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Review #1, by chinery13 Coming Clean

23rd December 2007:
This story has a great storyline and i love reading it. I can't believe ron caught them. Nevermind he's alright with it now. Good job.

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Review #2, by fireyredbabe Coming Clean

3rd February 2007:
i hope you write another chapter i love this story so far!

Author's Response: I'm working on it. I have a loose outline, now I just have to flesh it out. Maybe by......Valentine's Day?? Thanks for your review.

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Review #3, by LuthienCelebrindal Coming Clean

27th January 2007:
AAHHH!! PLEASE update soon!

Author's Response: I will, I really will. Things are in the works over here and I will get an update up soon. I don't like to promise dates in case I can't follow through, but in the next few weeks it should be done.

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Review #4, by lml Coming Clean

22nd January 2007:
great beginning.. when are you going to finish the story? Great plot and no annoying grammatical errors like so many of the others.

Author's Response: The next chapter is in the works. I have a few edits pending and I am finding my inspiration again. RL angst has a way of bringing one's muse out of hiding. Thanks so much for your review.

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Review #5, by harryginny Coming Clean

2nd January 2007:
oh another cliffy!!! i love this story its already in my favs sorry i didnt review for each chap but i was like *gasp* gotta get to next chap!! argh! but boy u did not disappoint i love this story and cant wait to read more love it! 100/10

Author's Response: I am quite touched, both that you like this story and that anyone is still bothering to read it. I can honestly say that I've got some things in the works and I will hopefully be updating by the end on the month.

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Review #6, by perverted_mind123 Coming Clean

26th November 2006:

Author's Response: I'm so thrilled that people are still reading this story even though I suck and havent updated in ages. Thank you so much for your encouragement.

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Review #7, by hpfreakrox Coming Clean

25th November 2006:
i hate you

i hate you because you and every one else leave the bloody story on a cliff hanger and i hate that i cant finish the story.

i did like the story

who am i kidding i loved it

it was great

so malfoy raped hermione and hermione had his child

i feel so bad for heer

i mean MALFOY EW!!!



Author's Response: I know... *hangs head* I hate me, too. I'm trying, I really am. I write things down and it all sounds like unmitigated crap. I don't want to give you an awful chapter just for the sake of writing something. I wish I could give you a time frame, but all I can say is I'm working on it. I've asked the lovely and talented Jessimina to help me with ideas and I do promise that I will finish the story.

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Review #8, by hpfreakrox Drowning my sorrrows

25th November 2006:
who is the babys daddy?

what the heak is wrong with hermione and ron because harry wasnt listening.

i loved it.

Author's Response: You guys mean the world to me. Thanks.

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Review #9, by candygurl4454 Drowning my sorrrows

3rd November 2006:

Author's Response: Wow, that's quite a review. I don't know about that, but thank you very much for your kindness. I wish I could promise an update soon, but it doesn't seem to be coming. I am trying.

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Review #10, by Lucy Granger Drowning my sorrrows

23rd October 2006:

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you liked it. Or that anyone did really. I will be updating if my muse will ever come back from whereever she went. I am feeling very uninspired at the moment.

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Review #11, by misshermy Coming Clean

11th September 2006:
wow! i love this story! it is so good! im glad that they made up.. but its getting so juicy! cant wait!! keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review. I really appreciate it. I am struggling through chapter 8 at the moment, but once I get some inspiration, it should be up quickly.

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Review #12, by dragonknox Coming Clean

9th September 2006:
ron is gonna be steamed when he finds out
love this!

Author's Response: I'm glad you are enjoying, and thanks for the review. I think you might be a bit surprised by Ron's reaction. But you'll have to keep reading to find out, eh? ; )

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Review #13, by circinusphoenix Coming Clean

8th September 2006:
Oh, another good chapter. Length here was perfect, just perfect. It's good because it has some fibre to it. We get some good amount of storyteling while we're reading, and you end at a good point.

I do love how you describe how Harry looks at Hermione and his thoughts. What was that line . . . oh yeah, “How can people not believe in magic, with people like her in the world?” I really liked that line. Very touching.

Of course Ron walking in on them I thought was a good touch. You used the same situation twice, the one were Harry stood behind Hermione, then Ron behind Harry and Hermione. It was a great method, showing how the same vantage point could have such totally different interpretations. Hermione dancing around like that by the way, funny, very funny ("shaking her butt in a most unladylike fashion" - you made me laugh with that line).

