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Review #1, by blonde-boys-girl You did what part one

6th January 2007:
OMG!!! HEY U!!! I have missed you so so so so so so so so much! I'm so sorry I havent been in contact with you. I feel so bad about it but I just got so caught up in school and everything, plus i've taken up a bunch of new hobbies and then there were visits to tom and everything. Its been mad I tell you. My account has stopped working wich is kinda sad and so has my email. As soon as I make a new account i'll let you know and we must get in contact again! I'm missing our long email so much. Luv ya girl!

Author's Response: I can't figure out where this story is going but what do you think about the wedding? I kinda went off of dreams i had had while he and i were together!

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Review #2, by pens82 You did what part one

6th October 2006:
great update soon cant wait to see what she did

Author's Response: Thanks for the review it makes me feel like you like my work. I wish that the other people that read would review. Well I hope to have part two up soon. I have to go and get ready for Homecoming tonight well talk to you soon bye

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Review #3, by pens82 The Wedding

6th September 2006:
great update soon

Author's Response: I will do have it all ready to go and now I have another story that is a one shot called they say it takes... glad that you are such a fan of my work. Well talk to you soon bye.

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Review #4, by Nevillefan The Beginning

23rd August 2006:
Thanks for the review on The Coward's Potion. It was much appreciated :) I've only gotten into the first paragraph of your story and I just wanted to ask you a question. Are you sure you want my advice, sweetie? The writing style of The Coward's Potion is...well...let's just say it's not my usual frame of writing and I believe that story is the basis on which you decided to ask for me to look at your story. I'm trying really hard to not sound mean, I know I can sound harsh when I'm not really trying to be. While TCP is very much the same time it's not with a severe twist. That sounds very arrogant, doesn't it? I don't mean it to be. As of now I can't say any more about why I've written TCP in a Valley Girl voice, just trust that it is not me. And I don't want you to take me as being evil if I say something you don't like. Why don't you read some of my other works and make sure you want to hear what I might have to say. I think A Light in Darkness or Chances (they're both short one-shots) might give you a better understanding of what I am about. I would LOVE to help if you're sure you want me. PM me in the forums and we'll talk more ;)

I will tell you this, though. A trick I've found most helpful. Take this story and read it out loud. Not a quiet murmur while you skim it it full...word by word. You'll catch things better that way and it'll help you to realize what is natural and what is not.

Look forward to hearing from you :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the tips have any ideas where I can get a good beta that can do little muture thing for two of my chapters? Well I'll go and read them. Thanks I'll do that when I put up my next two chapters thanks. Glad that you tried. Hope your story works for you.

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Review #5, by pens82 I love you

22nd August 2006:
great chapter update soon

Author's Response: Ya chapter four has been waiting right behind chapter three so it should be up this week hopefully. Well talk to you soon. Bye

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Review #6, by kandy I love you

21st August 2006:
Thats sweet.SO whos ron going out with?UPDATE SOOON

Author's Response: Ron will be mentioned in chapters 4 -6 for sure i just finished chapter 5 yesturday and I think everyone will like it. Well thanks again bye

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Review #7, by Emma_Star Ginny's Dream

20th August 2006:
Awwww, thanks lots for mentioning me so much, Lana! You rock, and you're story is brilliant!! Can't wait for chappie three to be validated! Oh, and four! :) Have a great day!


Author's Response: Thanks. Hopefully they will be up soon. Have a good day I will e-mail you when they get up so talk to you soon. Bye Emma

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Review #8, by Daniel Ginny's Dream

19th August 2006:
Hey again. Another great chapter. I would love to get to know you more since you sound like such a great writer. (dont tell Nads but you write about cooler stuff than her) lol, she will probably read this anyway so here is something to her.

Hey babes, I love your stories but Lana's are really cool too. So you and her are neck and neck.

So Lana keep up the damn good writing! Hope we can get to know each other, that would be really great. I'll ask Nadine if I can borrow her email address to send you some emails or I'll ask her to make me one.


Author's Response: I can't believe how speach less you make me feel but so happy at the same time. I'm glad that you like my story so far. I promise I won't tell that you like my story better:) hehe. Well again sending my love to you and hopefully we can talk again soon.

With love,

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Review #9, by Daniel The Beginning

19th August 2006:
Hey Lana
Yeah Nadine told me all about your wonderful stories so I had to come and check them out. She told me to wait till she got back from going some where with Tom but I had a break from acting so I popped down to the Internet Cafe and checked out the site. She gave me your user name so I could find you. Cool story.

Author's Response: Oh my god you left me speach less. Thanks I feel so loved. :) I honestly don't know what to say excpet chapter three and four should be up soon. Well I'm sending you my love so I will talk to you soon.

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Review #10, by tomfeltonismyboyfriend The Beginning

13th August 2006:
Hey! I've only seen that you are an author now. Great story, just one little tip make you paragraph shorter cause it hurts my eyes. OTher wise great stuff.

Author's Response: Ok thanks will try to do that. I get major help from my beta and love everything that she does for me. Thanks so much Emma. Well talk to you soon thanks again bye Naddy.

