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Review #1, by jess coming 4 u

23rd October 2004:
wow what can i say IT WAS GREAT this is one of the first fan fics i've read where harry is evil and i loved it. shame he was just being controlled though.

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Review #2, by runt21 coming 4 u

15th July 2004:
One of the best stories that I have read.Write the next chapter soon please.

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Review #3, by Matt No such thing as Evil

1st June 2004:
Sorry for reviewing again, I just couldn't help it. Wow! So much has happened in that last chapter - it's all so quick. I've got to say I just loved this line: “You-Know-Who wasn’t up to full strength, I haven’t just lost my godfather and got run over by a truck.” Ginny said in a calm voice. And is it just me or is Ron really thick and insensitive? I mean not only is he not comforting Hermione when she's so obviously distressed but he says something like this: “Harry just seems different since Sirius died.” No, his only caring relative dying is really not going to make a difference to him is it?! Sorry :) I just don't like Ron much... Nice chapter anyway :)

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Review #4, by Matt Harry Potter and the Red eyes

1st June 2004:
Nice first chapter :) There was the odd mistake (silhouette instead of silhouetted for example). If I could critisice it I'd say that there was too much dialogue, but I only noticed that because I used to fall into that same trap (too much dialouge, too little description). I really want to read the next chapter now, which a really good sign. Thanks for writing it! :)

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Review #5, by coming 4 u

2nd May 2004:
i am totally liking your story harry potter and the green eyes.i dont know how hectic your life is but i would really feel grayeful if you could work on the story.i like the new character M.K. and the idea of '' the long lost sister"i also like how you put Voldermort as harrys and m.k.s grandfather.that makes the story have a twist to it.i am hoping if you do get the time PRETTY PLEASE finish the storyso i can give more complimants.

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Review #6, by knightlord coming 4 u

22nd April 2004:
great story please update quickly

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Review #7, by coming 4 u

18th April 2004:
i love your story so much.pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee finish it .i really cant wait if you do i am bookmarking your story and i only do that to storys that i really really love. so thanks in advance.

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Review #8, by me coming 4 u

15th March 2004:
great story . . . update soon

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Review #9, by larah The Truth sinks in

14th March 2004:

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Review #10, by esanoussi Harry Potter and the Red eyes

4th January 2004:
It`s a good story, but it has too much dialogue and not enough description.

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Review #11, by hpfanjk Harry Potter and the Red eyes

27th December 2003:
OOO! i like how u made Harry a sister...and the part wher he was a kitten was kool..i was he was a puppy instead, i like dogs keep riting! plz hurry!

Author's Response: i woz gonna make him a dog but i thought green eyes a CAT !!! check out my otha stories if u got time

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Review #12, by Kagome The Truth sinks in

20th December 2003:
Cool story. Write more soon!

Author's Response: thanks i'm updating very soon in the mean time check sum of my otha storys out ! hopefully u'll like them 2 !!

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Review #13, by Neil Laumeyer The Truth sinks in

19th December 2003:
What a splendid story i give u a rating of 30/10 i really love it.

Author's Response: thanks i'm updating very soon

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Review #14, by zahwiccan The Truth sinks in

9th December 2003:
interesting idea. i think you should write more! by the way THANX 4 REVIEWING MY STORY!!!!!!

Author's Response: thanks i'm updating 2day check it out soon !

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