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Review #1, by MagikCat Into Lalaine's Crest

20th November 2007:
It's been over four months and there's been no other chapter! I miss this story so much! Any chance of an update soon? Pretty please?

Author's Response: I am so terribly sorry MagikCat, for being out so long. It's the longest hiatus I've had in this site and...well, words really can't describe the anguish. My computer crashed, there's been an accident involving me and a cast...a helluva lot happened. But please do not fret; I am currently working to get everything back on track. :)

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Review #2, by Juliette Fox Into Lalaine's Crest

20th July 2007:
I love the concept, it's very original and you keep the characters in character, which is very difficult to do, so kudos to you! Can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: Thank you. I try my best. ^_^

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Review #3, by HiJane_2 The Mercenary and the Healer

16th July 2007:
Another Chapter!!! I was so happy you updated and I know I had already reviewed but I just wanted to say: FINALLY!! We finally see REMUS LUPIN and Sirius Black!! I was so happy to see it!! Well that's and thank you again for updating!


Author's Response: You're welcome. :)

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Review #4, by HiJane_2 Into Lalaine's Crest

16th July 2007:
Hey another chapter!!! I was so happy to see another few chapters written! I really really hope you don't quit and not finsh this story! I've loved reading this one and I would be so very upset if it never came to an end! So please continue and I've loved this story!

Author's Response: Yeah, don't worry, I won't quit on this story. :) We'll be writing it until it is finished!

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Review #5, by Dark Star Into Lalaine's Crest

15th July 2007:
I accidentally stumbled this story and I nearly didn't read it as I normally prefer to read fics set in the Marauders era...but I decided it looked interesting and I was right! I totally LOVED your story and the strange little twists that you've added. I think I liked it so much because its set outside Hogwarts and it isn't totally obvious whats going to happen. Please update soon, I want to know what happens...will Ginnny join the search for the sword and the crown? As you can see I'm not patient...Ta ta!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for loving my story, Dark Star. ^_^ Don't worry, I'll be updating again, hopefully within the week.

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Review #6, by ILoveLost1888 Into Lalaine's Crest

14th July 2007:

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Review #7, by MagikCat The Mercenary and the Healer

11th June 2007:
Hey, it's me again. How are you doing? Um . . . when are you going to update? I love this story so much and I hope you haven't quit it. Please tell me you'll update soon!

Author's Response: Ahaha...I'm working on it. Don't worry, I'll be updating within the week!

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Review #8, by MagikCat The Mercenary and the Healer

8th February 2007:
Arrk! I'm very sorry I haven't reviewed earlier -- my computer has been broken down too, and I'm afraid I'm very behind in reviewing anything. But you've done it again -- just when I wondering whether I should bother you for updates, you turn up with two!

Anyway, onto the chapters! May I say, I glad the journey has begun sooner rather than later. I feel sorry for Ron -- he's always been impatient, especially if the ones he loves are in danger -- I hope he clears up his attitude soon, though. My heart also went out to Neville -- how awful he must feel for being so useless in the battle -- my hope is that he proves himself in the end. (Speaking of the battle, why do I have a feeling that the bow works for royality or magical people?)

Remus and Sirius was a nice surprise -- I wasn't expecting them to be who they were (nice titles by the way!), but them being best friends of James in the book, I should have expected it.

Hope the next chapter is soon!


P.S. How about that seventh book release date? Pretty exciting!

Author's Response: Well, seeing as I've been held up for two months with broken down things, I thought it would only be proper to post two chapters (and there's another one coming up soon). Btw, the bow works for wizards. And the 7th book release date is perfect: ten days after my birthday. Ha ha. :)

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Review #9, by HiJane_2 Flight from Ellis

7th February 2007:
Another Chapter, Another Chapter, and I'm so very glad! Yes, I've been waiting for another chapter because I Love this story. I was so pleasantly pleased to have Lupin in this chapter!! I love Remus Lupin, he's like one of my VERY favorite characters in the whole series! I can't wait fot the "Wielder of the Sword" to as Master Dumbledore had said 'when he chooses to reveal himself', and I have a hunch I know who it is!!! *wiggle eyebrows up and down several times and taps my nose* GREAT CHAPTER! HiJane_2

Author's Response: Thanks. ^_^ I'll be posting the next chapter in the following days (hopefully), and then let's see if your hunch is right. Actually, I don't think we even need to guess... ha ha. More Lupin scenes, I promise. ^_^

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Review #10, by lina239 Flight from Ellis

6th February 2007:
ah man why do all great authors have cliffies

Author's Response: I'm going to take that as a compliment, and a plea to add another chapter as soon as I can. ^_^ Oh, and "cliffies" are essential; it makes the reading so much more enjoyable, he he.

