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Review #1, by moony2513 It's all in the stars . . .

7th April 2011:
great story. thank you for writing such an amazong story I loved it

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #2, by speaknow It's all in the stars . . .

7th December 2010:
so cute! i loved it! please continue to write more! your short stories are adorable!

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Review #3, by Centurion It's all in the stars . . .

4th February 2010:
Simply beautiful! I'm a big fan of your writing style, keep up the great work! :)

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Review #4, by gremlin It's all in the stars . . .

15th July 2009:
usually I don't go for much stories with harry and hermione, but this was really cute

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Review #5, by hlpur It's all in the stars . . .

10th December 2008:
A great little story. Thank you

Author's Response: Hello there!

A great little story, just what I'm hoping it to be! Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #6, by magicinthemoonlight29 It's all in the stars . . .

21st March 2008:
That was an amazing story you have such a way with words! Ugh that took my breath away, it really did! I'm in awe of how talented you are, no joke.

Hello, it's me again, the hopeless romantic whose story you reviewed a few weeks ago and whose beautiful banner for said story was made by you!

If perhaps you've forgotten, I am currently writing the H/Hr fic Under the Apple Tree. The constructive criticism you offered definitely aided me in that adventure and your banner continues to take my breath away whenever I see it!

Anyway, you're probably thinking ugh I thought I got rid of this weirdo already! Ha kidding. At least, I hope you aren't thinking that! ;-)

Okay, so I was looking through my stories (a grand total of 4. *makes sour face*) and noticed, again, that one of my stories doesn't have a banner. Now, granted, I realize this story is not my best work, but it has potential, and banners really seem to enhance how a story appears on the page, so I was wondering if you would be up to making another banner for me.

I understand if you are too busy because your fabulous gallery and story collections have your schedule packed, but if you have the time I would really appreciate it. Don't feel obligated. Seriously. Don't. I will survive if you can't find time, really.

And if or when you read my story (it's another H/Hr called Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue) keep in mind it was kind of a while ago (it will definitely be quite rough around the edges), and when I get the motivation and time I may edit it.

Well that is all I am going to blab to you about. Thanks for the lovely banner you already made (I really, really love it!) and also thanks for another mondo-fabulous read!


Author's Response: Hello there again moonlight! Oh, sorry, J! I have an initial at least now to go by! :)

Believe me, my talent is minute compared to some other authors here, but thank you none the less for your compliments. This story is a pretty old one, but it's great to hear you liked it!

Of course I remember you, and don't fret, I'm a hopeless romantic too. :) And of course I remember your story, I see it in the queue every once in a while. I've been meaning to come back and read more, but I've been quite busy lately with university. One thing I actually want to suggest, is perhaps to post your chapters farther apart. You seem to update rather quickly, and your reviews have dropped in the newer chapters. Take your time, and perhaps update once a week.

Another banner? Hmmm . . . I might be able to help you there. I will of course have to read a bit of it to get a feeling for it, but I should be able to help you out with a banner.

How about I get back to you after I've read the first chapter of the story, k? I'll review like before, then you can email me with the details on what you'd like in the banner. :)

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Review #7, by fanatic1 It's all in the stars . . .

31st August 2007:
good job... i liked it...

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Review #8, by powowhunter It's all in the stars . . .

28th July 2007:

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Review #9, by HrXd It's all in the stars . . .

16th July 2007:
Hey there Chris, I told you I would review so here I am beginning with a one-shot.

Okay I don't like Hermione/Harry I mean that ship just wont happen, however, I do like it a ton more than Ron/Hermione. I think that the beginning was rather rushed, and that you really did not seem get into the character of Hermione that well. I think that the plot was a little corny when we got to the conversation, but it was also rather neat. I was amazed that you were able to carry out a conversation so well. I think that the ending was rather expected, and that it would have been nice to see a plot twist.

The description was well done, and I think that the story would get a 6/10 on my meter. Nicely done.


Author's Response: Hey there Sammy!

Don't like H/Hr? Well, thank you for reading regardless. It is better than R/Hr, isn't it? :)

This was probably a bit rushed, as it was my first one-shot. Corny, I know, and lack of plot-twist, again, I know; but it's a one-shot with really one purpose in mind.

Glad you like the description though, but sorry to hear it scored the 6. Thanks for the honest review though Sammy! :)

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Review #10, by hprwhggw_hogwarts It's all in the stars . . .

30th June 2007:
love it.

