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Review #1, by Aligiah Chapter Five

13th April 2007:
Love the concept, and the American-ness.
I love my America.
Then agian it's not just mine. Dang.
Anyways, great story, hope to see an update soon!

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Review #2, by JamesandLily4ever Chapter One

20th January 2007:
I am completely confused. Explain what is going on.

P/s: My interest has not yet been hooked. 7/10

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Review #3, by mayo Chapter Five

20th December 2006:
hey rock on! i like it so far!! keep it going! i'll check up on your story every now and then to see if you've posted!! =) Happy Holidays!

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Review #4, by GryffinPuff Chapter Four

13th July 2006:
Pretty good so far. I wanna know what happens when Rain meets with Malfoy himself.

Author's Response: thanks...that is going to be an...interesting meeting....

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Review #5, by Gina Chapter One

26th June 2006:
Your response to Nightcrawler3010's criticism shows that you surely expect people to think that your fic is wonderful. If you can't accept criticism then I think the best way for you is to stop writing, I totally share that person's view. If you really want to be a good writer then learn to accept criticism and learn from them - unless you want to get 'OMG LYKE IT IS TEH AWESOME!!11!!eleventy!!!11' reviews. I guess that the only way to get this kind of reviews is to only show these stories to your friends who wouldn't want to hurt your feelings.

Sure it's easier to write your own stories but your stories really lack style and background and like Nightcrawler pointed out it lacks a lot of imagination. I think that the houses' names are rather ridiculous, it's as if you've taken the whole concept of hogwarts and made something else out of it. I mean researching before might make a difference. Malfoy? Pocahontas? LOL. Unless you want your story to be put on a Sporking community and made fun of, I think that's already in porgress since I've stumbled onto your story when looking at a list on a sporking site.

sorry for being a bit harsh, but seeing your response to good criticism, well...
goodluck then...

Author's Response: Okay. I admit that I was rude in my response to Nightcrawler3010. Maybe I was having a bad day, I don't know. But I don't want to make up excuses. I truly am sorry to Nightcrawler3010 that I responded tthe way I did.
Although I don't respond well to critism I do take it into consideration and try to use it to help my story. I know this story is kind of lame and I'm trying to make it better as I go along.
I think that if I only got reviews that praised my story I would stop writing. I would seriously something was wrong if no one offered any constructive criticism. The reason that I acted rude was probably because Nightcrawler3010 wrote that "I" have a lack of imagination. I don't think that's criticism, it's an insult. If He/she had said that the "story" lacked imagination I would take that as criticism.

Well thank you for drawing my attention to this matter, it's really helpful. (And I'm being serious NOT sarcastic) Oh and my friends? Not to be rude or anything but, not all of them liked it either, and they told me so.
Thanks again...wow this is looong!

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Review #6, by Ilove2010 Chapter Three

23rd June 2006:
update soon

Author's Response: I will. (I hate that it takes so looong to validate!) ^_^

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Review #7, by Haley_Pitter Chapter Three

23rd June 2006:
yay! great chapter and i can't wait til the next one comes out!!

Author's Response: Thanks again! ^_^

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Review #8, by Haley_Pitter Chapter Two

18th June 2006:
Yay! This is an amazing chapter! But I think you spell boggart with 2 G's. And you might want to capitalize Professor and Headmaster. Other than that this story is amazing and I can't wait until your next chapter!

Author's Response: Okay! I think your right about boggart. Thanks ^_^ xxx

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Review #9, by Nightcrawler3010 Chapter One

17th June 2006:
Criticism : You have a serious lack of imagination, this school of yours is like Hogwarts, but with different people.
The idea is a bit weird, I thought only the schools in Europe were allowed to compete in the Triwizard Tournament. That's all.

Author's Response: I do not have a lack of imagination. I am just trying to get the set up. And if you didn't notice I did say that they were competing because Durmstrang had declined the invitation. Also in case you hadn't noticed it is much easier to write your own stories than it is to write fanfiction. Thanks for your 'help' though.

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Review #10, by Haley_Pitter Chapter One

11th June 2006:
this is a great story and i really hope you get some more backround for like the friends and their school. please update soon

Author's Response: thanks. I'll work on the backrounds. I already have chapters done they just have to be validated. ^_^

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Review #11, by KathrynAmy13 Chapter One

11th June 2006:
Me like!!! Update soon and LOL!!

Author's Response: Updating as fast as validated!!!! thanks again! ^_^

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