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Review #11, by HiJane_2 The Sword of Fire

11th December 2006:
I am SO GOOD! I knew that Harry was the "unmentionable" bloodline in Chapter 1! I love this story so very much! Great job, I can't wait for the next update! Well done and good luck! ~HiJane_2

Author's Response: Thank you for your energetic praise, and may I say you've done quite well in the guessing. ^_^ I hope you support and continue to review my story as I update the chapters!

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Review #12, by MagikCat The Sword of Fire

4th December 2006:
Hey, sorry it took me so long. This has been a busy weekend. If it makes you feel any better, I loved having two chapters in two days.

I'm glad we got to see Ginny and Hermione again. I hate their situation, but both are such strong characters (I can't understand how people can hate Ginny so much), that I'm almost positive they'll make it through.

I have to admit, I didn't expect Harry to be heir to the thrown--I should have though, now that I think about it. So they can't all (Neville, Ron, and Harry) go and look for the Sword of Fire? Only one? It makes sense.

Looking forward to the next chapter (soon, maybe?) as always. I swear, every time I read a chapter I end up incredibly thirsty for more. Out of curiousity, how long will this story be?

Until next time,


Author's Response: I'm planning on making this story under fifteen chapters long, although a lot could happen before I make it there.

About Harry being heir to the throne... well, technically he should be, but only the wielder of the Sword of Fire can be hailed king. So there is the possibility that Neville becomes king, or Ron. Even Draco, if it comes to that.

Thanks again for the review, MagikCat. ^_^

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Review #13, by MagikCat The Run-Away Prince

1st December 2006:
Wow, your longest chapter yet! You posted just as I was wondering where you were! Maybe I was sending you psychic messages or something. . . not.

Anyway, this was probably your best chapter yet (a close second being the first one). Storytelling, a contest, not to mention Ron (my favorite character). The vision of Ron whipping off his cloak just makes me drool.

Sorry, lost in the moment.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the next chapter-- I have a feeling Ron knows about his sister banishment, and want's Albus's help (let me say again how much I love how in-character -- especially Dumbledore -- continue to be). And Harry will probably want to help too. Will we be seeing Ginny soon? Maybe some romantic moments within the next few chappies? And most importantly, will you update soon?

Faithfully yours,


P.S. Thanks for your shout out -- that was really great of you!

Author's Response: Let me just tell you MagikCat, your reviews are one hell of a pick-me-up in the morning. ^_^ Well, it's morning here at this time, so...

Anyway, I'm glad you liked the way I introduced Ron in the story. You were right in thinking that Ron knows about Ginny, although she's not exiled (didn't I mention that death is the penalty for treason?) but don't worry: she's not dead yet.

As for romantic moments, we'll just have to wait and see. The update will come in the next three days, hopefully, just the same as the 15th chapter for my other story. Thanks again for you review!

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Review #14, by MagikCat The Croaking Frog

30th November 2006:
Umm . . . any chance of an update soon? Please?

Author's Response: Ah, don't worry. It's here now. ^_^

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Review #15, by MagikCat The Croaking Frog

23rd September 2006:
Finally! I was wondering where this story has gone!

Anyway, and the plot gets thicker! It was nice seeing Neville and Luna -- and Neville's Grandmother of course. Hmm . . . fairies and werewolves, huh? Wonder what's that all about. Can't wait to find out more later.

I hope Neville will stand up to his grandmother soon. He's really too quiet to be a knight. Plus, he wouldn't be happy about it at all. But that's Neville for you.

So, youngesters are tested for magic, huh? Does that mean Draco and Ginny are a wizard and witch? You can at least tell me that, can't you? Harry's probably going to end up being a wizard too.