Author's Response: Oh, another one from you! :)

Liked this one too eh? Very cool! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #11, by x omg987 x It's all in the stars . . .

29th June 2007:
I've always been someone who just like novels, but this was a nice one-shot. Great job.

Author's Response: Hello again omg!

Just novels eh? Well, sometimes a nice short-story or one-shot is good to break up those long plotlines and complicated scenes. They're usually simpler and you can read them in a few minutes.

Glad you liked this one of course though, thank you! :)

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Review #12, by ColorMyWorld It's all in the stars . . .

15th June 2007:
I usually don't like Harry/Hermione pairings, but I definitely liked this one. It was so cute, it made me want to go and wish one some stars!

Author's Response: Hello there ColorMyWorld! It's wonderful to hear from you!

Glad you liked this story, especially since you don't usually read H/Hr. And I like your way of putting it, making you want to go and wish on some stars. :)

Thank you for reviewing! I hope to hear from you again soon!

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Review #13, by The_Other_ Minister It's all in the stars . . .

23rd April 2007:
Hmmm. I'm not really big fan of Harry/Hermoine ships, but this was very nice. You captured both characters incredibly well, it was amazing!
It was also...just so unique (I think I may be reading some more of this Harry/Hermoine stuff...).
This really was great, I just wish I had some criticism for you, but I don't =(

Basically, it was pretty amazing.

Author's Response: Hey there The Other Minister! Nice to see you!

Not a H/Hr fan? Well, I'm glad you decided to still read on. I know many who would just ditch the story right from that realization.

I'm glad you liked this story though of course! Unique is an awesome thing to hear, so thank you! I of course look forward to hearing from you again soon!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by Hermione_Crookshanks It's all in the stars . . .

19th March 2007:
That was very sweet. I loved your descriptions - they made me feel as if I was right there, in the moment. My only complaint is that you had a comma missing here and there in the dialogue, but other than that, you had next to no grammatical errors. This was the type of fic that definitely makes you feel warm and cozy after reading it. Great job! :-)

Author's Response: Hermione_Crookshanks!

I'm honoured, I truely am! Thank you right from the get-go for coming here and reviewing! You're such a captivating author (especially for someone so young), so it's wonderful to see you here!

I'm glad you enjoyed the story of course. It's great to hear you liked some of the descriptions here and there. As to grammatical errors, I am terribly sorry about those. I do need a beta to go through my things, and I do have one lined up, so it should get fixed in time.

Warm and cozy is a good feeling from this story, so that works well. The idea of lying on the grass like they are I think could be described with those two words, yeah. :)

Thanks again H_C for coming over, really, thank you! I can imagine you have loads of people ask you to read their stories, so it's nice to have your opinion on even one of my stories.

Of course I would absolutely love to see you come back and read some of my other stories, but of course I understand if that's not possible. With the stories and the fanbase you have, it's not surprising if time is precious for you (plus there's school of course). :)

Thanks again Hermione_Crookshanks. I do again hope to hear once again from you. Recommendation would be the short story "Fix You". It's not too long, and I consider it one of my better stories.

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Review #15, by xx_harry_n_hermione_4eva_xx It's all in the stars . . .

17th March 2007:
OMG This is Just AMAZING I really like how you explain all the details. you make it seem real. I have read some stories that just seem unrealistic and rushed. this one isnt. you make everything just go with the flow and you try really hard to make it fit in with JKR writing (or so it seems) I dont usually like post HBP stories but this one really works. The one thing I would have done if this was my story is talk about why Harry is at the Burrow instead of going to Godrics Hollow like he said he was going to in HBP. Like say Bill and Fluers wedding or something of the nature. Also talk about Ginny cause that relationship just ended. Also Ron was kind of left out of the dialog. I would ponder on these feelings because we know that Harry's character would not just kiss Hermione without thinking about it first. Without thinking how it would effect Ron and how it owuld effect Ginny. Other then that I think it was absolutly awesome. It had very few grammatical errors and only a few examples of wrong use of the word morn instead of mourn.

Good job though. I am totally on the H/HR ship!!! :)

Author's Response: Hello there! It's wonderful to hear from you! :)

I'm glad you liked this story. This was my first one-shot, and I thought it went well. It's good to hear you thought it moved at a good pace, and it moves well off HBP.

I know there could be a lot more backstory with Harry, the Weasleys, Hermione, Ron, etc, but I felt that it should be kept simple. I wanted to stress the simpleness of the scene, and how easily they could slip into this atmosphere. Ron wasn't kind of left out, he was plain and simple. The only two characters are Harry and Hermione; again, simpleness.

