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Review #1, by Maggie_Morgue Chapter XVI: A Shocking Moment

24th February 2012:
OMG this is an awesome story hope you do continue.


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Review #2, by converse_rocks345 Chapter XV: New Alliances

4th October 2010:
Hm. I do remember leaving a review for this chapter.. oh well. Lovely story as always and i love the shout out at the top with my name :D

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Review #3, by keycampwizard Chapter XVI: A Shocking Moment

25th January 2010:
AAHHH AAHHH I am getting freaked out now because this is the BEST STORY EVER!!

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Review #4, by Mistress Rose Angeline Chapter XVI: A Shocking Moment

1st January 2010:
great story are you going to finish it up? i want to know what happens next is Donny the bad guy? Because i think not, do tell.

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Review #5, by Imperfection Chapter XVI: A Shocking Moment

15th November 2009:
I really like this story! Can you please try to add a new chapter soon? I want to know what happens next XD


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Review #6, by daydreamer Chapter XVI: A Shocking Moment

2nd January 2009:
that was a really good story just that it sort of lagged for quite a while and it would become quite boring. But other than that, the story's really cool and I also like where for the chapter numbers, u used roman numbers. =]=]=]=] one question though.hv u given up on this story cuz its a really really really good start and i hope u update this story soon cuz i read this story a few months ago and the process was just the same and no improvement so i really hope u DO update

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Review #7, by converse_rocks345 Chapter XVI: A Shocking Moment

12th October 2008:

That's all I can say.
Super shocker.
I want more.

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Review #8, by crushedblackandblue Chapter XVI: A Shocking Moment

4th October 2008:
Oh My Gosh! I absolutely love this story!!! Very dramatic and keeps the reader hooked! Darn you cliffhangers!!

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Review #9, by slitherinlove Chapter XIV: Mistakes

16th May 2008:
yay!!! good chapter! keep it up! but is donny really the bad guy?

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Review #10, by Matt B Chapter XIV: Mistakes

19th April 2008:
Right on, Neville. He figured out Donny was a vampire. How?

That spell Donny used to put the common room fire out was sweet. That boy is good to control all of that water. Powerful, very powerful.

I want to see a fight between Prince Lucid and Donny, how cool would that be?

Okay, fantastic chapter dude. Only bad thing was that Hannah died. She's a nice girl. Lol. Loved it anyway!! Oh and I cannot wait for what Ron has to say about Neville's statement. ;)

Author's Response: Yep Neville is good and he and Ron will be having a good talk in the next chapter and in many more.

You want Lucid to fight with Donny? That would be cool, but I don't know. Maybe I'll stick in someone else. Donny and Lucid does know each other but I will leave you with that. I'm glad that you like how Donny put the fire out. He his very powerful, but he still needs to learn a lot more.

I'm glad that you like the chapter and yes it was sad that Hannah died, but there are still more to come. Well I beter go. I'm still in the middle writing the next chapter. I hope that I can get it out sometime next month but don't hold me for that. See you later Matt.


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Review #11, by converse_rocks345 Chapter XIV: Mistakes

14th April 2008:


Neville...just OMG

Author's Response: I see that you are surprised. And yes Neville did outed him out. shocking huh? You might have thought that Ron would do it. Well the next chapter will be more shocking, but sadly I'm still working on it, but I hope that I will get done with it a lot sooner. Thanks for reviewing.


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Review #12, by benzskater_4life Chapter XIV: Mistakes

8th April 2008:
WOW.You need repost fast this story is getting good.Can't wait to find out what happens.Repost soon.

Author's Response: I'm writing the next chapter as I speak (or I should say as i type) It's right now a very hard chapter to write. All today I was deleting a lot that i had typed and trying to re-type it. A lot is happening in the next chapter and I'm just having a hard time getting it all out. I don't know when I will be able to get an other ch updated but I hope it won't take too long.
Well thanks for the review and I'll talk to you later.


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Review #13, by sweetlollipops Chapter XIV: Mistakes

8th April 2008:

Author's Response: I'm happy that you've read the whole story and like it. I will keep updating; I promise you that. Thanks for the review.

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Review #14, by k2_vet Chapter XIV: Mistakes

7th April 2008:
Nice!!! This story is going really well :D

Author's Response: I'm glad that you like it and thanks for reviewing.

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Review #15, by lilypotter15 Chapter XIII: Being Watch

22nd January 2008:
More please and thank you!

Author's Response: You are very welcome and more will be here as soon as I can.


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Review #16, by Shadow Danzer Chapter XIII: Being Watch

14th January 2008:
aragh another story i'm hooked on more more more ... it's so well written and your plot is so inticing i love it

Author's Response: I'm glad that you are hook and that you like the story. There will be more I promise and thanks for the review.


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Review #17, by Feanaro Chapter XIII: Being Watch

14th December 2007:
Omg, I've waited this for so long... And I want more! lol. Excellent job there, the whole story.

