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Review #1, by Margaret Raven Reemergence

12th March 2011:
I only review for my favourite stories on here and your series (if 2 stories makes it a series) made it. I'm extreamly picky. I really liked how you made Draco as a character stay relativly the same as the books. He still a proud prat but thats part of his draw as a character and you did a wonderful job at staying true to the character profile that J.k. Rowling set up. I also really like how livly you made Alisha's character and made it so she was a good personality match. So congrats on a great story!

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Review #2, by Traveler94 Reemergence

6th July 2010:
write another . . . please!

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Review #3, by Traveler94 The Dragon's Cache

6th July 2010:
Accio charm on the ring.

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Review #4, by Dylan Ryland  Reemergence

17th May 2009:
i love this story! please write more

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Review #5, by QueenOfSidekicks Reemergence

6th November 2008:
OMG totally amazing story! I love how you ended it. you're an awesome author! keep up the good work 10/10

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Review #6, by casandia Reemergence

30th March 2008:
u have to--HAVE TO--right an epilogue.
better yet, please, please, please write a "new fluff story"
i would never had read a fanfic, much less one about the dreaded Draco Malfoy if it wasn't for one of my friends getting me hooked!
i don't think i'll be persuing this pastime though. i'll only plague my friend to send me the link to ur continuation of the story (i really hope there is one).
ur a really good writer (i have a nack for undiscovered talent, & im a writer myself) and i hope u make it in the writing world because u have just as much chance as anybody else, so good luck, & keep writing (hopefully a follow-up 2 this story, since im dying to know how this ends since i can't decide which of the story endings that i've come up with would be the best & i need u to decide 4 me)
thnxs 4 the read :3

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Review #7, by angeleyes_ia Mystery Men

28th October 2007:
love Alisha's full of fire.

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Review #8, by angeleyes_ia The Applicant

28th October 2007:
loved it. pure and simple.

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Review #9, by angeleyes_ia Muggle Magic

28th October 2007:
Love the suspense building up to the wedding already. yummy.

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Review #10, by angeleyes_ia Free Man

28th October 2007:
Nice intro, really glad to read the friendship between Harry and Draco. It helps keep both characters grounded. I just found this and plan to enjoy each chapter this morning before going to sleep.

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Review #11, by D_H Reemergence

28th September 2007:
i loved the first story and this one too, and i would love to read one about the wedding and to see if her stomach ache was really just a stomach ache hehe

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Review #12, by AlliWood Reemergence

13th July 2007:
Did Alisha ever really tell Draco about her "pregnancy", or did he over here it? It feels a little off if it was ended w/o him knowing. Otherwards I loved it, Draco is the best HP character ever! Woohoo! I give you props

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Review #13, by sinwillys822 Reemergence

18th June 2007:
i really liked the story but i would like if you wrote another story continuing the story of draco and alicia with their marriage and children and all that.

Author's Response: I will try my hardest to do so...but i want it to be good before I write pure unadulterated fluff.

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Review #14, by llastrozombiell Reemergence

15th May 2007:
I think you should ocme up with another story about the two this story made my weekend i stayed up till four in the morning just finish 5 chapters of it keep up the good work VIVA THE LATINAS

Author's Response: Viva Latinas, claro que si! Wow, till four in the morning...I could never do that, but it makes me happy that you did to finish this story. I'm going to try for another story, but I don't want to write something not good for the sake of writing so we'll see what happens. Thanks so much for the support!

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Review #15, by Asabi Reemergence

5th May 2007:
As always, you have penned an amazing story!! You are so talented and I love the Alisha/Draco sagas! I would love to read about their wedding, not only because I just love reading about them, but because you have an awesome knack for detailing a scene. Great work! I can't wait to read more!!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! (You're my 100th review for this story, btw) I won't let you down. I'm definitely writing about the wedding so stay tuned!

