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Review #1, by AmyMarie The Bonfire Romance: A Post War Reunion

25th April 2008:
Aw, sweet story. I really liked it! Remus is one of my favorite characters.

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Review #2, by edenvirg The Bonfire Romance: A Post War Reunion

5th November 2007:
Oh, this is so sweet! It's so sweet and sad (during some times), but it was so wonderfully and beautifully written. Oh, and most importantly, it was very realistic. :) I love the narration of how their relationship progressed.

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Review #3, by jezz rivett The Bonfire Romance: A Post War Reunion

21st March 2007:
aw so sweeet, it had to happen! so cute i liked it!

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Review #4, by cameo ruby The Bonfire Romance: A Post War Reunion

19th January 2007:
that was *sniff sniff* one of the most romantic*sniff sniff* one-shots *sniff sniff* ever!! wah! *sniff sniff* anyway nice story!! :D *sniff sniff*

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Review #5, by Camron Tawney The Bonfire Romance: A Post War Reunion

9th January 2007:
this was really sweet and well written most hermione/remus fics come off creepy this one was beautiful

~Cam Tawney~

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Review #6, by Demon_Darkheart The Bonfire Romance: A Post War Reunion

3rd December 2006:
this is...AMAZING!!!
Remus/'Mione fics are the greatest!! and this is so cute and i luv it!!!
i also like how you made it where she wasnt for sure if she was gonna go for it or not and that is unlike alot of fics where they go for it right off!!
rOcK oN!!!
~Desdemona Breanna

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Review #7, by Kendall The Bonfire Romance: A Post War Reunion

7th November 2006:
That was SUCH a cute story! I loved it. =]

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Review #8, by jameslilypotter The Bonfire Romance: A Post War Reunion

20th September 2006:
Aww... Like Mrs_heather_grint said *who by way reccomened this* I was a litte skeptical about reading a lupin/hermione as they are twenty years apart but im glad i did because it is a really good fic and beautifully written. I enjoyed emmensly for my first lupin.hermine fic
great job 10 out of 10

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Review #9, by mrs_heather_grint The Bonfire Romance: A Post War Reunion

18th August 2006:
That was flawless in every way possible. When I saw Remus/Hermione I got a little iffy, but I am impressed. You managed to take something that's usually creepy (to me) and make it beautiful. I love how you still fit Ron and Tonks in there. It was just... wow... wonderful and I'm speechless.

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Review #10, by Lucid The Bonfire Romance: A Post War Reunion

5th August 2006:
Firstly, I feel I should apologise for the length of time it has taken me to reply, I hate to make excuses, so I will leave it at that and hope that you can forgive lil old me :) Anyway on to the fun stuff. I really like the way you have introduced the piece, you kept the details simple and it lures the reader in. Then the sadness starts as we realise the loses that Hermione has endured, and I like the fact that you touch back into the past not only to allow us to see what occurred but also to feel everything that Hermione did on that day. I though you characterised her well with this line in particular, “Ronald Weasley, you wake up this instant!” I can just see Hermione trying to cope with the trauma in that way, nice touch :)

The one thing that is so very hard with the Remus/Hermione ship is plausibility. It’s terribly difficult to set the characters up in such a way that we believe they’ll fall in love. I just wanted to say that I think you have created that believability extremely well; you’ve addressed both Tonks and Ron, and answered why they wouldn’t be with Remus and Hermione. I particularly like that Remus married Tonks and that there was a believable amount of time between her death and Remus showing interest in Hermione.

I liked the closeness the pair showed during the memorial, I know some people might think it was out of place, but I personally think when people reflect on death, it’s the time they most want to feel alive, and I can see this happening with Remus and Hermione. It’s a very intuitive and subtle way of getting the reader to see them in a different light.