Author's Response: You will be getting more but you will have to wait for it again. I have writen the next chapter down on paper and all i have to do is just find time to type it.

Thanks for reading and reviewing.


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Review #18, by converse_rocks345 Chapter XIII: Being Watch

9th December 2007:
OMG Scary eyes... Very Good Thank You Thank You Thank YOu for updating

Author's Response: You are very, very welcome and thank you for reviewing.

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Review #19, by xXxchelsiepotterxXx Chapter XIII: Being Watch

9th December 2007:
yay you updated! :)

curse u and ur cliff hangers of doom!!!

Author's Response: I'm sorry for the evil cliffy. I thought that it was best for the chapter, but I can't promise that i will stop :)

Thanks for reviewing and i will update as soon as i can


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Review #20, by moon mistro Chapter XIII: Being Watch

9th December 2007:
wooo! yay! another chapter read! keep going i love this story!

Author's Response: I will keep going and I hope to get another chapter out by the end of the year. I'm happy to hear that you like the story and hope you'll keep reading.

Well thanks for the review

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Review #21, by Matt B Chapter XIII: Being Watch

8th December 2007:
Hello Lady!

The way the class time change is just horrible but it's a great idea. They'll be safe in their beds earlier now. But still, it's going to suck in class. The time-watch is also a great idea. I wish I could have one of those and can just pop up where I needed to be. So awesome! How did you think of that?

So, Hermione thought Donny was having an eating disorder? I thought she had figured him out a little. It's good for him that she didn't. And why would Donny say Gryffindor tower is the safest place for Hermione? Who was the thing with the red eyes watching them? Why am I asking you these questions when you are not going to answer them? Lol.

One more thing that I enjoyed reading about was the sphinx. I'm starting to love riddles now and it's cool that the whole class had to make some up.

Fantastic chapter, Lady. You're great at keeping me hooked on this story ;)

Author's Response: Howdy Matt

Yes it is horrible that they have to get to class at 7:30, but it's the only way. Now the time-watch is something I came up with, because they needed a way to get to their first class and I thought that if they used a portkey then they would need to make sure that everyone was touching the portkey . . . well so I came up with something that would garantee that all students would get to class no matter what (even if it transports them in their pj's ;) )

Yes Hermione thought that Donny wasn't eating because of an eating disorder. And no she hasn't figured him out yet. She's in deinal. Something is making her like that.

Donny is right about Gryffindor Tower. It's the safest place for any Gryffindor, not just for Hermione. The thing with the red eyes is well . . . a vampire. The third floor is closed because of it. In my story vampires have red eyes. When Donny's eyes aren't brown they are red.

I hope that my answers helped you. I know that you know that I couldn't answer your questions without ruining the story. I'm glad that you like the chapter and I hope to get the next chapter out by the end of the year.

See you later Matt and I hope that you have a wonderful holiday.


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Review #22, by k2_vet Chapter XII: A Very Sick Day

8th November 2007:
Very clever!!!

The plot thicvkens...

1) I really really really wanna kow who the other vamp is!!
2) I want to know hich girl he wants and why!
3) I want u 2 updat asap!!! ( cause this story is fab!!)

Author's Response: I'm glad that you like it. okay k2:

1) you will find out about the vampire in later chapters.
2) you might have an idea on what girl he wants. it's a girl that's been part of the story from the very beginning, and you'll just have to wait to know why he's after her.
3) I'm working as fast as i can on the next chapter i will post it soon.

Thanks for the review


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Review #23, by Matt B Chapter XII: A Very Sick Day

3rd November 2007:
Drinking the blood from rats is a smart idea. And I like how much Dumbledore cares for Donny, it's nice. So, since they know how dangerous Donny can become then he isn't the ones doing the killings right? ... I think I'm right but don't hold me to it.

I'm glad Ron made that off comment about Donny's eating habits. Hopefully Hermione would see that something more is wrong with him than he's letting on.

Excellent chapter, dear Lady. A quick update too. Good job!

Peace dude ;)

Author's Response: Well he needed blood and quick so rats was the only solution. I didn't want another student getting killed. ;)

Dumbledore really does care for Donny. He and three other people know who he really is. Dumbledore is keeping him a secret like when Lupin was in school. They do know how dangerous Donny can become, but whose to say that he's the killer or not? You will just have to wait ;)

Hermione did listen to Ron about Donny's eating habits, but she's thinking something completly different from what Ron was letting on.

Well I'm working on the next chapter. I'm done with the ending and now I'm on the beginning. I know I'm weird. I just like to work backward. That's just how I am.

Well thanks for reviewing Matt and I'll talk to you later.


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Review #24, by converse_rocks345 Chapter XII: A Very Sick Day

28th October 2007:
OMG Donny IS the Vampire

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing and about Donny . . . you will just have to keep reading.


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Review #25, by converse_rocks345 Chapter XI: Hes Back!

28th October 2007:
woah rocken must read MORE!!lol

Author's Response: Thanks converse_rocks345. I'm glad that you like it. :)


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