As to Harry kissing Hermione and not having enough purpose, he does say he's been looking at her differently, and again, I didn't want to get into the whole "I thought Hermione loved Ron, and Harry loved Ginny" debate in the story. It would be overly complicated, and would move against the easiness I was striving for.

But I'm glad you like it regardless. Thank you very much for reviewing, and who knows, perhaps I'll hear from you again on some of my other H/Hr stories. I do have quite a few of them, and I've been told that I do a good job on them, so who knows? :) Look forward to hearing from you again!

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Review #16, by Magic_Marker It's all in the stars . . .

28th February 2007:
Although I don't typically like HP/HG, I thought this was nice and intimate, a good portrayal of their easy relationship.

A few misspellings, like "morn" instead of "mourn". Also, check your grammar when doing quotes. Always keep the comma on the inside of the quote when you end it.

I thought your description of how Harry came to feel for Hermione needed a bit more fleshing out. Did he feel any guilt when he realized he liked his best friend? And where does Ron fit in to all of this?


Author's Response: Hi there Magic Marker! It's great to see you here!

Well, everyone has their picks as to which ship they like. Some love canon to death, some love fanon to death. Some go for Dramoine with a rather strong passion, while others go for Harmony, or other ships. I am glad at least you decided to read this story, despite the fact the pairing isn't one you normally read.

Sorry about the spelling/grammatical errors. This story is almost a year old, and some parts might be a little goofed. But thank you for pointing out those specific errors. I'll go and fix them up for sure.

More description on Harry's feelings . . . hmm, well, I felt like keeping it simple. I wanted to keep out the politics of it all, and the two of them thinking of Ron and Ginny and how everyone would react. For once (as the point of the story kinda is), I wanted Harry just to forget about the world and how everyone would judge him, and do something that he wanted to do. Hermione sort of does the same thing here. At first she's just trying to comfort Harry, but she wants to forget about everyone else for the time, and just be there with Harry.

I know it could use some more description, I know, but I think it would just complicate it too much. I think after they sat there for a while, looking up at the sky, they would then address Ron and the others. They'd let the moment wash over them for a while before getting into the nitty-gritty of what to do.

Thank you though Magic Marker for reviewing! I have other one-shots, with different ships that you may like. I've been told my R/Hr one is nice, and my other H/Hr gets around the Ron issue ('cause he's going out with someone else at the time). :)

Thanks again! Hope to hear from you again.

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Review #17, by bythequill_moe It's all in the stars . . .

28th February 2007:
You did a very good job in the beggining describing Harry's loss, his sorrows and what he was feelings. Almost all of the paragraphs were long and detailed. I loved the idea of stars, how they made wishes. I found that you strayed a far from the whole Harry's losses theme and transferred onto Hermione. There is little grammar, spelling or puncation error, so well done!

Author's Response: Hello again! Read another one-shot, very nice. :)

I'm glad you liked Harry's turmoil at the start there, and that you liked the long paragraphs.

I hope that transfer from Harry's problems to Hermione in a good way, 'cause that was the intention. :)

Thanks again bythequill_moe! Maybe I'll see you back again reading another story of mine! :)

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Review #18, by I_am_ever_so_Sirius It's all in the stars . . .

10th February 2007:
It's good!! I can't find any problems in it!! *Continues in subdued tone* Unlike in mine...


Author's Response: Hello there ever so! Thank you very much for coming over and reading!

I'm glad you liked it. Oh, and please don't go say that about yours! It's a good story, it is! Perhaps I should come over and explain myself a little more. Sorry if my review turned you down, I didn't mean for it to.

Thank you for reviewing.

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Review #19, by Potter 'n Mione It's all in the stars . . .

8th February 2007:

Author's Response: Sequel eh? Hmm . . . I've had a few people ask me about doing a sequel, but I don't know how to make a sequel of it. I mean, its purpose was to get them together, so what would a sequel be about?

Well, I'll think about it for sure. I have 4 stories on the go right now, so my plate's pretty full with all that.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #20, by MysticalE It's all in the stars . . .

6th February 2007:

You reviewed one of my stories, so I thought I'd return the favor! :)

I loved the begining of this. Harry, thinking about his adoptive family, mourning Dumbledore and still blaming himself for Sirius. The feeling of blame wouldn't go away for a long time, I think, and I'm glad you included it.