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Review #16, by loving_london Reemergence

29th April 2007:
Im still in can't end it there!? Well obviously you can, but I hope you don't. I love this story and this pairing. I'm so glad it didn't end at pureblood. And if you need help deciding between a new story or epilogue...I say you should choose new story. hehe. Another amazing story under your belt.

Author's Response: Everyone's in shock. I don't know if that's good or bad. Oh, well. You're still hooked so it doesn't matter.
I will try for a new story, but I don't want to write something that's not good, so we'll see what happens.
Thank you, london.

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Review #17, by NicerDraco2025 Reemergence

28th April 2007:
Draco's moment of- well if not glory then certainly showing off. A bit of a shame we didn't just chuck Lucius off the tower *pictures in head*, but this is probably more just. Um, exactly why couldn't Draco escort Alisha? Not sure on that. But I can so just see him sitting at the table impressing people.
Alisha is a bloody improvement. And that is very touche. Brilliant!
Let's go to Florida! or anywhere else for that matter!
The rating system is broken, I can only go up to ten. And a note: Anyone who curses this story shall die!! With the one exception of pleading for an epilogue of some sort. Your pick, but put something in for sure! Now because this is the last chapter I will attempt to sum up the story as best I know how,

Well that was easy.

Now this quote is priceless for Alisha and Draco. Not exactly right, but great:
"I almost had a psychic girlfriend once, but she left me before we met."
I'm sure Draco appreciates that Alisha didn't do that.

Author's Response: I don't know why, but I just couldn't kill him. It's a weird character driven thing I think. (Or my sense of justice, whatever) Because Neville was always in the court, they weren't just going to replace him for Draco.
I like that bit about people who curse the Darn that rating system. ;) I do have something in the works.

that was easy too!

I love it!

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Review #18, by dracoismyferretnotyours Reemergence

27th April 2007:
MUY KAWAII! (Wow two languages at once, Japanese and Spanish lol) Kosher? Sorry I find great amusement when people say that. Which Magic Kingdom? Or am I just being clueless? Ah gender roles, I love it when no one follows them because they are stupid! Lol ^.^ YAY! Pet and I were right Rhys=Lucius! I didn’t know my cousin was my pet’s dad! (My cousin is also named Rhys, and spelled like that too lol) Ah, Draco. Only showing slight care but tons of arrogance. :P

OH! MY! GOSH! DON’T YOU DARE LEAVE IT AT THIS! I DON’T CARE HOW YOU DO IT, WHETHER IT’S AN EPILOUGE OR ANOTHER STORY WHATEVER JUST DO IT! *Deep breath* Ok now that that’s out, that was FANTASTIC! You are absolutely fantastic at description and character building. My gosh, you have given me an almost heart attack saying that this is done. Well you are the author so it is your choice but you MUST then start a new series (I’ll help! Lol ;D) since this AND Complications AND P.F. are all drawing to a close. So sad *tear*.

~Anna (Aquí!)

Yay Pirates! Yay the fact my birthday is the same weekend! Yay for Ben and Emerson being here on my birthday! Lol waiting calmly o.O

Author's Response: Nice language usage. I love the word Kosher (my mom works at a Jewish Hospital) Magic Kingdom, FL. Gender roles, Of course you two were right! Your cousin has a cool name! I heart Draco.

I promise not to leave it like this. Actually, I have an idea already I hope it works out. THANK YOU for everything!I don't know of P.F. is drawing to a close...but I haven't thought that far yet anyhow.

~Scarlet (there you are!)
I'm jealous Ben and Emerson are going to be in your area. Lucky, Pirates and Birthday on the same weekend. Please, do wait calmly, I don't know how long it will be.

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Review #19, by loving_london Inspection

21st April 2007:
I hope you had fun in Cancun, thats amazing. Im probably going to Costa Rica next summer. But I suck at spanish, so this should be interesting.

Another fantabulous chapter. But what else is new. I loved the descibion of the house. Especially the back yard, it was just so pretty in my mind.

