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Review #1, by aks_potter What If

15th November 2008:
it was a good one.. keep it up... take care

Author's Response: Thanks :) , I loved writing this story

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Review #2, by Lissy215 What If

6th May 2008:
Great Story. I loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #3, by ravenking What If

1st June 2007:
great story. hope its the beginning of a novel

Author's Response: nope, I'm afraid it's only a one-shot and there are no plans to continue it as it was meant as a completed giftfic. I'm glad you liked it though and thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #4, by Scarhead What If

20th July 2006:
I have to admit that I usually dont like second person stories as much as I do other perspectives. There are very few authors who can write it well. And you my dear are one of those few. I loved this story! You wrote it in a way that made every emotion almost tangible. I simply adored the scene with Molly and Remus. Her sweet if slightly passive meddling was touching and amusing at the same time. I could almost see Remus cringing. You have captured the canon characters brilliantly! Wonderfully done!!

Author's Response: I never used to read an 2nd person stories until I read the beginnning of one of Kay's, now I barely notice the perspective of a story, and enjoy any an author cares to throw at me. That you think I can write it is a big compliment, and thank you for it, it was challenging but fun too :D .I enjoyed writing Molly in that short scene, and Remus's reaction was great to write. Thanks for reviewing :) .

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Review #5, by PropMaster What If

19th July 2006:
My goodness! Not only did you take up Kay's challenge, but snatched it up and charged ahead with a vengence!! To tackle the second person POV as a homage to Kay's own writing was brilliant. The insight and depth you provided for our dear sweet Tonks was marvellous, as was your treatment of all of the other characters (for some reason, I got a real kick out of your fleeting glimpses of Molly). Absolutely true-to-canon, yet so fresh. And Draco's revenge?? -- a stroke of genius. So very apropo without being over-the-top or hideous. Just good ol' poetic justice. Brava, my dear!!

Author's Response: lol, well it just being Kay's prompt I knew immediately I had to write in second person, which was surprisingly fun, but probably not something i'm intending to do again. I also shamelessly stole aspects of Kay's work, like parts of Tonks's characterisation, the style I tried to write in. I'm glad you mentioned Molly though, I have never written her, and I had no idea if what I was writing was too much, so I'm very happy you liked her :) . You wouldn't believe the time I agonised over what to do with Draco, I was not going to kill Snape for most of the time I was writing this, then I decided I had to and there was all this juggling over what was happening to Draco. I didn't want Harry to too involved in the dreadful thing that happened to Draco because Kay didn't want that in her prompt, so I gave most of the victory to Ron, and in the end it seemed to work out best anyway :D . Thanks for your review! :)

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Review #6, by LookingThroughTheEyeGlass What If

19th July 2006:
“He died,” says a soft voice from behind you. Turning, you make out Dumbledore standing at the foot of your bed, seemingly returned to full health. “He took down five Death Eaters before the Unbreakable Vow kicked in and he burned out.”

T.T POOR Severus, poor man. I feel so bad for him, so bad. He died while fighting, I bet he could't ve gotten them all if that stupid, stupid vow didn't exist.

Lovely part about Malfoy living as a muggle, a poor muggle, Harry is going to see a lot of him now, a lot of him eh? I can imagine it now "Potter, why are you weeding the blasted garden?" "Well Malfoy, why are you a muggle?"

Well, something like that, I couldn't think of a response from Harry so its lame.

Great ficlet!!

Author's Response: Yes, originally I never planned to kill Snape, but I couldn't find a way around the bond. i did read one theory on the lexicon but in the end it would be too complicated explaining away stuff about Draco, and I needed it to happen this way.

Well I never really thought about what would be after this fic as htis is supposed to be the whole story, just a one-shot, but now you mention it, yes he would. Glad you liked that part about Malfoy though, it took me ages to think of the ideal punishment an dit's nice to know it came off ok. Thanks for your review :) .

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Review #7, by BitterEpiphany What If

19th June 2006:
It's taken me a bit longer than you might have liked to get back here, but I read it straight away, I promise. I waited a bit to review this because, truthfully, I'm a bit out of practice with reading fanfiction outside of the queue and even moreso with reviewing, so I wanted a bit of a moment to...well, all right, try and figure out just what one says in a review. :)

One of my favorite things about this story was the amount of consideration that went into it's writing. The time it must have taken to put this story into the second person alone is impressive, but coupled with the parallels Extempore and the characterizations therein, I can't imagine the therapy this mystery author is going to require for trying to get into my head like that :) Seriously, medication will be prescribed.

All in all, I really appreciated seeing the experiences that Lupin and Tonks may have had during the end points of the six book and, let's face it, I found it far more interesting than the entire of the actual sixth book :P

Author's Response: lol, I know you read it, and I'm honoured you'd talk yourself into reviewing ;) . You seem to have figured out what to say very well too :) .

Admittedly that was the hardest part: writing something you might actually like. 2nd person was a must of course, and I'll even tell you I enjoyed writing in it :D . lol, I'll be sure to get some counselling for the traumatising experience ;) . Seriously, it gave me the opportunity to explore a different style of writing to my own, and I did enjoy writing it :) .

Well now I couldn't take out R/T, you were so smug about it after all :p . And going on that, I decided to make them the main focus, which proved a little difficult to weave around everything else that happened, but it fell into place quite nicely by the end. Thanks for reviewing, and I'm very glad you liked it :) .

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Review #8, by Pure Muggle What If

18th June 2006:
Wow! Fantastic! You really pulled of the second person very well! Loved every bit of this. If only this was the ending of HBP!!! This shall deserve a 10!

Author's Response: thank you, I'm glad you liked my use of the second person, I'm not at all used to it, but once I was past the first scene I slippe dinto it quite easily, it was the present tense that got me at times :D . lol, what do you mean if only? I had to kill snape *sniff* ;) thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #9, by Paloma Patil What If

17th June 2006:
This is terrific. I think your characterizations (including the posthumous mention of Snape) are bang-on. Off to read more of your work. Paloma

Author's Response: thank you :) , I am glad you thought them in character, that's something that is important to me when I write and I'm happy you liked it. thanks for reviewing :) .

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Review #10, by Violet Gryfindor What If

17th June 2006:
*sigh* This is so amazing that I just want to print it off and stick it in the back of my copy of HBP to replace the ending there. I'm in love with it and was right from the beginning. The integration of the two narratives was excellently done - the use of second person was quite a stroke of brilliance. ;-)

Author's Response: lol! ah, I am happy you liked it so much :) . It was a challenging piece to write, everything was new to me - narrative, tense etc. - and it's good ot hear they came off well. And of course, what other perspective would have done? ;) thanks for your review! :)

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