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Review #1, by georgie4puppies In Each Other's Arms

18th February 2008:
yay! lovely, very well written.
Just off to check out some of your other fanfics now

Author's Response: : } Thank you! I think if I started writing now my style would be VERY different! Thanks for reading my stories-it makes me very happy! Luv ya, Delaney

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Review #2, by saberwolf In Each Other's Arms

22nd September 2007:
Argh, not exactly the best place to end it if you ask me. I would have put a little bit more, have them say some things to each other after they finish kissing in a few hours, lmao. but he really took it hard when she told him that, a lot harder than i would expect him to. thank god that it all worked out the next day. anyway good one shot and i'm gonna read ur others now.

Author's Response: Lol...thanks for the review and criticism. I really appreciate it! Ha ha...I may think of editing some of my stories and making them different. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm glad you enjoyed it anyways and happy that you're want to read my other stories! Thanks again! Luv ya, Delaney

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Review #3, by Ginny_roxz In Each Other's Arms

19th July 2007:
this is really good i like it it is so cute. please tell me you are writting more! you have to i know that this will be an awesome story . so please write more chapters. i'll be waiting *haha lol*

Author's Response: Oh, well, it's a one-shot so that will be the last chapter! But I'm writing more stories, so you can always read those! Thanks for the review! Luv ya, Delaney

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Review #4, by robbiejarvisluvr1 In Each Other's Arms

3rd May 2007:
LURV IT! EXTREMELY! Keep it up!!


Write some more!

Author's Response: Thanks soooooo much for another wonderful review! I'm so glad you're enjoying my fics! I've been working on some other fics...I just have to finish them... : } Lol, well, let's hope I do that soon! Luv ya, Delaney

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Review #5, by ginny007 In Each Other's Arms

18th April 2007:
I loved it, I really wish that harry could be my boyfriend but I know that will never happen because he doesn't even exist and even if I met Daniel Radcliffe I know that he wouldn't want to be my boyfriend because he doesn't even know me. I loved the story so Keep writing other stories.

Author's Response: Me too! Wouldn't it be great if there was a Harry for everyone? I mean, really, he's seriously the perfect boyfriend! : } Ha ha, I like how you "babbled" on about meeting Daniel Radcliffe and how he wouldn't go out with you because he doesn't even know you, lol! Funny stuff... : } I'll try to update on my new stories as soon as I can! Thanks for the review, I appreciate the enthusiasm! Luv ya, Delaney

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Review #6, by writergal7 In Each Other's Arms

11th April 2007:
This is a good story, and I like the story line! I have one little suggestion. In the very last paragraph, when you said "Neither knew how long they stayed there, kissing and confirming they're love..." you used the wrong spelling. It would be better if you did "their love" instead of "they're love".

Author's Response: Thanks for the review and the grammar correction. I really appreciate it and I'm glad you liked it! Thanks again, I love all the support I can get! : } Luv ya, Delaney

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Review #7, by GinnyWeasleyPotter In Each Other's Arms

27th January 2007:
OMG, why hadn't I read this before??? It was really very cute- I liked the plot. I think it happened a bit fast, though, if you could slow it down just a bit it would be good. Some of your setences seemed a bit choppy too. The words in parantheses added a certain style, though sometimes they weren't needed and could have just been explained more throroughly in a sentence. Harry was way too polite when Ron came up to him and Harry asked him to leave. I would do something like this,

“Hey mate,” Ron started carefully. “What happened? You don’t look too happy.”

He studied Harry's face for a moment, looking confused, and waiting for an answer. Harry hesitated, wishing that Ron would just let him be.

“Just leave me alone," he finally snapped. "I'm not in the mood to talk right now, okay?" He really didn't want to discuss it with Ron, who was sure to react strongly.

Okay, that wasn't great, but a little more depth in the writing would be good. There are a lot of paragraphs that talk about his feelings and everything- those were really good, there could just be a bit more detail and depth.

Good job though, it was so cute, I loved how you ended it! And I can just imagine Ginny saying that, not knowing that Harry was going to react like he did.


