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Review #1, by faerieall Elle, tu l'aimes

29th May 2008:
this is a very nice story!
for someone who speaks english as a second language, it's actully very well written.
i like how you intertwined the french song in there. it fit very much.

Author's Response: Thank you very much.
I'm glad that my English was good. I'm always afraid of writing with a weird English and not being understandable. ^_^

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Review #2, by Belle Marie Elle, tu l'aimes

7th March 2007:
Êtes-vous français alors ? Parlez-vous seulement français ?
Vous êtes un auteur très bon.

Are you french then? Do you only speak french?
You are a very good writer.
Belle Marie

Author's Response: I am French and according to my teacher I speak English fluently ^_^
I also know how to speak Spanish (thanks to the French education system !!!)
Thank you very much

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Review #3, by PotterLogic Elle, tu l'aimes

14th September 2006:

Author's Response: Thank you

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Review #4, by The_Pheonix_Lament Elle, tu l'aimes

5th September 2006:
I LOVED THAT STORY! The french, the J/L, the ooh-la-la! That was totally wicked! ARe you serious that English isn't your first langage?! That awesome! I want to learn French, because my first is English! I'm excited right now, I just keep rambling! I write down almost anything that comes to my mind, so sorry for the long review. But that was awesome. Keep writing.

Author's Response: I am happy if you're thinking about learning French. Thank you for my English, I am trying to do my best and knowing that you appreciate it make me happy.

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Review #5, by JimJams Elle, tu l'aimes

7th August 2006:
Aww, that was an excellent story. i'm glad james and lily get together but i can't help but feel sorry for this other girl.
JimJams or Jodie

Author's Response: Yes, I feel sorry for Lorelen also but she will find someone more suitable for her. :)

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Review #6, by summerlove x3 (notloggedin) Elle, tu l'aimes

28th July 2006:
Poor Lorelen =[ Good job, especially if english is not your first language !! Really goood.

Author's Response: Thank you.

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Review #7, by anonymous Elle, tu l'aimes

30th June 2006:
THAT IS SOOO sweeeeet !!!!! it was sad too though..maybe u should've like...umm...made things a little better for Lorelen..maybe paired her with someone besides james? but really, i honestly LOVED it

Author's Response: Why not. I could always do another chapter but right now I don't have any idea for a possible boyfriend for her.
I will think about it.
And thank you for your sweet review

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Review #8, by firefly55 Elle, tu l'aimes

23rd June 2006:
Good story, and good job with your English. The only mistake is that when you say that people "are friend" it should be "are friends." I realize it seems funny since friends seems plural, but that's how this crazy language works. I enjoyed the story though, very sweet.

Author's Response: OK thank you, I am going to check this right away.

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Review #9, by Savanna Weasley Elle, tu l'aimes

20th June 2006:
not to be mean but... HA HA! Lily got him and da other girl didn't!!!

Author's Response: That's the idea. :)

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Review #10, by PotterLogic Elle, tu l'aimes

18th June 2006:
nice story, very touching. tears treatened to fall.

Author's Response: Thank you.

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Review #11, by xxMini Elle, tu l'aimes

18th June 2006:
wow this is beautiful... sad but beautiful. i only hoped for an argument or something between te girls(H) catfiiight!

Author's Response: Thank you. I like when it is sad because sometimes life is not happy and love especially. lol

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