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Review #1, by Kita Granger182 Talks With Ron and a Suprise for Star

4th October 2007:
AWWWE! i love it. curios what happend to ron, but we can deal with out him. Oh and i dont reall twant to dig through all ur stories to find out who the third guy that broke her heart was so yeah mind telling me that... other than that
I LOVE IT! awwe. i am gonna cry now. lol

Author's Response: actually, i just added that guy in...i might put a story up here about that, but i just figured he was a guy who kinda helped her out after cedric's death, and they ended up falling for each other and then something happened in which he broke her heart...idk...but yeah...thanks for readin' Kita! I'm glad you liked it....and we see Ron again in "One Last Chance" and we'll see him later......hehe

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Review #2, by Kagome Higurashi Talks With Ron and a Suprise for Star

30th September 2007:
AMAZING! That's not even a good enough word for it! YOU ARE SO TALENTED AND THIS STORY WAS SOOO GREAT! I love your writing style, even JUST EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS STORY. Just a little sad about poor Ron, but I guess he led it to himself. Well, awesomely awesomful story!

Kagome Higurashi

Author's Response: thank you so much!!!!

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Review #3, by PirateForever "Don't Give Up on Me Now"

9th June 2007:
its a really good story. Hmm...the fight? I reckon Ron will say he wont give up on her, and Star'll hex the living daylights outa him! But, maybe that would be predictable...or realistic...but also a tad dull...
I'm annoyingly maddeningly unhelpful, aren't i? Sorry. Well, you decide what happens next! I'll be waiting! ~PirateForever~ XxX

Author's Response: hm....well, i hadn't thought about it from that angle....ive been having major writer's block lately, and i think you may have just helped me through it! thanks!!!!! ill try and make it not dull...lolol thanks for the awesome idea!!!!

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Review #4, by kita granger182 "Don't Give Up on Me Now"

17th March 2007:
PLEASE ADD MORE! i am dieing here! i am working on new chapy for runaway love, and for abiding!! please! i am gonna die in suspence!

Author's Response: will update soon, Kita! sorry its been so long!

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Review #5, by Kita Granger182 "Don't Give Up on Me Now"

20th January 2007:
YAY! u scared me for a min! jeeze! dont do that to me! lol!

Author's Response: lol...but will everything stay ok?

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Review #6, by Kita Granger182 Starfire Blows a Gasket

20th January 2007:
You are really good at making Kita and star like exactly who they are! It sounds just like "them: lol! mis su so much! MWAH!

Author's Response: lol! miss u more!!!!! i try to make Kita and Star exactly like Kita and Star!!!!

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Review #7, by Kita Granger182 Handcuff Problems

20th January 2007:
Maga suspense!!! LOVE IT! loL! man i must have not been on here in a long time! 2 new stories and 3 new chapters on my favorite story! what is wrong with me!! loL! keep updating! im working on some new up dates myself!

Author's Response: yay!!!! updates!!!!

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Review #8, by Kita Granger182 Troubles

27th December 2006:
SO COOL! loL! luv it! jeeze! update please! well i guess its only fair if i do first! lol! well miss u! MWAH!

Author's Response: lol! thanx so much, Kita!!!!! luv u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #9, by bertiebott12 Troubles

24th December 2006:
OH ya!!! !st rebiewer!! It was good!!!*does the first reviewer dance*

Author's Response: thanks!!!! glad u liked it!

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Review #10, by bertiebott12 Troubles

24th December 2006:
That was saD!!! THis chapter isnt as good.

Author's Response: it had to be sad for the rest of the story to work out like it does...sorry

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Review #11, by bertiebott12 Tension

24th December 2006:
These chapters r really short!! I can read them in 2 minutes!! But, I like them a lot, so that makes up 4 it!

Author's Response: thanks....i think

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Review #12, by bertiebott12 Meeting The Keeper and Moving On

24th December 2006:
I'm confused. Are Harry and Starfire married? How can she like Alex then? O!

Author's Response: Harry and Starfire are brother and sister....

