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Review #1, by Fanfic Writer Chapter 1

22nd November 2008:
Hey! Good job so far. I look forward to reading more!

~Fanfic Writer

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #2, by Rockinranda272 Chapter 1

21st March 2007:
This was a great first chapter but GET TO THE WRITING!!

Author's Response: Thanks! Luv u!

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Review #3, by fanof24 Chapter 1

11th March 2007:
That's pretty good. The detail was choppy though, and could use work. I didn't feel as though the story flowed all that well. Not to be forward or anything, but this story could definately use a brush up. Other than that, this is a pretty good idea so far, and you should keep writing. Overall I'd give you a 6/10. Sorry, but I have to be honest with you.


Author's Response: Thank you for your honesty, and reveiw. I will try to make it better!

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Review #4, by Cedrics_gurl Chapter 1

25th January 2007:
hen, pen, den, wren? clueless...i am one of your favourite authors i decided to read and reveiw on your stories! I love the way i'm in the story...kind of...very clever!

Author's Response: Thank you! Please keep on reading my storys, and review!

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Review #5, by imcute272 Chapter 1

16th September 2006:
Hey I thought your 1st chapter was good for a beginner LOL!

Author's Response: thanks....

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Review #6, by Lucawindmover Chapter 1

23rd August 2006:
Hmmm, you didn't spell your title right. Just wanted to point that out. While I think this is an interesting point of view for a story, you didn't give us much backstory and it isn't intirely believable. I mean, the other students in the school would know if Malfoy had a sister, since the Malfoy name is so well-known. It's also a little hard to follow with the letters. You might want to put them in bold or italic so that the reader can tell the difference. I think you have a good start, you just need to fill it out a little better. Using more description within the dialouge really helps a reader tell who is speaking. I hope you continue on with this story. Please don't be offended by this review, I just want to help. You have a great story, build on it!

Author's Response: THank you very much... I'm going to change it though so Linda is behind it all with Draco, so I am not offended by you review, I am quite thankful 'cause your the only one who reviewed me, so THANK YOU VERY BERY MUCH!!!!!!

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