Can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: I had a blast in Cancun. Good luck in Costa Rica, though the locals are pretty nice if you at least attempt Spanish.

Thank you! The backyard is probably my favorite part, actually. Next one....okay I won't say soon, but halfway done...

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Review #20, by Asabi Inspection

11th April 2007:
Great chapter!! I always look forward to reading them : )

Author's Response: ♥ Muchas Gracias, asabi. Next chapter hopefully soon...

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Review #21, by dracoismyferretnotyours Inspection

9th April 2007:
(ya you win, cant muster the emotion to care right now)

Sorry this is going to be really short compared to my others. Great chapter and description of the house. I like the forbodeing throughout the chapter. Nice song choice (that song bugs me after a while, but I guess thats reasonable when you have to practice it everyday for hours for an audition :P lol) it fits really well. I cant wait until the next chapter.

Love Cancun, when you get back you have to check the meet the author board, maybe then I will have more to say. Have fun in Cancun.

~Anna (my name for now), Drake's Owner

Author's Response: yes, description worked! I'm excited. What are you auditioning for? Good luck! I'll be working on the next chapter in like two minutes because I have another snow day today. Cancun was alright..the rest of Mexico OWNED! go to Playa Del Carmen and Tulum if you ever get a chance. Alright I'm done raving.

~Scarlet (where'd the name come from, Anna?)

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Review #22, by NicerDraco2025 Inspection

8th April 2007:
*before I begin I'd like to curse my computer for making me start over. I win*

When you say soon you mean soon.

I'm sure there is a word that can more efficiently and effectively describe what you're doing, but I don't know it. But I'm impressed that you're taking time in moving the story to do a good -scratch that-
job with the plot. The seemingly smaller things keep this story, and you, a cut above.
Draco surprised me several times, but in a very good way (of course). You definitely have all your character's psyches down. Very impressive.


Rays deserved and felt. But you're going to Cancun so I'd call us even.
Mugglecast! They are brilliant, I need to listen to the latest show.
"I don't know, kill him your way!" "Oh...what is my way?"
"Go away, or I might kill whoever it is you need a miracle for." "But he's already dead." "Oh, okay bring him in."

Author's Response: *ND:3 PF:2*
Draco.. I think I know why he surprised you, he surprised me too, while I was writing I kind of fought with his dialogue, but it wouldn't work any other way. Thank you as always for the beautiful compliments. Characters do drive my story, I'm not going to lie and I just discovered a character driven author whose advice should improve my writing, Yay! But, I can't promise that the plot is going to continue so slowly....

We are even and Mugglecast rules the world sometimes I think, especially before an intense Track meet, the laughs are great for nerves.
"Have fun storming the castle!""Do you think it'll work?" "It'll take a miracle- Buh-bye!"

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Review #23, by loving_london El Prometido

7th April 2007:
This was a very good chapter, then again, they are all good. Can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: aww, thank first reviewer ever (I'll never forget that!)

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Review #24, by dracoismyferretnotyours Free Man

5th April 2007:
Darn, I have to post it here because it cut off the rest of my post. I won this round, but it wasnt fair because I am home, while Dragon isnt. I wanted to know if we can add in the posts from when you updated since I joined. Also, I wanted to tell you that I posted on the meet the author page, but it doesnt seem to want to work for me, so I will have my pet do it again, so it should be up asap. (Please try to read this along with the other post, and imagine it written with a LOT better wording ^.^ :P)

~I love Dragon/Ferret :P

Dearest Westley--I've never called you that before, have I?--Westley, Westley, Westley, Westley, Westley,--darling Westley, adored Westley, sweet perfect Westley, whisper that I have a chance to win your love.

Author's Response: I'm laughing and laughing and laughing and preparing to go to my Author Page and trying to think of a good line from the Princess Bride....I'm listening to Mugglecast and can't get a good line..I'll come up with something in Meet the Author.

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Review #25, by earth_elemental El Prometido

19th March 2007:
I like your plot and can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: oh goodness, thank you!

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