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Review #13, by bertiebott12 Acception

24th December 2006:
I love it!!! It is very good!! I'd like 2 see where you r going w/ this!!

Author's Response: thanks!!!!

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Review #14, by Kitsune Airbender Tension

16th September 2006:
Thus, from the light, a mysterious shadow descended and said unto Starfire, "Thy heart be pure, thy will strong. Friends do not abandon thee, only do they abandon their once-lives; always art thou a friends' present-life."
I am here, my little Starry-eyed one. Lurking behind these words, watching you grow and develop as many of us have done before. Do you remember me? Or have you too little time left in life, just as we do . . .

Author's Response: aw!!! thank you so much, Kit!! that was so awesome!!!!!!!! i still don't really see y u stopped writing for HPFF! you have such a way with words! I expect one of the first copies of your book when it comes out! and I will never forget u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #15, by Kita Granger182 Tension

18th August 2006:
UH OH!!!!! lol! this story is sooo cool!!! sorry i missed it when it came on! i havent been on here in a while! OOPS!!! r we ever gonna forgive ron??? lol! ttyl! MISS U!!!!!!!! MWAH!

Author's Response: we might forgive him, we might not....one never knows.....except for me, of course! lol!!!!!! -Star

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Review #16, by Rachey!!!!!! Tension

16th August 2006:
fun fun fun

i need to make sure to check back in so i can read the rest of this when you get more


Author's Response: okie-day!

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Review #17, by rach...again Meeting The Keeper and Moving On

16th August 2006:
this chapter was even better...really good

Author's Response: thanx

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Review #18, by rachel black Acception

16th August 2006:
you dont say "said" "said" "said" so much anymore star! it makes your writing a whole lot better. this is really good! i wanted to read a compleated story so i wouldn't have to wait but i wanted to read this too. you should make the people be in a desert or whatever in a part of a story to reflect the change in your life.

love you star -Rach ps. email me and tell me which story i should read seeing as there are so many of them(preferably one with me in it) :)

Author's Response: thanx for the compliments, Rach! ill definitely email u.....MWAH! -Starry-Eyes

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Review #19, by Haley_Pitter Tension

12th August 2006:
ha! great chapter i cant wait to see how jealous ron gets!

Author's Response: mwahahahahahaha! we will see that, won't we?

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Review #20, by Haley_Pitter Meeting The Keeper and Moving On

31st July 2006:
Yay!great chappie and i can't wait for the next one!!

Author's Response: its comin' soon! thanx for reviewing!

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Review #21, by Kita Granger182 Meeting The Keeper and Moving On

25th July 2006:
YEAH!!!!! it is up!!!!!!! well i told everyone u said bye! everyone says to have as much fun there as you can! we will all keep in touch! Keep up the writeing Star! Other wise Kita(wonder who that is) will get board!!!! new storry comeing up! wrote like 1000 more words in abiding today!!! hehe! LUV YAH!!!! mwah!

Author's Response: Thanx, Kita!! I will keep writing, don't worry!!!!!!!!!! luv u!!!!!!!! MWAH!!!!!

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Review #22, by Kagome Higurashi Acception

24th July 2006:
I love it! And by the way did you get the name Starfire off of Teen Titans? If ya did you should write a story about her and the Titans! Just saying! Even though she's Obi-Won's daughter, they could've met the Titans? Kay? Bye!

Author's Response: no....I got the name Starfire from a book I once read....i've never even seen Teen Titans....lol thanx for all of your reviews!

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Review #23, by Kita Granger182 Acception

16th June 2006:
FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! took them long enough to put it up! JEEZE!!!!!!! lol! awsome story! as i have told you before! lol! 1 question. mitch said that when the snitch was caught then the game would and, but who was going after the snitch???? ttyl! gonna miss ya! dont forget to update even when you are all bussy down in N.M.! luv yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: thanx....Harry would go after the snitch, or course!!!!!! he is the seeker, you know.....that's what seekers do! lol...your Kita-ness again??? lol

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