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Review #1, by seeker4u Chapter 1

20th December 2007:
i think you need more detail because its all like one word asnwers. Its confusing and your leaving out parts

Author's Response: thanks for the review. this a very old story, so it's not my best.

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Review #2, by evil little devil Playing Quidditch

23rd October 2007:
Everyone seems a bit on edge. I liked the Quidditch Match, it was well written. The fight was a bit random though an I don't think Fleur would be the tpye of person ho says shut up. This was my favourite chapter so far, I hope you update soon. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: i think i made them on edge since harry, ron, hermione and ginny would be leaving on such a dangerous journey. yes, i can't characterize fleur to save my life... thanks!

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Review #3, by evil little devil The Decision

23rd October 2007:
It was a bit short and it seemed a bit rushed but overall it was good.

Author's Response: thanks, and see my response to chapter one as it why it was rushed.

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Review #4, by evil little devil Chapter 1

23rd October 2007:
It's pretty good, not the best though. There was a lot of dialogue in it, not that that's a bad thing though. I will now press submit and journey onwards to explore the next chapter.

Author's Response: yea, so NOT my best... it was written about two years ago tho... i have i think five chapters written in a notebook somewhere... i'll go look for it! *goes off and looks* oh no, *hyperventilates*(sp) i think i threw it away! nooooooooooooooo. i will have to rewrite it...

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Review #5, by ravenclawqueen522 Chapter 1

19th June 2006:
more discription.less dialoge. it gos way too fast other wise its a great story just slow it down a little:)

Author's Response: if u have any suggestions i'll take them cuz i have seriuos writers block. do u have a hotmail email addy?

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Review #6, by Drankiint Chapter 1

18th June 2006:
nice :P

Author's Response: thanks

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