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Review #1, by malfoydraco Brownies!

15th December 2010:
Sequel! Sequel! Sequel... (Pretend I do that for the next hour and a half or so) I loved the story! It was really good!!! Please Please Please make a sequel! (Makes puppy eyes) Hope you make a sequel. Bye (Hopefully for not that long)

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Review #2, by HarryPotterFan25 Brownies!

1st May 2008:
oh please continue!!! i love it!!

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Review #3, by groteskq_fatality Brownies!

7th March 2008:
that was awesome.
ha.short and sweet. :]

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Review #4, by lennyXartiste Draco's morning

4th February 2008:
This is pretty good, it could really use some editing though. I like the idea and think it'll get better in later chapters, which I shall now read.

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Review #5, by lennyXartiste flying to death eaters

4th February 2008:
ohhh poor Snapey :(
Pretty good so far, I'll be reading the rest now.

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Review #6, by EvilDaveCanada Brownies!

20th August 2007:
I loved the ending!!!

I have read enough mature rated stories that have involved Hermione & Draco not to be surprised at them but having Ginny faint put it over the top! You MUST either do a sequel to this story!

I am very glad that you said that Hermione has "had read books where the characters had had sexual encounters." This, without going into any more detail, states that she is not dumb about sex but has just not had anyone in her life yet to make her think about crossing that line. I, like a lot of readers thought that she and Harry were destined to be a couple until Ginny joined the gang.

I chuckled at where J.K. Rowling had Ron & Hermione holding hands without realizing it and then let go quickly, this in my opinion was very realistic and started to think about a Ron/Hermione couple from that point on. I liked very much this paragraph as it explains away very nicely the lack of Ron & Hermione linking up:

This in my opinion has been the BEST explanation of how Hermione could think of going out with Draco. I will I think always think of your explanation when reading any other Hermione/Draco stories.

Keep up the good work, as I view this story as one of best stories about the Hogwarts universe I have read only J.K. Rowling's books excluded.

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Review #7, by D2Diamond Brownies!

24th June 2007:
Pretty good story. A few minor spelling mistakes, nothing huge. The story flowed well, and you did a good job with the interaction between Draco and his father. The story does feel like it needs a sequel.

Keep writing.


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Review #8, by ella Brownies!

13th May 2007:

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Review #9, by DracoFerret11 Brownies!

8th May 2007:
Ok, sequel is a must. I loved it! Haha! Isn't it great how brownies make the world better? Yep. Anyway, good job. Wonderful story and thank God he finally got a shower, icky smellyness. :P Well, I'm expecting a sequel ucause I liked it a lot. :] -DracoFerret11

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Review #10, by ayanastar Trial

7th April 2007:
NOOO!!! LUCIUS IS EVIL!!! SNAPE IS EVIL!! Don't trust him!

Author's Response: I don't believe in evil. No person is evil. People who we interpert as evil are only people trying to make the world better, but have screwed up ideas about what will make it better. :)

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Review #11, by ayanastar Battle for the Wand

7th April 2007:
OMG!! Does Draco have the Dark Mark? This is really good... It's pretty funny too. Keep it up!

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Review #12, by ayanastar flying to death eaters

7th April 2007:
Hmm... Quite an interesting beggining I say... Keep it up...!

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Review #13, by potato_muffins Brownies!

13th March 2007:
I love the last part! Gr8 job!

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Review #14, by Harrypotterlover5654 Brownies!

15th January 2007:
omg, I loved it!! It was really good! The brownies part was funny, lol! I definetly want a sequel!!

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Review #15, by l.h. Brownies!

29th November 2006:
yeah there should totaly be a sequel that'd be cool! good story.

Author's Response: I'm thinking about it...ummm...sure! no idea what way the plot will go but i'll type it. just give me two-three weeks. I want to post ch.3 and 4 of my novel and then i'll post ch.1 of sequel :>

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Review #16, by Sirius_Love2868 Brownies!

17th November 2006:
Definatly do a sequel, ;) funny ending!!!

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Review #17, by Addison Taylor welcome to Owlong Place

10th November 2006:


i like this so far.. i love the ''ron was thinking about waffles'' i laughed so hard!

good job!!

-addison taylor

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Review #18, by poetrygirl2121 Brownies!

7th November 2006:
I laughed, like really hard. It was good, you really should have a sequel. BTW: I have my sixth chapter up! YAY me. lol, DO A SEQUEL! im high on chocolate. =), in case you didn't know, that's me-language for 26 smiles. LOL

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Review #19, by princess cleo Brownies!

7th November 2006:
hei put a sequel.its good!

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Review #20, by Jacquelyn Brownies!

5th November 2006:
I think you should do a sequel where Draco can finally quit being a prisoner and him and hermione can get more serious

Author's Response: yeah i want to do a story with them being more serious but i'm thinking about just starting a new story with a new plot line for that. This was just supposed to be a light kid-friendly story.

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Review #21, by Malfoy_Lover Explaining the Mark

27th October 2006:
hurry and update...such a great story, cant wait to read more!!!

Author's Response: UPDATED! and only one day after this review- I feel proud. Thanks for the compliments- I love them! But then again...who wouldn't? THANKS!

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Review #22, by Harrypotterlover5654 Explaining the Mark

23rd October 2006:
Oh my god, that was SO GOOD! UPDATE SOON!

Author's Response: oh thank you, thank you! I just sent in the ninth chapter- now validation.

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Review #23, by poetrygirl2121 Explaining the Mark

20th October 2006:
Well, no duh she is! btw: i've updated my stories three times in the past 24 hours! they're updating faster than i can type! lol, btw: Ryan, Drew, Chris, and Evan aren't cold- okay, Drew and Evan hate each other, Evan and Chris hate each other, and Drew finds Chris annoying but none of them truly hate Ryan. Sorry i told u this in a review, but i figured this way you would defiantly know! anyway great job!

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing again! and 'duh'? I personaaly thought it was a big step for Hermione! (pouts) 8( humph.

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Review #24, by Malfoy_Lover Trial

17th October 2006:
i am SO impatient!! your story is sooooo good i hope you update soon i check like everyday...hehehe lol

Author's Response: yikes! i love it love it love it that you like my story so much- but as much as i want to there is no way i can update everyday :<
sorry- check every weekend! (that's more likely to be updated) :)

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Review #25, by RemusBlack Trial

11th October 2006:
interesting twist. I wonder how they`ll get Malfoy out of the ministry again. Not only that, but I want to know how it continues - UPDATE soon, please! :OD

Author's Response: hey yeah- i guess i did create a twist. huh. wasn't plannig on it but i guess i did. i will update soon- i've already started the eighth chapter

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