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Review #1, by IloveNeville How could it all go wrong?

27th March 2008:
Oh wow. Great story. It was so sad. It was written so beautifully. I really don't know what to say. I'm in awe. So great. It's just so tragic how Lily and James' lives are ended so soon and all the people they've left behind. I really adored this story.


Author's Response: thank you! i'm so glad you like my story! thanks you so much for the great review!

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Review #2, by UnderRugSwept13 How could it all go wrong?

17th March 2007:
It was a very intersting fic. The ten thing was really cool! I really liked it!
Although, I was a little unsure of who the narrator was. I'm gonna guess it was an OC, but if I'm wrong, please correct me! It was too good a fic for me to be confused about it! lol. I really liked it though!

Author's Response: thanks, i had a lot of questions on who the narrator was and yes it is an OC, i'm going to have to add an A/N. glad you liked it!

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Review #3, by anni How could it all go wrong?

6th July 2006:
I'm confused, who is the writer? Starts with J, is a friend of the Potters, at first I thought it was James, but then it said something about him, so it wasnt. Who is it? Is it just a random character you created?

Author's Response: just a random character, i tried so hard to think of someone canon, but it didn't work.

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Review #4, by Fannytjeuuh How could it all go wrong?

5th July 2006:
This is a really good story, 9/10

Author's Response: thank you, im glad you likey

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Review #5, by manya How could it all go wrong?

22nd June 2006:
wow. you certainly know how to write a tear-jerker. despite the saddness, it's a good story. you portrayed the emotions as they are: raw and uncompromising. we never edit how we feel to ourselves, and you captured that here beautifully. well done.

Author's Response: thank you! your making me happy, keep it up! im glad you liked it, i wasn't sure anyone would.

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Review #6, by pearluna How could it all go wrong?

20th June 2006:
First: yes! it was accepted! :) Second: 0.o Wow. That was really well written. Third: Hey.... how's "THE story" going? Fourth: Oh my gosh, that was great. it really was. honestly. Fifth: Whose perspective was it written from? I originally thought Sirius, then maybe remus... erm...-puppy dog face- heh. good story though. strong writing (except that i can't tell who was telling it. *sigh* silly me....)

Author's Response: lol, dont feel bad, its not a canon caracter, its bases on a thing my friend did, the list she wrote, except i edited it so it was 'magical'. so props to jai!

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