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Review #1, by magic29 back to the dursley's

26th June 2006:
sorry i haven't logged in yet, so you wanted to know if there were any Ravenclaw objects harry has come in contact with ? Well nothing in the books has been labeled a "Ravenclaw object" but there has been some speculation that it's a tiara or the mirror of erised but this is just speculation, Read up on some theories you'll find Lots of ideas sorry i couldn't be of more help ...bye

Author's Response: i was checking some websites on the tiara and i fully believe tht it is it but u cant be sure. i think ill use tht theory to my advantage in my fanfic. thx for trying

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Review #2, by houseboy back to the dursley's

25th June 2006:
good but fix some of the spelling

Author's Response: matt. u live next door u could ahve told me tht tommrow

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Review #3, by magic29 back to the dursley's

24th June 2006:
nice begining but it was really really short

Author's Response: thx for the review, ya i agree it wasnt very long but im working on my 2nd chapter and i hope it will be longer

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