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Review #1, by Parry Hotter Review Breakaway

18th July 2007:
Lovely, I give this the Sweet Singing Sensation award.

♣♦-Sweet Swinging Sensation-♣♦

Author's Response: hahaha omw that is amazing!
woot woot!

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Review #2, by Breakaway

16th February 2007:
wow! "On My Own" is really good! hurry up and please make more!

Author's Response: THANKS!!!

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Review #3, by Chknnugget Breakaway

28th December 2006:
aw this is such a cool story *high five* its sad that hermione gets all the attention so im glad kita has harry. well keep updating!

Author's Response: thanks! I will dont worry! right now with school its kinda hard.. but i am working on it!

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Review #4, by addicted to potter Breakaway

27th December 2006:
is that it? r u gonna write more or is it completed? if its ocmpleted then thats a weird ending i think u should write more.

Author's Response: i was thinking about doing more... but becuase it is a song fict i might not.. but i want to! i might do like a nother story entirly just so it makes more a diary kind of! i liked the idea of that! thanks for the tip!

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Review #5, by Kagome Higurashi Breakaway

23rd September 2006:
That's sooooo gooooood! I live in the shadow of my brother Tony. He's a really good skateboarder and everyone loves him. BUT STILL KOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL 1000/10

Author's Response: thank you! yeah i live in the shadow of my brother to. He is a big time artist and really good with electronics and cars andstuff like that. So i thought of what it would be like for Hermione's sister!

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Review #6, by Starfire Potter24 Breakaway

16th June 2006:
That Was soooooo awesome, Kita!!!!!! You should write more songfics! you are really good at them!!!!!!!!!! Pasta Cheese!!!!!!!!!! -Star

Author's Response: thanks!!!!!!!!!1 what is up with you and the pasta chesse thing! I dont think i will ever know!!!!!!!!!
lol! ~ Kita

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Review #7, by Kitsune Airbender Breakaway

16th June 2006:
meh luv da song^.^ that was one of your better stories. you know what it's like to live in someone's shadow too, huh? . . .

Author's Response: yup!!! it can drive you like insain some times! LoL! thanks soooo much for the review!!!!

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