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Review #1, by Snowflakes Being a Head

7th December 2013:

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Review #2, by Frances_H Being a Head

23rd January 2011:
How great, I love love it!! ^_^ I love all your stories.
Can't wait for the next one!

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Review #3, by couldyoureallyknow Being a Head

18th May 2010:
write more please this story is really great! :D :D :D :D

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Review #4, by laughhard91 An Interesting Train Ride

2nd July 2007:
I'm keeping track of this story through my favorites. It sounds interesting, and I absolutely LOVE Romeo and Juliet. Just... don't make Malfoy and Hermione fall in love too fast, cause that's just too easy. Doesn't make for a satisfying story. I'm looking forward to reading more, hopefully soon!

Author's Response: aw i'm in your favorites? thats the best thing to hear! i'm also a fan of romeo and juliet, hence me writing the story lol. but i wont, because i haaate when it seems like they can just throw years of anger out the window in a short amount of time. i hope i dont disappoint as the story progresses! and i'm sorry its taken so long :/ but please keep checking!

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Review #5, by randhr2 An Interesting Train Ride

14th October 2006:
Hey it is me Valerie for school. I really liked this story!! Update soon!!

Author's Response: hey valerie!! i'm glad you liked it :] the next chapter is on the way! thanks for your review! see you at school!

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Review #6, by theclick5 An Interesting Train Ride

26th August 2006:
*claps* Bravo! Ah, Romeo and Juliet, My favorite play by Shakespear!

Author's Response: thank you! i know! it's my favorite too! and it's so tragically beautiful, i just had to write a fan fic with it. thanks for your review!

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Review #7, by hermione_rory7 An Interesting Train Ride

19th August 2006:
cool beans.cool beans.

Author's Response: lol thanks! and thanks for your review!

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Review #8, by tonks_fan77 An Interesting Train Ride

29th July 2006:
FINALLY!!!! It took you forever to update Bri!!! Well, lovin' the new chapter. Oooh, your OC character sounds hot ! Well, NEway, I'm glued to your stories, so update as soon as you possibly can. Love ya much sis.


Author's Response: lol thanks sis, hahaha. the next chapter is going to be up soon so don't get your panies in a twist! hahaha. i loove you kk! thanks for your review!

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Review #9, by mm24 Last Day of Summer

19th June 2006:
Great job! I love it! So so so so great! And I like the fact that Hermione is close to her brother. It is good to be close to your siblings. Well keep it up! Thanx 10/10

Author's Response: thank you! i'm glad you love it already! it is good to be close to your siblings. me and my bro are like best friends. thanks for your review!

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Review #10, by SolarEclipse Last Day of Summer

17th June 2006:
AH! I'm surprised you haven't gotten any reviews yet, because I loved it! It was sad when you were talking about the No more stuff. Ah, I'll copy and paste :

"After this year, there would be no more Hogwarts for her or her friends. No more riding the Hogwarts Express on September 1st. No more Hagrid, Dumbledore, McGonagall. No more meals in the huge Great Hall. No more common rooms, dorm rooms, rivaling houses. And no more having a ton of brothers and sisters, because she counted all of Gryffindor as her siblings. "

That was sad to me. I was like "Awww..."

But Keep writing!!!!!! XD


Author's Response: i'm glad you loved it! and yea, i'm a little surprised i havent gotten reviews...just a little tho, after all, there's only 1 chapter. but thanks! it was sad...i was sad just writing that part! lol. thanks for your review!!

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