Will we meet Ron soon? (I can't help it -- he's my favorite character!) And when will the next chapter come up? Soon, hopefully.



Author's Response: Goodness, I did not know I caused such trouble...I'm really sorry you had to wait long for this chapter, but I had a newspaper to take care of and a million other things. Hopefully chapter 4 will be here within the week. And yes, Draco and Ginny are wizard and witch. In this story I'm writing, only magic-born people rise up in society and...well, that's enough of a giveaway, isn't it? :)

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Review #16, by MagikCat Forging a Blade

8th August 2006:
Yay! Another chapter! You could not imagine my excitement when I saw the second chapter. Very good job. Again, I applaud you for still keeping in-character, while still maintaining a unique plot. Dumbledore more willing to do things for the poor than rich sounds very much like him. Can't wait so see Neville!

When should we expect the next chapter? I am very much looking forward to it!



Author's Response: If I told you what would happen in the next chapter, it wouldn't be very exciting, now would it? :) My first idea of Dumbledore was to make him an adviser for the king and queen, but then making him a blacksmith was more appealing to me. Thanks for your review again!

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Review #17, by phix27 Forging a Blade

8th August 2006:
Another great chapter. Please update soon. Neville will probably stab himself! I like how you made Dumbuldore a blacksmith. Until next time!

phix27 is your reader 4eber! =P

Author's Response: Haha, thinking of Neville stabbing himself is funny. ^_^ And he probably would stab himself. And thanks for becoming my "reader 4eber"... I'm really glad you like the story. ^_^

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Review #18, by MagikCat The Weight of a Crown

23rd July 2006:
First off, I would like to congratulate you on a terrific first chapter. The writing was beautiful -- very much like reading a real medieval-ish book. Excellent descriptions, and I really like the way you've tied in the Harry Potter characters -- especially their personalities -- into a unique plot in the world of cliches. Ginny's outlook on being queen is, in my opinion, spot on. It'll be interestin to see the once-queen and the blacksmith apprentice, Harry (am I right) form a friendship (or whatever you may have in store). Draco trying to get the House Weasley out of the way is definitely in-character.

Once my dumb-ass computer decides to work, I'll definitely add this to my favorites. If you are in need of a beta, I would be happy to help -- I don't usually ask first, but I liked this story so much I had to at least try. If not, then I look forward to the next chapter, and really do hope you continue writing this. Too many good, unique stories end up being tossed -- mostly because of lack of reviews, I suppose -- and I hope this will not be one of them. Don't be discouraged if the response to this story isn't sky high -- some don't want to take a chance with something that seems too different. The thing is to write because you want to, for the few that enjoy it.

Until next time,


Author's Response: Wow, you're one of the few good reviews I've ever received! *sniff* Actually, only a few people ever bother to review my stories, and I really thank you for yours. ^_^ As for your offer to beta...well, I'll be keeping in touch if I ever decide to need one. ^_^ Thanks again!

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Review #19, by phix27 The Weight of a Crown

22nd July 2006:
Hi, I'm a new writer and I am having trouble getting my first chapter of my story on. If you could help me, I would love you forever. Thanks! (This chapter was good, I love kings and queens and Draco and Ginny pairing and this was just the story for me.)

Author's Response: Well, phix27, I'd be really happy to help you. ^_^ do you want me to help? You mean send you tips and stuff like that? If so, I'll be sending you a few tips by PM. ^_^ Thanks for appreciating my story!

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Review #20, by phix27 The Weight of a Crown

22nd July 2006:
Hi, I'm a new writer and I am having trouble getting my first chapter of my story on. If you could help me, I would love you forever. Thanks! (This chapter was good, I love kings and queens and Draco and Ginny pairing and this was just the story for me.)

Author's Response: Phix27, I tried looking for you in the forums...but I can't seem to find you, so I can't PM you. *sweat*

Anyway, if you still want the tips, e-mail me at so I know where to send them to you. ^_^

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Review #21, by vipera The Weight of a Crown

22nd July 2006:

Author's Response: Thanks. ^_^ Don't worry, I'll update as soon as I can plow through my school work, ha ha.

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