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Review #1, by Lilly2293 She Couldn't, Could She?

7th March 2010:
I loved it! Please update soon(:

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Review #2, by deatheaterbabe She Couldn't, Could She?

23rd May 2009:
OMG that was the best thing to read EVER!
please please write more im dying to know!


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Review #3, by deatheaterbabe The Big Day

23rd May 2009:
I still can't get over how brilliant at writing you are! lol
i really can wait to see your other stuff :)

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Review #4, by Deatheaterbabe The Accusation

22nd May 2009:
i am so completely drawn to these stories that i have kinda stopped readin anfin else..lol. :)

i am really looking forward to the next chapter :)

i am a bit confused though. did dumbledore really try to kill Kali?

Author's Response: No he didn't... it's just a ruse to keep Kali on Voldemort's side

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Review #5, by Deatheaterbabe Meeting with Voldemort

22nd May 2009:
im still finding it amazing! lol.i really would buy it...:)

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Review #6, by Deatheaterbabe Letters

22nd May 2009:
u r so awesome and i love the way you set these out and the characters you have changed are really good.
I would gladly buy a book by you :)

i am hooked on your stories and have spent about 7 hours today non-stop reading them LOL :)

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Review #7, by Karkaroff She Couldn't, Could She?

19th March 2009:
Awesome and please update soon thanks.

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm surprised I still have some readers out there. I'm going to post the next chapter this weekend!

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Review #8, by Karkaroff Chapter 9

12th October 2008:
Wow what a cool idea and please update soon thanks

Author's Response: Thanks a lot!

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Review #9, by kjodraco Mine Forever

21st April 2008:
love it love it love it!
i like were this is going..
i hate the stories where every1 is good adn the good guy always wins.
thats not realistic and this is..
great =]

Author's Response: I love it when the bad guys win... its so much fun. And its fun to write evil characters so a lot of my writing has to do with an evil side winning or just about winning. Unfortunately i feel as if I need to give this story a happy ending for all :(

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Review #10, by sunshine_lover07 Chapter 9

6th December 2007:
I'm loving it so far, though i see that you have the status at abandoned. So i'll attempt to give you some ideas. once kali, draco, harry and ginny go back to school. herms and ron start slipping into the maddness as well. ron comes to his senses and trys to get herms to do the same thing. herms gets angry and kills ron, then well...um yea didn't think that through...

also you could have pansy start causing trouble. perhaps she joins dumbldore in hopes of getting draco back. [even though we both know that's not going to happen]. also you haven't brought in bellatrix.

another thought is that severus attempts to get kali back on dumbledores side by using memories of her mother. his plan backfires and makes her angry.

i'll review again if i have any new ideas.

Author's Response: Thanks for the idea. I had actually thought in the beginning that I would bring Hermione to be a bigger part in this but I didn't want to take too much attention away from Kali, after all this is mostly about her. Which is why Harry isn't necessarily huge in here. I'm getting towards the end so I'm going to start working with Snape and Kali more and their relationship and get things the way they are supposed to be!

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Review #11, by David Fishwick Chapter 9

11th November 2007:
Good chapter nice to see both Harry and Draco on the dark side. Will Dumbledore get them back? please update

Author's Response: Keep reading to find out!! Thanks for the review!

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Review #12, by lyramoon Chapter 9

8th August 2007:
no. hurry hurry hurry! i LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS STORY!! *squeal*

Author's Response: lol... I know what you mean!! Thanks for the review

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Review #13, by lyramoon The Scare

8th August 2007:
ahh! what happened! :)

Author's Response: LOL.... keep reading and u'll find out ^_^

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Review #14, by RobinIsley Chapter 9

23rd June 2007:
Cool story yet again, but I just can't believe Harry is so easy to be persuaded. I mean look at what Voldemort has done to him, surely he must have some suspicions. I loved the part about the wedding, I'm happy you didn't interrupt it though. Can't wait till your next chapter!

Author's Response: Well the potion helps a lot... he only believes it because he saw it with his own eyes through Kali's memories... thanks again so much for the awesome reviews!!! I'm also having a hard time coming up with some ideas for this story... so all ideas are greatly appreciated!!

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Review #15, by jkrofanatic14 Chapter 9

18th June 2007:
Wow, I just read your whole story!! This and HP and Snape's Daughter are both awesome stories. You have an awesome writting talent. If you have writers block, I have just one idea...it would be kind of cool if Harry, Ginny, Draco, or Kali overheard a conversation that the REAL Snape and Dumbledore were having that somehow made them more angry then they were before. That is just an idea from me, you can always do whatever you want. Great story! Update soon!

