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Review #1, by LS Saying Goodbye

2nd July 2006:
"too blind"? lol :p. yeah dont take me the wrong way, you gots talent.

personally, i enjoy being lazy and restrict my writing to being from the point of view of a girl i can empathize with.

Author's Response: I was saying that all satirely... LS, you never fail to make me laugh...

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Review #2, by LS Saying Goodbye

28th June 2006:
yuppers its me again
i remember you mentioning this story idea during math class that day, its interesting to see how it turned out. i have a few commenst on this one. i think some parts that could have been delved into further were speeded up, and others that could have been glanced at were very rich with detail. ie, voldemort immediately started with the interrogation without any of his trademark sneakery, but then Hagrid becomes so observant as to contemplate the previous cleanliness of his umbrella.
but the main thing here is it doesnt sound like hagrid. it sounds like you: educated, an impressive vocabulary, your dialogue ("Norbert this is not the end godspeed etc")..... actually what you took on seems to be no small feat, i read someone elses story on this site who decided not to include hagrid because they had a hard time with his speech! frankly, i dont know if I could put myself in the shoes of a middle-age, half-giant man so easily myself.

keep writing, and btw, Abarat is looking good so far!
i'll be seein ya

Author's Response: YAY!!! And I finished the books you lent me, too! Thanks for your comments, I'm glad you could see the mistakes I was too blind to see.

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