not too quickly, but nice and gradually.again it was a good fanfic.

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Review #8, by slikravenclaw Throwing Badges

2nd January 2011:
NOW IM IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY!!...Draco is so much fun if you play with his mind and actions and people think that is hard to keep at least a Malfoy to do that!... this story gives me a laugh and most of the stories are Awesome but your have humor not a long Sad and Romantic story...I LOVE IT!

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Review #9, by slikravenclaw Head Boy & Girl

2nd January 2011:
NO NO NO..Weasel is NOT supose to i thought that the Heads come from different houses

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Review #10, by slikravenclaw Three Little Words

2nd January 2011:
I like it a lot so got Draco still in are fur real good hehe. The last bit .."I am an awesome actor! I know that now! Someone give me an award! you haven't seen the last of me!"..That was something really good you made Draco very like himself SELF CENTERED!..very good

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Review #11, by AngelfromHeaven Cold, But Loving Heart

27th December 2010:
that ending just hit me in the face.i loved the story and it was so amazing and i was laughing at those little parts of humor where draco is filled with cockiness.but seriously, that ending scared the crap out of me. and it was nice u added the twist and all, but it made me so sad to not end with a happy ending. whyyy? i wanted a happy ending, not a tragic one where they both end up dead! it was really amazing though, because i was not expecting that to happen. i think you have an amazing talent and you're a great writer, and im just gonna keep thinking to myself that draco and hermione are both happy and in love in heaven

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Review #12, by mrs hermione luna potter Cold, But Loving Heart

26th November 2010:
that was just WOW nice ending :)

Author's Response: Finally someone gets me! thankyou thank you thank you thank you!

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Review #13, by anonymous Cold, But Loving Heart

2nd June 2010:
it was great except the ending!!! its soo...not right :(

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Review #14, by VSR Cold, But Loving Heart

12th April 2010:
That was the most ridiculous ending I've ever read...what was the point? :/ The story up until there was great; but that was just weird. Even if they don't always have happy endings they don't have to be stupidly tragic. I actually thought it was a joke/dream, it so surreal that after that story THAT would be the ending.

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Review #15, by Chimera_tm Cold, But Loving Heart

4th February 2010:
Hey! For starters I wanted to say that I really enjoyed the story…more like loved it, though I like my Dracos more…manly, but that it beyond the point and it sure as hell doesn’t make your Draco less adorable. As for the ending… when I pressed the next button of chapter 25 I knew they would die, I just knew it, and I was oky with the idea…I guess. But nevertheless I was shocked at what Draco did. It has absolutely no base what so ever. Firstly, as all of us know, you need to really mean the death curse to actually cast it (impossible in this case as Draco was in love with her). Secondly, though I have read that you wrote this when you were 15, you have to think that Draco is somewhere between 17, maybe 16 dunno, but in Hogwarts years that means like 20 something in our world (don t u feel they all mature really quickly, after 7th year they get a job for crying out loud!!!), and even though his actions are childish throughout the whole book, this last one exceeds expectations (in a…for lack of a better word, shocking way). And lastly, Draco changed his mind and argued with his self the whole story… he kept changing his mind every 10 seconds; so don t you find it a bit odd that he would agree to kill Hermione in just 12 lines? It just ruined his authenticity. I hope you don t mind what I have written. I still love your type of writing and sure as hell you ll be in my fave list

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Review #16, by Jellyman Just A Little White Lie

31st May 2009:
i love this story ^_^ just thought i'd let you know - however, i think you may have left hpff...which is sad, because you are an excellent writer :)

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Review #17, by Kelsey Cold, But Loving Heart

6th May 2009:
Hey, I just finished reading your whole story, and overall, I enjoyed it. Most of all I think it was Draco's stream of thoughts that attracted me to your story, so I kept reading. Not many stories take on Draco's perspective like that.

You're a good writer and should continue, but your story was full of grammar mistakes and other errors (word choice and changes in tense)-- all minor of course. And I don't mean for that to sound so negative, your story was very good! I hope it just makes you aware and helps you become a better writer.

However, I was very disappointed in the ending. The whole story you see Draco make a sort of transformation, but in the end you find out he really hasn't changed at all. If they both were going to die in the end, I don't think Draco should have killed Hermione, but I can also see what you were thinking when you wrote the ending. This also reminds me of a story I wrote YEARS ago (it's been such a long time) called "Hearts of Steel Will Be Broken" under the pename lillykk.

Good job, and I hope you keep writing, and I'll check out your other story!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review... I am well aware of the grammar, tense and other errors I made. But what can I say in my defence? I didn't learn grammar at school, just from reading? ummm... past and present tense is annoying especially when I couldn't decide which tense I should use in the first place and... well I was 15 when I wrote this story... so I think that counts for something.

And as for the ending... that is the way I planned it and that is the way it will always be. Draco was going to kill Hermione anyway, through heart break betrayal or what have you so he may as well kill her in front of Voldemort... and I wish my readers would be able to see that it was a mercy kill and he was saving her from alot of pain... *shrugs* but you are very welcome to think what ever you like.

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Review #18, by Cheye13 The Plan

27th April 2009:
Well, that was sad.

I like the way you wrote this chapter... very original.

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Review #19, by TouchTheDark Cold, But Loving Heart

18th February 2009:

he dies??.
no! oh i am almost on the verge of tears!!
this is so sad... *sniffs* i loved this story, couldn't get enuff, however it is like 2 in the mornin now, and as i ave finally finished this story i can go to sleep :)

loved it
loved it
loved it

you ave a talent! seriously xxx

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Review #20, by Hearts Then Tears Cold, But Loving Heart

4th January 2009:

This Story Was Nothing Less Than Brilliant But So Much More.

I've Read A Lot Of Reviews For This Last Chapter And Most Say That They Hated, Or Very Much Disliked It.

I Loved It. It Might Not Of Had A Happy Ending But I Mean Really People.. In Real Life [Or Fictional!] You Don't Always Get A Happy Ending. Which In My Opinion Made The Story So Much More Believable.

And If You Did Make It A Happy Ending I Still Would've Loved It Just As Much.. Perhaps More.. Perhaps..

But I've Read This Whole Story Awhile Ago And Actually It Was Before I Even Had An Account So I Never Reviewed And I Didn't Really Feel Like Going Back And Reading Them All Again And Then Reviewing All Of Them [I Actually Would But I Read And Review On My Phone So..] But Yeah..

Your Story Made Me Cry [Who Hasn't Once They Read This?] And In My Case Emotion Is Good With Stories.

Plus If You Made People Cry [Good Or Bad..] It So Means You Can Capture Your Readers.. Which You Did Well.

So Overall Great Story.

A Billion And Ten Out Of Ten.

~Hearts Then Tears

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Review #21, by j_u_l_i_e Cold, But Loving Heart

7th June 2008:
I really loved this story, wil you pllz do a sequal about them in death or about how Harry or Ron feels?

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Review #22, by IS bookworm Damn You

29th May 2008:
Wow! I would say poor Draco but he's too arrogant and cold-hearted to say that about! I really liked it! :7)

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Review #23, by Seraphim01 Retracting Love

10th May 2008:
Eek! Oh my god! Voldi is such a waste! Haha... That reminded me of a song called Voldi is a waste of Tom's Good Looks, by the Owl Post... It's really funny...

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Review #24, by Seraphim01 Silent Tears In The Night

9th May 2008:
Aww. Hermione and Draco! Yay! Woo hoo! lol AWESOME!

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Review #25, by Seraphim01 The Girl and The Fire

9th May 2008:
Huh? He burned in the fire? I, for one, don't believe that... Good job...

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