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Review #1, by *stargirlsuperstar* Chapter Two: Speeches to Get and Things to Enjoy

9th August 2007:
You should proofread your work.

Author's Response: I do my best, but it's kinda hard for me. See, English isn't my first langauge, it's my third. My first is Spanish and my second is French.

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Review #2, by poisoned_thoughts Chapter Two: Speeches to Get and Things to Enjoy

16th July 2007:
good just work on your spelling

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm getting the story edit, now. I'll try (very) hard to have it up by the end of the mouth!!

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Review #3, by Wyrda_Adurna Chapter Two: Speeches to Get and Things to Enjoy

15th May 2007:
its good but there are alot of spelling mistakes i think you should write it in a word processor program first then spell check it i find that alwasy helps me because i have some of the worst spelling in the world lol^_^ but still it was good i enjoyed it

Author's Response: Thank You! Sorry about the long wait for the next chapter. I'm editing (and rewriting) the story, now. Again thanks. (I'm have worse spelling than you! I mispelled my OWN name on my final and I barly passes my English class this year)

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Review #4, by summer time girl Chapter Two: Speeches to Get and Things to Enjoy

10th July 2006:
Really funny!! Loved it. Your song wasn't all that bad! Better then I could do, anyways. Update soon.

Summer Time Girl

Author's Response: Wow your home. Thanks about the song but I still say it was bad. I'm almost done spell checking the third chapter so it shound be up shortly.

Peace In,

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Review #5, by FredWeasleysGF Chapter Two: Speeches to Get and Things to Enjoy

6th July 2006:
Okay quite good, but I'm a Fred and George fan through and through and though I like your story (its going in my faves) they should feature a little more for some humor!! Good plot though!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! IThe twins have a 'nice' prank on someone coming up soon.

: )

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Review #6, by starrynights Chapter One: Oh, Shut Up Already!!!

5th July 2006:
hi...I like it a lot, and I really love oliver/OC fics. It's pretty funny but could maybe be more detailed. I hope you update soon! but maybe have someone proof read it too. I look forward to more, and it seems like one of the better fanfics of this kind : )

Author's Response: Thanks, that makes me feel good. I not sure how detaile I can add without the chapter begin to long. I'm almosted done spell checking the their chapter. About the proof reading I sent the whole story to a friend in mid0 December and they never come throw. But I talking to an old friend about to.

: )

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Review #7, by The Junebug Chapter One: Oh, Shut Up Already!!!

29th June 2006:
I really like this story. Keep updating! I want to know what happens next. I think Charlie was really blunt near the end. It was kinda weird. Otherwise, great job!

Author's Response: Thanks, I had to wrap it up because it was getting to long. I'm waiting for the next chapter to be validated.


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Review #8, by i love oliver Chapter One: Oh, Shut Up Already!!!

26th June 2006:
hey!! aahahahahah.. it was so cute!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! Its so nice of you.

: ),

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Review #9, by summer time girl Chapter One: Oh, Shut Up Already!!!

25th June 2006:
Great. Loved it. Pretty funny. But a few things here and there you could change. See you soon, I'll be home in a few days.

Peace Out,
Summer Time Girl
aka Cara

Author's Response: Thank you, Cara. I've worked really hard and I know my English grammer skills aren't the best but I'm doing the best I can. Can't wait to see you.


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