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Review #1, by potatoes hav eyes Why Can't I?

9th August 2007:
NOOO Ron turn back and tell her TELL HER! I gave your a 9 i would have given you a 10 but he didnt tell her. JUST KIDDING I GAVE YOU A TEN. loved how you ended it hehe

Author's Response: well... glad you liked it.

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Review #2, by ** Why Can't I?

25th April 2007:
eh! two fools! :D
good story

Author's Response: Thanks.

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Review #3, by your mom Why Can't I?

25th October 2006:
ohhh please continue it! that was really good.

Author's Response: Sorry, but it's done.

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Review #4, by Death stare Why Can't I?

13th October 2006:
This is good! You should keep writing! I love stories where Ron is with Lavender and Hermione is upset, and Ron realizes he likes Hermione. R/H forever! I also love it when Lavender gets mad at Hermione. It spices things up.

Author's Response: It's fine the way it is. I might write something that includes this ship or is about it, but I'm done with this.

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Review #5, by musicgirlhp14 Why Can't I?

9th October 2006:
I like this story. I just have one question, are you aware that et tu means and you in French too...? Except if were in French, it would be improper...and I'm going to stop be the bilingual idoit that I am. lol.

Author's Response: et tu is not freanch. It's latin for "and you" ex: Et tu, Brute? I'm tri... which drives everyone nuts. "What are you doing" "quid facis?" "Que haces?" etc.

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Review #6, by jroxmysox Why Can't I?

9th October 2006:
ooo!!! cliffie! well in a way... keep it going its good so far!

Author's Response: Does it count as a cliffie if it is done? I shall ponder this.

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Review #7, by Hyperchick1120 Why Can't I?

8th October 2006:
I liked it a lot...really good....maybe you should write a sequel about how they get together...


Author's Response: Hm... maybe... but I really think that I'm okay with this.

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Review #8, by Aingeal Why Can't I?

8th October 2006:
Good but where's chapter two?

Author's Response: It's a song fic. A completed one shot. I'm glad everyone likes it, but I'm happy with it being over. I am going to have another song fic out that might be more than one chapter, but this was intended to be only one.

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Review #9, by ronsbiggestfan09 Why Can't I?

7th October 2006:
awwe. is this it? or is there another chapter?

Author's Response: Sorry, but this is it. I have another Ron/Hermione fic, and there may be another coming out at some point, since I'm begining to like the ship. However, it's not something I'd write a long fic to, since I think the hints are out there, so it doesn't need much back ground.

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Review #10, by magic_stuff Why Can't I?

7th October 2006:
loved it! it was awsome. The tention that you created in the story really got to me, i hope you update soon!

Author's Response: It's a one shot. But I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

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