Author's Response: Thanks! You know, I may take you up on those offers-they'll probably really help me! I'm really glad to hear responses like this-they definitely help! Thanks again!!!!!! Luv ya, Delaney

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Review #8, by Charmed_Im_Sure In Each Other's Arms

23rd October 2006:
awwwwwwwwwww 10/10

Author's Response: Thanx! Half the time I leave a review, the words "AWWWWWWWWW..." are at the beginning, lol! Thanx again and love the name!!! Luv ya, Delaney

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Review #9, by Rose In Each Other's Arms

21st October 2006:
I really don't think it would have been that hard for Ginny to just call after Harry and say she was kidding, but other than that it was good.

Author's Response: Thanx! Someone else reviewed and said that, but I like my fic the way it is, no offence. Thanx again for the review and I'm glad you think it was good! Luv ya, Delaney

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Review #10, by unknown In Each Other's Arms

2nd September 2006:
Good Story!

Author's Response: Thanx! I'm glad you thought it was good! Luv ya, Delaney

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Review #11, by lisa In Each Other's Arms

30th August 2006:
its bit strange we obviously knew that ginny didnt fling herself into herms arms in a gay way andwhy was ron annoyed at the way harry treated herm he didnt do anything think mebbe u should revise but i like the storyline and its grammtically very well written! thought i should put a compliment coz i sounded evil!

Author's Response: Ok, well thats just how it is! And, yeah, I kno Ginny didn't do it gayly, I just wanted 2 say that, don't know why. And Ron is just an overprotective git sometimes, and Hermione's his g/f, so hes weird that way. Well, anyways, thanx for the review! Luv ya, Delaney

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Review #12, by hermiones_patronus In Each Other's Arms

16th August 2006:
very cute! i like this story!

Author's Response: Thanx, it was supposed to be cute, lol! Luv ya, Delaney

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Review #13, by slytheringinny In Each Other's Arms

28th July 2006:
This was really cute! I'm a hardcore H/G fan as well, and this was really cute. Harry can be such a thickhead at times, but cute and adorable! I love this. Good job! ~Gin~

Author's Response: Trust me-I know!!!!!! But Ginny is soooooo lucky and she better know, lol! Thanx for reviewing me! Btw, Harry makes up in the greatest of ways!!!!!! Luv ya, Delaney

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Review #14, by manya In Each Other's Arms

22nd July 2006:
very sweet. i like it very much. :) well done.

Author's Response: Thank you!!! I really appreciate the review! Come back for more-I'm adding tons of new stories! Luv ya "very much", Delaney

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Review #15, by harryluvsginny In Each Other's Arms

20th July 2006:
OMG!!!!!!!! THIS IS SOOOO AWESOMEFUL!!!!!!! REVIEWING MYSELF!!!!!!!!! WOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK PPLS!!!!!!!!!!! REVIEW ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAY THAT YOU LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO!!!!!!!!!! PARTY ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LUV YA'LL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DELANEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Hey peeps! Reviewing myself!!!!! Woo!!!! Go me!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!! I'm so bored without you Icecream!!!!!!!!!! Luv ya everyone!!!!! Delaney

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Review #16, by LovelyMioneWeasley In Each Other's Arms

20th July 2006:
Lovely and I love Ron/Hermione even if you don't. they make me very happy. I love it.

Author's Response: Thank you! And, although I love reading Ron/Hermione fan fiction, I just don't think they make that great of a couple because they have taken waaaay to long to get their act together-lol! I'd be happy if you found a way to change my mind, lol! Seriously though, change my mind, I'll be happy to read Ron/Hermione fics! Luv ya, Delaney

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Review #17, by grar In Each Other's Arms

18th July 2006:
amazing! it was so so so cute! i loved it!

Author's Response: Nice name, lol! Thanx for the review-it rox, just like you, lol! Thanx soo much, it helps build my stamina and my ego (j/k)! thanx again, luv ya, Delaney

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Review #18, by Sudha53 In Each Other's Arms

18th July 2006:
I really like the way it was written, though I thought Ginny would go and simply catch up to him and smack him playfully and tell him she was messing with him. but I like your selection of adjectives, and your way with words. Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! It rox, like you, lol! Although that would be a good way of getting them together faster, I still like the way I did it, no offense or anything! thanx again! Luv ya, Delaney

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Review #19, by Princess_potter In Each Other's Arms

17th July 2006:
WOW! I love this! It's reallly goood!!!

Author's Response: Why thank you! You are my first reviewer for this story! And thanx for the review! It rox!!!! Woo go you and me *does the 'bring-it-around-down'* LOL! Luv ya, Delaney

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