I really loved that fact that Hermione didn’t jump straight in for Remus’ proposition, I liked that she hesitated and I loved the way Remus reacted when he thought she were saying no, to me that was very in character. In fact, I think you have portrayed them extremely well, and nuances of feeling between them were handled wonderfully. I couldn’t be more thrilled with this story, it is wonderful, and I will certainly be adding to my favourites. I feel thoroughly appreciated *grins* Thank you so much for all you hard work and effort.

Author's Response: Apology accepted :) As this was intended to be a one-shot, I did think it appropriate that I touch base with the characters. Thus, delving back into the past and telling of how things happened. So, I'm glad you liked it :)

The hardest part about fan fiction for me is Canon. I love HP as it is, though in fan fiction, we can explore the "What if's". So writing this story was so hard for me because to write the ship, I had to know the characters. As you said, its hard to make some ships actually believable. For me, it wouldn't be right if Hermione and Remus didn't have their Canon implied partners. I don't think for the idea I had, which started off with the ending, would have worked. So I tried to tie up their connections, so they could move on. I'm glad you saw that and liked what I did. It took me hours to get it the way it is :)

Before I made a big romance happen, I thought that I had to show Remus and Hermione had a bond, a friendship that they were both comfortable with. Comfort in a time of need, is what I tried to show, but also leading towards a romance based off of that friendship. So again, I'm so very happy that you liked that part as well.

I feel such a wight has been lifted off of my shoulders. This last part was the hardest of all to write. Having them just fling together, didn't seem right to me, and I've always seen Hermione as the 'Think' before you plunge type of person. With Remus being older, and perhaps less afraid of these things, thanks to Tonks, I could see him being the forward one and not hesitating at this point. So I'm glad you found that I wrote this part well.

To finish off, all I can say is: Thank you! Your prompt gave me the idea on what kind of story I had to write and the ship proved more challenging than anything I have ever written before :) I'm so, so, so happy that you liked the story enough to be a favourite and that you feel 'thoroughly appreciated' :) This is what this project was all about, so I feel I have accomplished what I set out to do.

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Review #11, by Quibler The Bonfire Romance: A Post War Reunion

14th July 2006:
This is an intersting story and one I greatly appriciate. I can't recall the exact moment when I began to cheer for the older men, the moment I was finally glad that Jo chose Porfessor Baer, but I know I love it! Someone as intelligent and feeling as Hermione belongs with someone like Remus (providing Ron is dead). A well written piece. Good work!

Author's Response: lol..Thank you :) It was very hard to write this ship, but I gave it my best shot and I'm just happy that my readers are also enjoying what I have done here. So thank you :)

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Review #12, by Wiccan The Bonfire Romance: A Post War Reunion

29th June 2006:
Well, yeah, I did a double-take at Lupin/Hermione, but the 'post-war' addition to the title took away my fear. The difference between 15/35 and 20/40 is massive. Yes, I can see this romance and you did it beautifully.

Author's Response: Yes, I also thought 'How on earth am I supossed to do this ship, and still be TOS compliant?' lol...So I made the characters older. There is a 16 year gap between my partner and myself, so I can write from an adult PoV, in this case :)

Thank you, I'm glad you can see this romance happening. Thats what I had hoped for :)

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Review #13, by ducks The Bonfire Romance: A Post War Reunion

28th June 2006:
I have to admit when I saw the pairing I was a little hesitant but curiosity overcame me and I read it. I am so glad I did. For an unusual pairing it must not attract as many readers. It should tho. It is fantastic and you did a brilliant job. xxoo ash

Author's Response: Thank you so much :) I'm glad you read it anyway. This was a particularly hard ship for me to write, so I'm glad you felt that I did a good job on it :)

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Review #14, by prudence prior The Bonfire Romance: A Post War Reunion

23rd June 2006:
Sad, and yet hopeful, this was a very well written one-shot. A very romantic story that I hope Lucid liked. I do so hope that it doesn't come to most everyone dying, however. Cheers, Pru

Author's Response: Thank you so much :) I had hoped that Lucid liked it too, and as it turned out, she did :) So I'm over the moon at the moment ;)

Thank you for the wonderful review, I'm glad you liked the way I wrote it, despite all the sadness that is involved.

