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Review #1, by peachy_goodness Fine Again

3rd December 2009:
Brilliant. Beautiful writing, I really enjoyed it. Thank you for the happy ending, for a moment there I was worried. 10/10


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Review #2, by tinkerbellfairy13 Fine Again

19th January 2008:
What can I say? This story was absolutely perfect. I felt really bad for Harry, though. Voldie was just one big bastard!

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Review #3, by 8 Fine Again

10th June 2007:
I'm impressed the most of all funfictions I have read.

Thank you for writing.

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Review #4, by Fieryprincess Fine Again

9th April 2007:
Oo I thought they were actually going to kill themselves. I'm glad they didn't. I didn't cry actually. I don't know why but I really really loved it. 10/10

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Review #5, by Ripley Fine Again

21st January 2007:
I was surprised looking back at this, since it's just a one shot. It feels more like I've just read a short story. You did a good job at detailing feelings, as well as not crapping out and thinking that the war wouldn't leave any more scars on Harry. I'm looking forward to some more of your stories.

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Review #6, by bec_1001 Fine Again

19th August 2006:
that was BRILLIANT!!!! I absolutely loved it. i've read thousands of stories on this site and that has got to be one of my favourites.
Keep on writing,
Bec xx

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Review #7, by antoine Fine Again

25th June 2006:
nicely done 'ya got style'

Author's Response: Many thanks! It's appreciated ^_^

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Review #8, by Pheonix Dust Fine Again

22nd June 2006:
I bow before the Lord of Angst, great describer of raw emotions, and demander of tears. Wow, wow....

Author's Response: I really appreciate you taking the time to review this, and I'm really glad that at least -someone- liked it! I was starting to think that I really suck at angst, seeing the lack of reviews compared to hits this story got. ^_^;

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