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Review #1, by FredWeasleysGF The Incy-Wincy Spider

4th January 2007:
Creepy!! Very good, well written and you expressed his desire for freedom very well, I almost felt that it was real!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review. I tried my best in terms of the way he felt imprisoned, even before he was a Gryffindor. To me, Sirius stories before his Hogwarts years have two options: he loved his parents, or he despised them already.

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Review #2, by Islander The Incy-Wincy Spider

16th November 2006:
Aw, that was sad. Sirius is going to keep on being like that spider--climbing up that spout to freedom, but washed down again and again. That makes me want to cry :( But I love crying, so I'm glad you wrote this.

By the way, wasn't it Hagrid who raised Aragog? How did Aragog hatch with Sirius when Hagrid raised him? Maybe it's a bit of AU :)

Author's Response: Thanks!!! It is a bit AU. Also, the only way the spider in teh story could be the Aragog is if he got mixed up in a timeturner--Hagrid was raising Aragog when the Chamber of Secrets was first opened, years before Sirius was born. Still, the AU-ness is a bit interesting, I think.

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Review #3, by slytheringinny The Incy-Wincy Spider

12th November 2006:
Aw, deary. That was brilliant. So descriptive and unique, and I love how you tied in the Incy-Wincy Spider. *luffs* And also how Aragog came into the picture. Maybe it was Aragog junior...*hmmm* lol. Fantastic work, m'dear.


Author's Response: Zee years are a wee bit off, but who's to say a time turner didn't come into the picture? Thank ye kindly, though, Ginni dearest!!!

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Review #4, by whocares The Incy-Wincy Spider

10th July 2006:
It was different, but I liked it. Is this Aragog Hagrid's Aragog or named after Hagrid's Aragog? I can't tell. I liked that Sirius thought about the consequences of using underaged magic, though I don't know how canon it was. It seems to me that Sirius is more of a 'jump without thinking' kind of guy, which shows when he puts the egg in his mouth. Hm... I may have contradicted myself.

Author's Response: I would like to leave it to your imagination, my friend. Is it this or that? Because if it was Hagrid's it would have to have been through some type of timeturner, because the times don't match up... I liked the whole egg in mouth thing!

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Review #5, by lairyfights123 The Incy-Wincy Spider

21st June 2006:
Awww. . . I bet he was the cutest darned kid alive! Very witty--Aragog. . . never would have thought of that, but then how did Hagrid know his name was Aragog, and wasn't this WAY after the chamber of Secrets fiasco? Well, besides the technical stuff, Here's a line from the story that I liked.

". . . he felt the heavy, imprisoning knots in his stomach weaken."

I like the motif here, of being enclosed and imprisoned. Nice metaphor. (I think that's what it is anyway, I might be getting my literary terms mixed up) but regardless, I like the sentences here. Makes for a good read! Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks! Well, you have to remember that Aragog can talk, so that's one way. Or it might have been a different spider, and a name Sirius heard. Thanks for the compliments about the metaphor, I really thought that it would help show that Sirius did not like how his parents treated him.

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Review #6, by loony86 The Incy-Wincy Spider

19th June 2006:
Very cute! You've got a good style, and I agree with LS that it's novel-like. The way you connect two important caracters rather closely before either of them knows he's important is very intriguing indeed!

Somehow it seems that you ask your readers to decide who's the worse monster, Aragog or Mrs Black... don't know if that's intentional or if it's just me.

Author's Response: Thanks for your imput, loony. I like how you put Aragog into a bad context, making him seem like a bad monster. I actually thought it would be more ironic that he interprets Aragog as being cute and "fluffy" and how he is the first being he sees once he is "free," and then he atacks Sirius's future godson and his best friend. :o)

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Review #7, by LS The Incy-Wincy Spider

19th June 2006:
alrighty, read my second comment on your other story to see why my original comments were so short. but basically its a cute idea, it wouldnt happen cuz sirius doesnt live near enough to the school i dont think, but hey its fanfiction right? anywho i think the whole aragog thing could have been delved further into, i like how you make it seem a side-note almost, good literary tactic & whatnot, but the whole story is too short for it to work as well. i think your style is kinda novelish.

keep it up! and i am not in the mood to rate this now but perhaps i will later.

Author's Response: Well, at first I thought it might be the real Aragog, but then again, Hagrid is really old compared to young Sirius, he went to school long before he was born! That's why I added in the small detail about a spider that bit "Bella" or Bellatrix. That way, I can leave it up to the reader's interpretation of whether it is the true Aragog, or one of his children, or even someone else!

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Review #8, by LS The Incy-Wincy Spider

18th June 2006:
nonsensical, but a clever idea

Author's Response: Hi, LS ;o) Thanks for stopping by and R&Ring!

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Review #9, by L Chowder The Incy-Wincy Spider

13th June 2006:
i love it! love it love it LOVE IT!
and you needed at least one review.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your enthusiastic review!

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