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Review #1, by Ju Hana No Regret

30th January 2015:
This is my own conclusion: Samaire is the daughter of Hermione and Draco. Draco died before Hermione gave birth to Samaire. George ended marries Hermione. I feel like gouging my eyes out reading since Draco dies..*sob* *sob* *sob*

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Review #2, by LilyRose No Regret

11th March 2008:
Diidn't quite understand. Care to explain? Lovely writing though.

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Review #3, by KilosLupin No Regret

30th December 2007:
that was really confusing.

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Review #4, by voldy_sucks88 (not signed in) No Regret

4th December 2006:
i that was really fast, and a little confuing... i think it would be good if it wasn't soo rushed!

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Review #5, by greendayrocks No Regret

15th August 2006:
why would samaire be going to beaxbatons? and whats with the randomaddition of george at the end? the end just confuses me

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Review #6, by Ashley No Regret

31st July 2006:
A Little Confusing a first but i like it!

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Review #7, by Yui No Regret

22nd June 2006:
what a cute fic

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Review #8, by HPismyidol No Regret

18th June 2006:
this stoys good but its weird at the same time. i think you shoudl have made it longer it would have been really good. who died in the begining tho? was it draco?

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