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Review #1, by Earendil Breakout from St. Mungos

25th April 2005:
ooh i want to see the look on harry's face when he sees who the DADA professor is... :-D great story

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Review #2, by darkbeauty Breakout from St. Mungos

5th November 2004:
this is very good, but there are many spelling and punctuation errors. i would recommend a beta. look in the help offered section of the forums for one.

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Review #3, by darkbeauty We're Back

5th November 2004:
'Yes, the very same James Potter that could take the animangus form of a deer' uh, its not a dear. its a stag. but besides that, great chappie!

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Review #4, by Diva Drendi Breakout from St. Mungos

29th July 2004:
Wel...update already!

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Review #5, by Bee We're Back

31st May 2004:
Okay, I switched my screename to EvilOneEyedSmurf and can't finish the story because it's under mizvisible's account. Sorry....

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Review #6, by Fred Breakout from St. Mungos

22nd March 2004:
Bee. fabbity, fab, fab, fabbity, fab, fab, fabbity, fab..Fred shut UP! Why? I said so! Is that supposed to make me be quiet? Yes. Dove, you KNOW better than that. SO? Dove you are an absoulte idiot. Ur pt, would b what exactly? Ur an idiot. OH. Bee~we love it, no unexplained circus rides. FYI: my ficky is posted. Morbid Fascination, Scarred Roses and Blood Filled Chocolates, on your favorite site. Good begenning even though I've heard most of it. Fabbity, fab, fab, fabbity SHUT UP

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Review #7, by sb_and_gc_rox Breakout from St. Mungos

28th February 2004:
Awww! I wanna read what Harry and Ron are gonna do when they find out who their new teachers are lol

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Review #8, by griffen_cub Breakout from St. Mungos

16th January 2004:
this shouldbe a great story why the slash rating though

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Review #9, by Nyara Breakout from St. Mungos

15th January 2004:
hurry up and finnish this story, it looks like a very interesting one.

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