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Review #1, by Ethera Step Peacefulness

4th December 2007:
This is great, but you need to try and spread the boundaries, this is something I've heard before oyu should really try to get creative, but other than that, I grabbed me. What happens next? UPDATE!

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Review #2, by mm24 The Burrow

30th January 2007:
OMG! What just happend! You must update! Soon! Please! Thanx 10/10

Author's Response: sorry. its been for ever, but I'll update right away!

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Review #3, by dracosgoddess123 The Burrow

28th September 2006:
hi, ummm doesnt harry have green eyes not blue? yea other than that the story is really good.

Author's Response: thxs! I'm so excited, I'll update soon.

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Review #4, by ferretluvr The Burrow

26th September 2006:
im not sure what this is leading too...but i can make you a banner if you want...just contact me on my account...

Author's Response: That would be wonderful.
This will end up in a love story just so you know. thxs!

I really appreciate it.

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Review #5, by stephanie74 The Burrow

11th September 2006:
"Boy! I don't want anything from you, not a word and deffinately no m maj................No giberish!! You understand!?"

Uh? What?

I'm sorry, but your story could be top for plot, and it would still be difficult to read ... far too many spelling errors - they are terribly distracting. Use a spell-checker next time!

Author's Response: Thanks for your advice, sorry, I'm just starting hear and I will remember to use spellcheck! :) thxs

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Review #6, by lunalovegood1329 The Burrow

11th September 2006:
It has potential and has really grabbed me. UPDATE SOON! :) :)

Author's Response: thanks. Sorry for all the spelling errors, I didn't quite look it over as much as needed

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