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Review #1, by Alexis To Prove Oneself a Teammate (or Just an Outright Fool)

20th September 2013:
Why did you stop updating! I wanna know what hapens!

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Review #2, by Owlpost68 To Prove Oneself a Teammate (or Just an Outright Fool)

19th August 2012:
ok, so this was a total chance reading. I was looking at the beta topic link on the forums, and your story caught my eye 'cause it had Oliver and post hogwarts :) I'm thinking of making one myself, and clicked on it, and here I am, 1am prolly about the same time Page just had her test from her insane captain, and absolutely loving it. Now, I understand it's been about 4 years since you've updated, but it is honestly the best Oliver I've ever read. The Oliver I'm trying to write is pretty much right here, it's a very different story I have in mind, but I'm glad to have this kind of point of view of him, I think it will really help. So, I'll go to sleep dreaming of another chapter someday, but I'll definitely be continuing the same kind of spirit as this Oliver. I'll totally give you credit as well :D
lovely awesome job. Thank you!

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Review #3, by oliverwoodssecretlover To Prove Oneself a Teammate (or Just an Outright Fool)

16th November 2011:
So, you haven't updated in over 3 years.
I think you should. Please? (:

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Review #4, by oliverwoodssecretlover Phantoms and Semi-Death Threats (or a Normal Day at Work)

16th November 2011:
No! Why did that have to be in the contract! ): I love this story! I think it's been abandoned, though, which is depressing ):

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Review #5, by ... To Prove Oneself a Teammate (or Just an Outright Fool)

11th August 2009:
WHEN will you update? I have waited and waited. Please put me out of my misery.

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Review #6, by rachm34 To Prove Oneself a Teammate (or Just an Outright Fool)

24th March 2009:
Oh My gods, GOds, gods, gods, gods, gods. I am going crazy, very crazy, and you my friend (yes!) are making me go insane. The way you wrote this, was amazing. I was shivering. I almost cried, the emotions were so raw. I practically felt Page's pain. Like, HOLY FRIKKEN AMAZING. please, update soon. Like? Now. Please?
I'd love you forever. But i already love this story, so i love love love love this. It's so amazing. My new like favorite story on this site. I've read a lot of stories on this site, i have over 800 reviews that i have reviewed for people and this by far is one of my favorites. Amazing!

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Review #7, by rachm34 Phantoms and Semi-Death Threats (or a Normal Day at Work)

24th March 2009:
uhoh. I'm all for Page and Oliver dating without dear old Philbert knowing! haha. I would be scared of death going to his officetoo.
So, oh my gods, i frikken love this. I will be so sad when i finish the next chapter?
How often do you update?
Please update like soon?
this is amazing!
Like, i can't stop smiling, and laughing, and Page is written so well and Oliver, gods can i marry him?
This is wonderful! I think you definitely have so much potential to actually publish one of your origional works one day! Work to it!

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Review #8, by rachm34 Practice Makes... Life Interesting

24th March 2009:
gods, (haha, starting off a review like you start off your chapters? Doesn't that make you feel peachy?!) This story is amazing. Like I'm already in love. I'm going to get through the first five chapters tonight. Then i'll be hoping, no i will be frikken praying for an update!
I absolutely love this.
You are amazing at writing this.
your Oliver, makes me want to marry him!

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Review #9, by Essie To Prove Oneself a Teammate (or Just an Outright Fool)

24th January 2009:
Very interesting, the characters are great and it makes a change from the usual Oliver/Oc's where wood is a total prick! So what's Page going to do now that her romance is forbidden?
Update soon, I'm hooked!

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Review #10, by ? To Prove Oneself a Teammate (or Just an Outright Fool)

24th December 2008:
Are you ever going to finish tis story? 'Cause I have waited and waited like forever for this story to be finished! I really liked and see the end of this so hurry up and finish it!!!

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Review #11, by Dilys Derwent To Prove Oneself a Teammate (or Just an Outright Fool)

23rd December 2008:
wow. i love this story. i actually found it in the Oliver/OC forums and i am very glad i did. the plot is brilliant and the characters are so believable. the torturing moments with Oliver remind me of a book i read; they make you take a breath and think 'is she going to break the rules?' and then she doesn't. good suspense. i think Knox is an amazing character even if i really don't like him. i can't wait for the next chapter so keep writing and update soon!
Dilys :)

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Review #12, by allergictopink To Prove Oneself a Teammate (or Just an Outright Fool)

23rd November 2008:
wow, this is such a good story! please update, i'll check back soon! very good plot, and page is great!

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Review #13, by muinthil To Prove Oneself a Teammate (or Just an Outright Fool)

6th June 2008:
I love this story!!! Please please update soon!

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Review #14, by pop_girl06 Practice Makes... Life Interesting

2nd April 2008:
Oh, i think something's gonna happen to Arnie! or am I just thinking too much?

Author's Response: lol. I suppose you really never know...

Thank you for the review!

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Review #15, by mayhem101 To Prove Oneself a Teammate (or Just an Outright Fool)

2nd March 2008:
Omg that was amazing! it had me on the edge of my seat(well more like my bed) at the night 'proving your-self' thing. i didnt really understand why oliver came with page though... is it just becuase she asked him to be there for her or because knox told him to show up? other than that i say it was amazing! keep it coming!

