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Review #1, by Loosi_D I Solemnly Swear...

27th May 2009:
Aww, poor Sirius.
Really good story, very well written.
If you ever decide to go back to it, let me know ;)

Author's Response: There's really no chance of me ever going back to this, but thank you for reading and enjoying!

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Review #2, by Playfan505 I Solemnly Swear...

12th March 2007:
You are a great writer.
Update soon.

Author's Response: Thank you for the compliment and the review, but unfortunately I have abandoned this story. Thanks for reading, though! :D.

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Review #3, by MysticalE I Solemnly Swear...

10th January 2007:
Aww. this is such a cute story! I'm very sorry to see you abandoned it. *tear*

Author's Response: Well it was way too cliche for my taste, and it stopped being fun for me. But I'm glad you liked it, and I'm glad you took the time to leave a review!!

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Review #4, by AshHa I Solemnly Swear...

7th December 2006:
Oh, how awful! Jade breaking up with Surius! I thought they liked eachother. All well... I liked this one and I can't wait till the next one comes out! Keep writing and I'll be raady to rate and review. I RATE 10!!!

Author's Response: Yes, yes, it is awful. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I may not finish it. I may surprise myself, though. Thank you for the lovely reviews. They really made my day!!

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Review #5, by AshHa Mischief Not So Managed

7th December 2006:
So now Lily wants to talk to James, huh? And James is ignoring her. I hope the story rights itself soon because I'm still reading and rating. I rate 10 and must say this story is becoming VERY interesting.

Author's Response: Yes, yes she does. And yes, yes he is :D. Thank you, lol. *blushes fiercely*

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Review #6, by AshHa Dancing With Pigs

7th December 2006:
The first part made me laugh, when James made fun of the girls for getting ready so early, then he ended getting worried about only having an hour left himself! Well, I like how James finally got to Lily. Then she denied him and said, "When pigs fly, Potter.". So, of course, the marauders come up with the idea that the can make pigs fly, and in front of Lily too. Well written and I am going to read the next one. I'm completely hooked on it now. I rate, the usual, 10!!!

Author's Response: Hahaha, typical guy, eh? Hehe, thank you.

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Review #7, by AshHa Denials and Transformation

7th December 2006:
I was suprised that Lily awoke late most of the time. I was also suprised that she hadn't gone to any Quidditch games before. It made me laugh how Lily kept letting it slip that she didn't hate James anymore. So anywho, I liked it (of course!!) and am going to the next chapter. Rates 10

Author's Response: I needed to give her some flaws; this was SO cliched, and it needed some depth, you know? Hehe, thank you.

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Review #8, by AshHa Seeing into the Future with James Potter

7th December 2006:
ohh, Lily's beginning to fall for James' plan! I thought she'd be smarter than that. All well. This is becoming very interesting, so interesting that I'm rating 10 and going on to the next chapter!!!

Author's Response: Hehe. Lily only has book smarts; much like Hermione :]. Thank you.

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Review #9, by AshHa A Dreadful Morning

7th December 2006:
Come on, James, you can do better than that! Really, he's done the same thing since their second year, you'd think he'd learn by now. Anywho, I like the way the story is going so far. I hope to see that Lily soon begins to like James because it almost seems awful for her not to. I rate 10 and keep it up. I'm off to the next one.

Author's Response: Hehe, James will NEVER learn. Thank you.

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Review #10, by AshHa Trains and Feasts

7th December 2006:
Well, she obvously will fall for him. This is a great beginning and I will be reading and rating the others ( if I remember;) ). I give it a 10. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thank you.

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Review #11, by annish007 I Solemnly Swear...

18th November 2006:
simply incredible but is that it?.plzz write more chapters

Author's Response: That probably will be it, unfortunately. Thanks for reading and reviewing :]:].

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Review #12, by annish007 Denials and Transformation

18th November 2006:
your good with your chapter on to the next chapter

Author's Response: Thank you, darlin'.

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Review #13, by annish007 A Dreadful Morning

18th November 2006:
hmm ill give u my full review on the last chapter

Author's Response: Okay :]!

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Review #14, by annish007 Trains and Feasts

18th November 2006:
loved it,laughed my head of when albus announced that james had become head boy and lily's expression at it..

Author's Response: Thanks.

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Review #15, by Hermione Potter452 I Solemnly Swear...

15th November 2006:, here's the deal. i've read this story and never updated (::ducks and covers::). but i loved it! the point is...ARE YOU GONNA UPDATE ANYTIME SOON?!??!?! before i rip my hair out?! please do.

more than just a 10/10

Author's Response: That's fine :). Better late than never! No, I'm not going to update. I'm either majorly rewriting this, or abandoning. *my turn to duck and cover* I'm glad you loved it, but I'm sorry to disappoint you. Please don't rip your hair out. That wouldn't be attractive! Thanks for the review, though!

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Review #16, by GinnyWeasleyPotter Trains and Feasts

5th November 2006:
Great start, I'm off to read the other chapters! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks :]:]. Did you like them?

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Review #17, by funny_lol I Solemnly Swear...

16th October 2006:
how'd u get ure banner to move? good story

Author's Response: Lol, I didn't make the banner. The credit goes to SunSation Gal 07 for that. I'm not sure how to get banners to move---I can't even make a simple one :]:]. Anyway, thanks for the review.

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Review #18, by I love fred and George I Solemnly Swear...

13th October 2006:
like the story update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you :]:]. I'm planning on updating within the next week :]:].

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Review #19, by cliche but oh so true I Solemnly Swear...

25th September 2006:
this is an awesome story! i love it! MORE!

Author's Response: Hehehe, thank you :]:].

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Review #20, by MioneJGWeasley I Solemnly Swear...

25th September 2006:
Awww poor Sirius!!!Okay james and Lily really need to get togeather soon!!
please update i really enjoy this story

Author's Response: I agree. Thank you :]:]!

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Review #21, by MioneJGWeasley Denials and Transformation

25th September 2006:
Awww poor James I feel so bad for him. Lily may be bright but not when it comes to James lol. Very good chapter once againLove it!!

Author's Response: Hehehehe, thank you :]:]. I luuurve James♥.

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Review #22, by MioneJGWeasley A Dreadful Morning

25th September 2006:
I like this chapter and how James will never give up! lol

Author's Response: Hehehe, I love it too. Thanks for reading and reviewing! It's great to randomly go check your reviews and find that you actually have one♥!

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Review #23, by quite pissed at the moment I Solemnly Swear...

24th September 2006:
arghhhhh why did it stop here?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! continue you stupid thing,,, just two or five hundred more chapters.... i love it! come on you can do it! just continue and make one person in the world happy :D

Author's Response: Umm, thank you? I'll try...

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Review #24, by me_thehplvr I Solemnly Swear...

23rd September 2006:
UH-OH!!!!! Well NEwayz good chappies and Update plz!!!

Author's Response: Hahahaha, I'll update as soon as I can. Thanks for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #25, by AnnaLily78 I Solemnly Swear...

19th September 2006:
Wow, I really like so far... i just killed a few hours reading this and procrastinating homework... my english teacher will not be pleased.. can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: Hahaha, it took you a few hours for this short thing? Wow, I've been procrastinating my homework too, hehehe. Just tell your english teacher you were reading while you weren't doing your homework! Thanks for the review!

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