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Reading Reviews for Welcome home?
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Review #1, by HermionelovesHarry Welcome back harry?

13th August 2006:
Please let me know what happens next! PLEASE!

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Review #2, by nanda Welcome back harry?

17th July 2006:
i love your story plz post the rest

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Review #3, by emily_c93 Welcome back harry?

3rd July 2006:
I liked the story but Hermione can't really return harry's feelings if he gets his memory back because she said yes to ron.

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Review #4, by aredlollipop Welcome back harry?

29th June 2006:

Author's Response: go to hell!
i mean...recent polls prove that over 50% of harry potter fans prefer harry and hermione ships...no other ship can say the same.
i rest my cases.

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Review #5, by animagusrr Welcome back harry?

28th June 2006:
Wow...that was just...incredible!Bloody brilliant!
t has a lot of angst and pain and romance and it's amazing!
Keep on writing such good stuff,Antoine.
Of course I'll have to take two points off the rating because,
I am not a Harry/Herm shippers(one point for that) and
because I do not think Hermione's character would ever act so irresponsibly, say yes to Ron's proposal and then say she loves Harry(one more point for that). So there you go, a good,healthy 8!

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Review #6, by Pheobs61 Welcome back harry?

28th June 2006:
Great Ideas! I really liked it!

Author's Response: thankyou

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Review #7, by harrysgirl96 Welcome back harry?

28th June 2006:
this is REALLY good! i cant wait to hear more!

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Review #8, by Spazelam (not signed in) Welcome back harry?

26th June 2006:
o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0!! please add more to this story!! me likey vary much!! *Bastards!!* lolz!! damn you ron!!

Author's Response: i was waiting for reviews from readers to see if they wanted this to continue, ive recieved a few so...ok.
expect the site to update itself in a few days (sorry for the wait im moving house)

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Review #9, by Chaz4Harry Welcome back harry?

26th June 2006:
Wow! That was brill! Write more! I will be looking out for this story! :)

Author's Response: thanks!
i was waiting for a few reviews from readers to see if they wanted it to continue...ok then, expect the site to update the story in a few days (sorry for the wait bu im moving house)
-yours truly (or as truthful as i can be) antoine

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Review #10, by Somebody Welcome back harry?

25th June 2006:
What, that's it? Ah well, it was good anyway

Author's Response: well if you truly want it to continue tell me so

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Review #11, by Antoine Welcome back harry?

25th June 2006:
a small fic...the book series i am currently writing is called MAGIC ESSENCE, i expect ti to be very very long, i have written ten chapters already, i was having troubles with the second chapter thus the long wait, they are fixed now so enjoy!

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Review #12, by hpfan001 Welcome back harry?

25th June 2006:
oooh, me likes! It was written really well, a couple of mistakes...typos mostly, but other than that, it was great. I'm attempting to write an angsty story (my first) so I know how hard it is to write these things. I thought you did great!

Author's Response: yo!
i wrote quite a few stories on these sites under a different name, angsty stories, or one shots, us writers are usually writing a few of them (a vent for our emotions) whilst we work on our main peice of work, my main story im working on is called magical essence but its being fixed up (had some trouble with the site)
and when or if you write or submit your story ill send you a reveiw.
peace out.
-antoine tiran

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