I like how Harry wanted to go on the walk alone, and Hermione let him be alone for a little while before following. That would be her way of compromise. :)

I liked how Harry was surprised at Hermione for moving closer. He didn't seem to want her to stop, but he still asked what she was doing. I thought that was cute.

The kiss was sweet and really well done. Not too passionate, not too childish... it was the perfect kiss for the setting they were in. :)

Great job!

Author's Response: Oh hello there MysticalE! It's wonderful to hear from you! I hope you liked my review for your story there. It was really well done!

I'm glad you liked this one-shot. It was my first one, so I was testing the waters a bit. :)

I wanted to to load Harry's brain with all those thoughts to give him purpose to be sitting outside under the stars. Wanting to be alone with his thoughts and troubles. I doubt he'd want to have all these things on his mind with the Weasleys all around talking, and asking what was wrong.

Hermione I think would be worried of course, but would give him some time. Hermione moving closer and all, she-like Harry-just wanted to fall into the atmosphere of where they were. Harry I think would ask her, but would not want her to stop of course.

I'm glad the kiss worked well too. Just a peck wasn't enough, and a macking war would be a bit too much. :)

Thanks MysticalE for coming over and reviewing! I really liked your story, and I'll try when I have time to come by and review more of your stories! :)

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Review #21, by taylorj828 It's all in the stars . . .

1st February 2007:
Cute. The last bit was a good ending. I liked this story too, eh. A nice scene. I loved being trasported to the sounds, smells, and feeling of laying the grass, staring at the stars. Made be quite jealous to be there! Ah, I enjoy your writing. I do catch many misused words, or misused punctuation or typo/grammar things, but because I enjoy the writing and story, my mind corrects or fills them in, lol. (o: But it doesn't help that I've been spending hours correcting such mistakes on essays and papers, hehe. Anyway, other than that, it's quite nice. Nice bit for Harry to get a little kiss before it all begins, lol. I think I'll try your longer stories, too...

Author's Response: Read this one too eh? Well, of course I'm glad you decided too! :)

I'm glad you liked this story as well. this was my first one-shot, so it's great to hear you liked the descriptions again.

I am terribly sorry about all the typos or misused words. There's nothing worst to a good story than grammatical errors. I am glad you're able to get through them, but still, I feel terrible they're there (especially for an English teacher).

Of course I'm glad you liked this story as well. Of course I look forward to hearing from you on some of my other stories. Thanks again JT!

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Review #22, by Meg It's all in the stars . . .

29th January 2007:
That is such a ridiculously cute story. I love it! Well done.

Author's Response: Hi there Meg! I'm glad you liked this little one-shot. "Ridiculously cute" . . . lol, thanks! :) Hope to hear from you again!

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Review #23, by Magical Lockhart It's all in the stars . . .

26th January 2007:
Hi sorry for the wait i've busy with my new storiess! I like the plot. And the story very good I give it a..8/10

Author's Response: Hello there Magical Lockhart! It's wonderful to hear from you!

It's perfectly fine about the wait. You have a lot of people asking you for reviews, and yes, we all have our own stories.

Glad to hear you liked this little one-shot. I wrote it a while back, but I thought it would be a nice little scene between the two of them.

Of course an 8 is great! Thank you very much! I hope to hear from you again!

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Review #24, by Healer_25 It's all in the stars . . .

13th January 2007:
I think you meant coarse instead of course (the grass section)

Other than that I loved this story. It was tender and beautiful, it reminded me of what I always wanted a kiss to feel like, sigh, I think I've only ever had that once.

I love your use of language, its very expressive and fluid. Thank you.

Author's Response: Hey there Healer! Great to hear from you.

Coarse . . . right, right. A grass course is more like a golf course. I'll have to change that, thanks for letting me know!

I'm glad you liked the story, for sure! I had it once? Well, some would say you're lucky then. To have at least had it once is better than never at all.

Great to hear you liked my writing and expression here. And no, thank you for reviewing!

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Review #25, by Loveable Punk It's all in the stars . . .

7th January 2007:
This was extreamly well written. The emotions, moods, setting, and descriptions were all expertly done, and the ending was stellar.

I'm not normally a fan of fluff romance, but this one was so well written, with no grammar or spelling errors, it's hard not to be a fan.


Author's Response: Hey there Punk! Great to hear from you.

I'm glad you liked this one-shot. I know it has quite a large dose of fluff romance, but I'm glad you liked it and the writing.

A 9 is wonderful, thank you!

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