Author's Response: Thank you! Now, I haven't read my own story in the longest time, but I do believe it is the fourth chapter when Knox tells her to bring Oliver. I think he would also like to support his best friend as well, though.

I'll try to get some writing done soon; I didn't anticipate becoming a validater - hard work! Thanks again!

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Review #16, by OpheliaDameDansLeBleu To Prove Oneself a Teammate (or Just an Outright Fool)

20th February 2008:
this story is amazing. I see that you haven't updated in a while, so i ask, please hurry? This is so going on my favorites list. :D happy writing

Author's Response: I'm glad you've enjoyed this. I am trying to get around to it; though I hadn't anticipated becoming a validator and that has kept me quite busy the last month. I'm opening my word processor as I type. Thank you for the review!

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Review #17, by PixiePower To Prove Oneself a Teammate (or Just an Outright Fool)

17th February 2008:
Yay for awkward moments! I've read a fair few Oliver/OC's, but this is one of the best. I like the fact that it's not written at Hogwarts and you've not made Page be a Seeker and replace someone and make it AU. This is entirely plausible. In the Potterverse, that is.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Yes, I really like to stay canon so it would have irked me to kick out a player at Hogwarts for her. Thanks again!

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Review #18, by yougivemefever To Prove Oneself a Teammate (or Just an Outright Fool)

10th January 2008:
First of all, I love that this story isn't set in Hogwarts; I thought I was the only one writing an Oliver/Oc fic when he was on Puddlemire!

Your writing is awesome. They way you described the 'challenge' was really plausible and I felt like I was right there, working with Page. The sexual tension is palpable, mostly because you've already stated that Page likes Oliver and that team relationships are forbidden. Nice set up!

Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Yay for Puddlemere! Now I'll have to check out that story of yours soon.

I'm glad you liked the description and the tension. Thanks so much! I'll try to update once my exams are over.

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Review #19, by Alexa_The_First To Prove Oneself a Teammate (or Just an Outright Fool)

3rd January 2008:
Wow this story is so different to other OC/canon ones, mainly because I've never read an Oliver/OC one.
But even though it is unique Oliver is very canon fitting.
Awaiting the next chapter,
xx alexa

Author's Response: Ah, well than welcome to the pairing! I'm glad you think my Oliver was in character. Thanks much, and I'll try to update soon.

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Review #20, by ... To Prove Oneself a Teammate (or Just an Outright Fool)

22nd December 2007:
WOW, what a great story.
Update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'll try.

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Review #21, by Joooocaa To Prove Oneself a Teammate (or Just an Outright Fool)

6th December 2007:
Please, don't abandone this one! It's too good! ;)

Author's Response: Don't worry, I wont! I'm caught in dreaded writer's block right now, but I'm hoping to have it out of the way soon. Thanks!

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Review #22, by Ginevra_Black To Prove Oneself a Teammate (or Just an Outright Fool)

27th September 2007:
i really like this chapter, even if something page said isn't really something you usually think. one thing is proving yourself, one thing is abuse, i agree with oliver on this one. i'm pretty sure (or pretty hopeful, if you like) that this is gonna be a oliver/page in the end. it's just...i don't really see how, with the stupid rules and all that. they're absurd!!
anyway, please update soon, i'll be waiting!

Author's Response: Well, Page is an interesting person... And I think you're in store for some great surprises (at least I think they're good). I probably would have worked on a good portion of it this week since I was light in homework but I got grounded from my computer. Sorry. :-(

Thanks for the review!

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Review #23, by Potterholic To Prove Oneself a Teammate (or Just an Outright Fool)

11th September 2007:
Love this chapter! You really made me want to give Knox a good beating, yet I love how you characterize him. Page is really growing on me as well, the way she saw the torture Knox put her through as a good test amazed me. The description was brilliant, and I love the little moment between Page and Oliver and how she was restraining herself not to think about him that way. Poor girl, I hope things will look up for her soon. ^_^ Can’t wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: I think you're the first person to like Knox's characterization. I just LOVE writing him and everyone's like "I want to hurt him!" I suppose that says something good about me though. lol. Yay! Thank you!

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Review #24, by ronspoiledeverything To Prove Oneself a Teammate (or Just an Outright Fool)

7th September 2007:
gah when are you going to update I've been waiting.:)

Author's Response: I'm sorry. Not only am I distraught because I've lost my LIOtP folder with the next few handwritten chapters that I can't recreate because they're like 6000 wds each and with details I had for a specific reason, but I've also spent the last two weeks working on an original story for a magazine. If they accept it I get money and I like that idea. lol. Once I send it you'll have me back.

I'll search my entire house, I promise. I'll try my best!! :)

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Review #25, by Cara_Maureen To Prove Oneself a Teammate (or Just an Outright Fool)

28th August 2007:
This is a GREAT story!!! I love it.
Awww forbidden love- it's great isn't it!
Omg I just love Oliver stories noww.
This story has a really great plot and I can't wait to see where it goes :]

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Yeah, Oliver rules. I'll try to update soon.

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