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Review #11, by pinklover1021945 Ginny's Dream

10th August 2006:
that was grate PLEASE UPDATE SOON it is in my favorites I AM SO EXCITED

Author's Response: Why thank you. Chapter three is in the waiting process and chapter four is in the proofing process. I have had alot on my mind lately and finally was able to give you reviewers some more chapters to respond to so hopefully it will be up soon. Thanks again:)

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Review #12, by Harrypotterlover5654 Ginny's Dream

8th August 2006:
That was such a good chapter! Keep up all the great work!

Author's Response: Thanks I will

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Review #13, by Harrypotterlover5654 The Beginning

8th August 2006:
That was such a good chapter! You are an awesome writer too, but you could fix a few spellng mistakes and add commas. What ever is one wrod not two, lol, but that is okay. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Hey thanks. I just write to let out anger. I will go back and fix that then thanks again.

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Review #14, by Emma_Star Ginny's Dream

28th July 2006:
Hey, Lana!

Great job! You're getting reviews, yippeeeee!
You did fantastic with this chapter, Bravo!!
Eeeeeek, thanks for mentioning me!!
You are awesome! Haha...



Author's Response: Yeah it was a good chapter. I couldn't have done it with out you though.

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Review #15, by sweet gurl Ginny's Dream

26th July 2006:
it was good
update asap

Author's Response: Thanks I'm working on the chapter now and depending on how much i can get done in the next week will tell me when I will be able to get it up. I still have to get up at 5 every morning and be to school at 6. Then I head to girl scout camp where I'm a camp counsler. So I have to work on it late at night when everyone is a sleep and i'm usually up till 1or 2 in the morning if I'm haveing a good night. Thanks again for the review talk to you later and thanks again for the review

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Review #16, by pens82 Ginny's Dream

25th July 2006:
good update soon

Author's Response: I'm glad that you are liking this story. i'm working on the next chapter now. I have been gone for about a week and have to go be a camp counslor the rest of this week but I don't have to spend the night. So I can work on the story then.

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Review #17, by Emma_Star The Beginning

30th June 2006:
No problem, always happy to help! Email me whenever you need anything done, I'm always on the computer!


Author's Response: okay thanks i will.

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Review #18, by Emma_Star The Beginning

29th June 2006:
Hey, I'm Emma, and I'm an HPFF Beta. That basically means editor, btw. I'm fifteen, I'm an author, and I'm a college level reading/writing student. I saw that you were looking for a Beta, my friend, Mack, reviewed your fic...Mack is not a Beta, although, I am, and therefore, I would be happy to help you!

If you'd like my help, please send me an email to Actually, I will copy your email address from your reply to Mack, and I'll send you an email first...just reply to the above address if you'd like my help. Thank you very much, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
WARNING: I DO NOT BETA MATURE RATED STORIES, OR STORIES WITH ANY SERIOUS WARNINGS. If you have any questions about whether or not your story would be aproved, feel free to ask.

Author's Response: Thanks for the help it's all ways apperciated. I' looking forward to working with you threw this story. I don't think this story will contane any of that kinda thing but if it does go that route it won't be for a while. Thanks again

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Review #19, by k2_vet The Beginning

29th June 2006:
very intrestin begining. very good!

Author's Response: Thanks I hope you will keep reading and reviewing to let me know how you like the story.

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Review #20, by jolly The Beginning

29th June 2006:
oy! thats was good! but it seems like going on too fast...

Author's Response: Thanks for the review and I will see if I can accually get time to try to slow things down with my 6 am phy ed and being a camp conslor I bearly get time to write and respond to my fans. So hopefully know that I've got a Beta I will have more motovation to get the story posted faster.

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Review #21, by H_Hshipper The Beginning

29th June 2006:
UPDATE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: I'm working on the chapter so if you have any ideas of what you think i should have in the up coming chapters let me know at thanks for the reviews and hopefully the chapters will start coming to me faster.

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Review #22, by H_Hshipper The Beginning

29th June 2006:
30 hours? Geez! I'm too lazy to sign in but 30 hours? I'm a Harry/Hermione shipper but this is good.

Author's Response: Well I'm glad that you are finding my story interesting. It was based on my mom's birth with me. She was in labor for 36 hours but she didn't have a c-setion.

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Review #23, by H_Hshipper The Beginning

29th June 2006:
30 hours? Geez! I'm too lazy to sign in but 30 hours? I'm a Harry/Hermione shipper but this is good.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review it made me feel good. I'm glad that you liked my story and hopefully I'll have the next chapter up soon.

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Review #24, by Mack The Beginning

27th June 2006:
It wasn't very well written...coulda been a great story, just really poorly constructed. Nice try though, you may want to revise and repost...wonderful idea, though, and I like the title and chapter names....and once again, don't give up, try writing it again and making it better...we can always improve...


Author's Response: Thanks for the constructive critisism and I will work on it. It is my first story so I'm just glad that someone is reading my work. So I'm sorry of the mistakes and I will try to get it better next time. I'm in the process of looking for someone to read over my work before it gets up on the site so if you would like to be that person e-mail me at and thanks again.

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Review #25, by pens82 The Beginning

27th June 2006:
great added to favs will be watching for updates, update soon

Author's Response: I'm glad that you like my story if you have any ideas for it let me know I'm in the middle of writting chapter two right now so hopefully it won't take to long with all my plans for this summer. So keep reviewing it makes me feel like I'm a semi good writer.

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