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Review #15, by LillyRoseanne The Bonfire Romance: A Post War Reunion

18th June 2006:
Awww that is so sweet

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #16, by delta The Bonfire Romance: A Post War Reunion

18th June 2006:
Very sweet. You've made Remus and Ginny and Hermione all come alive so brilliantly in this piece. Although it started out a little slow, it quickly enraptured my attention at King's Station and held it to the very end. I lived with Hermione, breathed her breaths, felt her emotions, and understood her thoughts. You have done a truly amazing job of keeping things in character and realistic and in connecting the audience to your characters. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this wonderful review. I'm sorry the start was a little slow, but extreamly glad it didn't bore you and you continued to read it :)

I'm also very happy you felt all the emotions that Hermione felt. This story had me trying to be inside the characters heads, so I wanted my readers to understand them and why they do the things they do, especially because the ship involved isn't the easiest.

Again, thank you for the wonderful review :)

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Review #17, by leaf of the ash tree The Bonfire Romance: A Post War Reunion

18th June 2006:
fantastic- absolutely perfect.

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you thought so :)

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Review #18, by Jessi_Rose The Bonfire Romance: A Post War Reunion

17th June 2006:
Wow, *!*, that was wonderful! With all of the detail, I really felt that I was there; feeling the sorrow and loss, the small butterflies that Hermione had, I even felt the flush of Remus' cheeks. It was truly a great romance fic, *!*. I have goosebumps and tingles!! Really, honestly fantastic! ~Jessi

Author's Response: Thank you Jessi :) I always value what you have to say about my stories, so I'm so happy you felt the way you did and that you connected with the story so well :)

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Review #19, by Violet Gryfindor The Bonfire Romance: A Post War Reunion

17th June 2006:
Ack, that was so sad! Beautifully written, but very sad. There were tears in my eyes the whole time - mostly out of sadness for the deaths of so many, but at the end they were out of happiness. Oh, I love what happened with the Shrieking Shack and afterwards. Remus was so romantic and Hermione was very in character, which can be difficult to do in these situations. This was fantastic. =D

Author's Response: Thank you :) On one hand, I'm sorry that I made you teary. On the other, I'm glad that you did. This means that I got you to connect with the story and thats one of the things I tried to do. This ship was a hard one for me to write, so getting you to connect, makes it easier for you to understand the ship :)

I also loved the Shrieking Shack was a favourite of mine too, I'm glad you picked up on that. The house in the books sounds so wonderful, just spooky because of what it was used for. So I thought it would be nice if Remus actually got to live in that wonderful house instead of it crumbling down :)

Again, thank you for such a wonderful review :)

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Review #20, by Cor_Leonis The Bonfire Romance: A Post War Reunion

17th June 2006:
Oh, this was nice. I always think it's interesting how people decide to pair up older characters with the younger ones, and you've done it in a very plausible way. War fics are so tragic--especially when some of my favorite characters are killed. (It makes me hope that JK doesn't go that way!) Anyhow, the Hermione/Remus scenario was nicely done. Lovely job.

Author's Response: Thank you so much :) This particular ship was very hard for me to write, but it had to be done. So I wrote it the best way I could, and I'm glad you found it plausible :)

I don't like thinking of the deaths either, and I REALLY hope JKR doesn't write too many favourite characters death either.

Again, thank you for the great review :)

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Review #21, by Paloma Patil The Bonfire Romance: A Post War Reunion

17th June 2006:
An interesting take on the future, and very romantic. I'd like to think that if nothing else, Tonks taught Remus to 'go for it!'. That makes me smile. Well done. Paloma

Author's Response: lol..Yes, I think Tonks has the right attitude and the heart to break down Remus's walls and make him see that he can 'go for it' withough too much heartache :)

Thank you for the great review.

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