Author's Response: Aww thanks so much... and that is a good idea... but i think i will limit it to just Kali hearing it... i like Kali to find out things and have an inner battle with herself... she is such a complicated character and i love to make her more complicated when I write her... but thanks for the idea and if u have anymore for a more indepth plot feel free to let me know :D

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Review #16, by saphira88 Chapter 9

31st May 2007:
i loved it wow it was good but short :( but it was still really good!! keep writing.

Author's Response: Yeah I know it was short :( ... next chapter should be up in a couple of days!

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Review #17, by saphira88 The Scare

31st May 2007:
i loved it!!but ya keep writing really good storys!

Author's Response: lol... thanks so much... next chapter should be up in a couple of days!

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Review #18, by RadiantRavenclaw Chapter 9

18th April 2007:
Have I got ideas? HEHEHEHEHE! HAHAHA! Let's see... how do I write them... well, you could have her participate in a battle between the Order and the Death Eaters (Voldemort not knowing, or course) have her get wounded, and captured by Snape. Then she would have to listen to him, then get rescued by Voldemort and Draco... Or you could have her be talked to by Snape in another way, but I think a talk with her real father should be somewhere. Then you could have him make an antidote to the potion Voldemort gave her, so she dosen't trust Voldemort anymore... anything like that? You don't have to use my ideas, bu they might be able to help you grasp something. Good Luck! I will try and think of some more things!

Author's Response: well actually that is what i was gonna do near the end of the story... to get her back to the good side.. but i wanted to play with her for a while... and get her more evil and do some evil things... i just don't know what

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Review #19, by RadiantRavenclaw Chapter 9

18th April 2007:
Nice to see this story with such a great new chapter! I like how you wrote the revenge between Kali, Draco and Nott. It had some great dpeth that adds to the story. I also like how Kali and Draco are together often, but it does not distract from the story. This chapter was very imaginitive, and I can't wait to see (read) more!

Author's Response: well thanks.... I know it took forever for me to get it up... but i have NO IDEA what I'm gonna do for the rest of this story.. so i NEED ideas... so if u got any let me know

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Review #20, by Kio55 The Truth Revealed

16th April 2007:
AWESOME plot, but one question, if Voldie is suppoidly portrayed as good, then why did he kill Harry's parents, i noticed that it was mentioned in this chappie, but I haven't seen an explanation of why Voldie would kill the potters.

Author's Response: Because he IS evil... he is only pretending to be good to lure in Kali... and once he has her completely lured in he will be his old self again...

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Review #21, by holsybobs The Scare

10th April 2007:
write quicker i want to read the next chapter.
i think voldypoo is getting nicer and smarter
im so glad that for once a story goes voldys way cause he allways seems to lose i wonder if its because he is the "bad guy" lol

Author's Response: lol... of course... i'll be updating as soon as my chapter for Slytherin Connection gets validated...

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Review #22, by Ratboy The Scare

4th April 2007:
Excellent, I really like seeing Harry with a little darkness in him. The story is very nice, but I can't decide if I like this one or Harry Potter and the Slytherin Connection better, oh my. Yes, I think there needs to be a few more like this out there, let us see the darkness that the Dursleys' have instilled in him, Oh yes, the sweetness of the dark, hahaha *goes off laughing thinking about evil Harry being adopted by Voldy!*


Author's Response: lol.. I know isn't it a wonderful thought. Slytherin Connection actually isn't my story... I know the person who wrote it and I absolutly love it... so i decided to put it up here... but i like slytherin connection more then my own stories... but there is a trilogy to slytherin connection and i hope u enjoy it as much as i do :D

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Review #23, by Loopy The Scare

13th March 2007:
I love your stories!! They are fantastic! please write more! You are a fantastic writer...are u sure ur not JK Rowling???!!! 10-10

Author's Response: Wow.. thanks... And trust me I wish I was... and I'm no where near as good as her. I've read much better.. lol.. but thanks for the wonderful compliment and please keep reading and reviewing

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Review #24, by Monoxide_dreams The Scare

28th January 2007:
I absolutely adore this story.
Keep it up.

Author's Response: Thanks and please keep reviewing

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Review #25, by dracos annie The Truth Revealed

26th January 2007:
ah, this is very interesting. so since i doubt it was the real dumbledore that nearly killed kali and it wasnt voldy pretending to be dumbledore...was it lucius?

Author's Response: Yes it was... good guess... some people didn't get it right away... I guess I should have made it a bit more obvious

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