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Review #1, by Plata Saying Goodbye

3rd September 2007:
Good, but it could have been better even though I'm not entirely sure how. I'm giving it an 8.

Author's Response: well thank you for giving it attention; that always makes me smile. I'm jsut happy to get above a 2 sometimes :D ~elspeth

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Review #2, by joliefille252 Saying Goodbye

20th September 2006:
I love your opening descriptions of the snow. sounds so real to how snow can make everything around you like a silent movie...I've definitely had that feeling before.

I think there was a grammatical error or two somewhere...but otherwise that was a fantastic one-shot. So evil...yet so...not but...well, you feel a little for voldemort...knowing he had never experienced something so beautiful and common as love..and how that was probably a major reason why he became the person he did.

great job!

Author's Response: thak you for the review, I'm glad he was believable...I spent far too much time making him so :P ~ELspeth

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Review #3, by ValhallaAdonisSnape Saying Goodbye

20th September 2006:
First of all, congratulations on showing Voldemort realistically and canon! I must say that this fic did rekindled my hate for him.

I must say you had me a bit worried when he began to sympathize in the dream for his mother. I'd maybe go into a bit more detail on his mother's abandonment on him, though you already do use a fair bit of repetition with that in the fic and so, it's just a suggestion on my part.

Also I would suggest maybe putting the dream into italics, unless it is meant to throw off the reader into thinking this is what the fic is about and not a dream.

Other then that it is exremely well written, you have a good balance of dialogue and description; which is hard to do. As mentioned as well earlier the characters are believable, especially that of Voldemort.

It has been a pleasure reading this One-shot.

-Valhalla Adonis-Snape (Skyris)

Author's Response: First off: THANK YOU SO MUCH! for reviewing :P.

Next: I like to think of Voldemort as a battle of conscience. His nature is to be mean, evil, corrupt, but every person as a bit of good. He is constantly fighting against that miniscule part of him (and succeeds most of the time) However, i like to write Voldemort as human rather than how others think of him...its more about how he thinks of himself. that I stop rambling, the dream isn't in italics for that exact reason, it is meant to throw off the reader. :D. Thank you again for reviewing, ~ELspeth

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Review #4, by mrs_heather_grint Saying Goodbye

15th September 2006:
Wow, I prefer this one to the last one. It was SO creepy and soo good. The dream was just soo good. As was her death. I think you have an immense talent for writing Voldemort (whether you want it or not) and you should use it well. You may want to watch...some of your quotation marks are backwards. But that's about it. Sorry it's not as detailed as some reviews, but I have a lot of things to read and review. Bye :]:].

Author's Response: Oh I absolutley LOVE writing Voldemort! One of these days (once I complete that ever growing list of stories that need to be set free from my mind) I will write a three volume creative biography of of these days :P. Anyway thank you for the review! Don't worry about length, you said what you needed to say and that's all anyone can ask of you :). Thank you agian for your time, ~ELspeth

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Review #5, by set Saying Goodbye

28th August 2006:
cool story write more about how tom/vodlemor killed people..this is the best story i ever read...

Author's Response: lol...When I get around to writing a biography of sorts about him, I certainaly will. There will be lots of killings (I'm morbid that way) :P, Thank you for the review :) ~ELspeth

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Review #6, by lady-slytherin Saying Goodbye

8th August 2006:
wow great story; it was detailed and made me think about how voldemort would have treated his dad in the books.

Author's Response: thank you :) I'm glad it was to your liking ( I know I keep saying it but I mean it...It's great when others like the work of your hands)

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Review #7, by LostMaeblleshire Saying Goodbye

6th August 2006:
This was very, very good; brilliant, perhaps, in a morbid sort of way. I love how Tom first had the dream, and then you showed how he killed his father and grandparents, and kept him in character the entirety of the time. Very well done. ^^

Author's Response: Thank you! I was having such a hard time figuring out how to include both Merope's death and Tom Riddle Sr.'s in the same chapter (thank god for Elizabeth!) she suggested a dream and it kind of took off from there. I am very glad you liked it!


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Review #8, by DirtyLittleSecrets Saying Goodbye

4th August 2006:
Wow, that was a very captivating story. I could feel the hate and anger. This story was incredibly well written and I think you portrayed Tom Riddle perfectly. Thanks for sharing this fantastic story with me. You should be really proud of it. 10/10!!

Author's Response: wow...thank you ever so much! I love writing Voldemort (Tom Riddle actually)! He's that one character everyone loves to write for me. I am constantly going back and trying to get more out of him, more explinations more insight into JK's villian. I absolutly LOVE his character and every crevace of his manipulative, evil mind.

Sorry for the rant...anyway THANK YOU SO MUCH for reviewing! I'm glad you liked it :P


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Review #9, by Angel Of Darkness Saying Goodbye

22nd July 2006:
Excellent story, I have no CC to add. It really gave insight into Voldemort. It was a good portrayal, you could feel the evil burning inside him, be proud, it was wonderfully written.

Author's Response: thank you. thank you very much! ~Elspeth

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Review #10, by PreTeenWriter- Too Lazy To Sign In Saying Goodbye

11th July 2006:
This is amazing! I really love it... Very evil, very good. Love the thought that he might've wanted to "try" love.

Author's Response: yea, I think he would have wanted to try it if he had been shown it :P ~Elspeth

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Review #11, by angelinhogwarts Saying Goodbye

10th July 2006:
WOW! THAT WAS CRUEL!! Amazing, great job!

Author's Response: thank you, I'm glad his character shined through....**laughes evily mwahahahahahahahaha**

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Review #12, by pranav007 Saying Goodbye

7th July 2006:
it is good.. too harsh plot , but fits best with what you depect.. 3* to 5 is what i will rate it.

good plot though...

Author's Response: ahh...that's probably true, but yes it does fit with what I'm trying to portray. Thank you for the review, your the first for this story :) ~Elspeth

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