Harry and Ron's little talk was done well too. Ron would be pissed, but I liked how Harry reversed the topic and it made Ron realize that Harry had liked Hermione for a long time but said nothing. It's good to see Ron accepting it, even gradually. Gradually is more believable. And I knew, absolutely knew he would ask who the real father was then! Him connecting it to Harry was good too.

You're taking the story in a very good direction. If (and when, 'cause I know he will) Ron finds out what Draco did, he'll be just as furious as Harry. I'm glad you've been enjoying my reviews. I really like your story, and you're doing a great job at it. I think I might take a gander at your other stories as well, and see if you're writing them just as good as this one. I saw you read one of my stories, and I'm glad you liked it. I might be reaching in asking, but I would very much like to hear your opinions of my other stories that I have as well. You seem to have a good grasp at writing, and I would really like to hear more feedback from you, if possible.

But anyways, yes, a very good chapter. I definately would have expected you to have more reviews, but I'm sure they'll come soon enough. Good job, and of course, I'll be keeping an eye out for your next chapter! 10 / 10

Author's Response: I have been putting off reading Orobourus Light b/c it is longer and I have had less time to devote lately so I didn't want to read it halfway. I will def. read all of your stories.

I loved the line about magic, too. One of my favorites in the story so far. Kudos for catching the paralell in the kitchen scene. You are quite observant. I loved Hermione's dance. That really happened to me, with my husband finding me in the middle of a mirror musical and I found it to be so hysterically funny that it seemed like to perfect way to loosen Hermione up a bit.

I'm glad you appreciate Ron's reaction. I hate Angry! A-hole!Ron in fan fic. It doesn't hold true to the way he feels about Harry. Yes, he is hurt and betrayed, but being the kind of freinds they are doesn't just go away. I hope to have the next chapter up soon.

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Review #14, by wicraven Coming Clean

8th September 2006:
Great post, can't wait until you post again, so please post again soon. Thanks.

Author's Response: I promise a shorter wait this time around. Thanks for your review.

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Review #15, by Angry!Jessamina Coming Clean

7th September 2006:
They cut the rest of my comment off! Okay, so let's see, I left off with the Ron argument? Er- no him catching them okay.

After that part, I loved the description of a run down Hogwarts, I could see it all, it was great writing there. And the conversation was perfect, I loved all the lines from it, so I won't copy them down here, but you know what you wrote, you already know how brilliant you are. :) The whole thing was awesome, Ron thinking Harry was the father, and Harry saying Ron never asked him before, oooh, yeah. That was a good one. Gah, it was so great girl. This was my favorite chapter by far, and you just keep getting better and better as this story goes.

And what a cliffie, oh man. Pleeeeease don't wait as long with the next one!! I was so happy when I saw YOU updated this morning. :) So, okay, like...234/10 or so? That's about right.

Jaz :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked the Hogwarts bit. I din't even know that it was destroyed in the final battle until Harry got there, LOL. I know that sounds silly, but in my head when he got there I could see what was left of the castle after the final battle.
I'm really touched that you liked it. This is my favorite chapter so far as well. I hope it won't take as long. But hey, you get early reads in the Harmony Sorting community. This chapter has been up over there for a week. : )

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Review #16, by Jessamina Coming Clean

7th September 2006:
Woo-hoo for the update!!!!!!!!!!! *gains control of self* I'm having a happy day already. Postponing the cooking of my blueberry pancakes to read this real fast now that I see it's up. Okay, *skims back up to read*....

Okay, just like, right from the get it's wicked canon. I always forget wizard travel modes, and Ron's entrance was cute. I was smiling, even though I know he's gonna have his heartbroken today (silent squee).

*still slightly squeeing* I lovelovelove the drama of the triangle, when guilty!Harry has to face Ron about his feelings. Obviously, with my story. You already got me panting over what will happen just with Harry's internal dialogue. *skims back up again*

~“How can people not believe in magic, with people like her in the world?” he wondered to himself.~

Awwwwwww!!!! *eyes, literally*

Okay, more lines I LOVEDLOVEDLOVED:

~They wrote songs, and poems, and movies that made girls cry, and never scratched the surface of what he was feeling.~


~Harry hoped he would come around, but one way or another, in that moment he chose Hermione.~

AHHHH!!! Ron caught them!!! Yay!!! Er- I mean, that's awful. Really. No screw that, that was some delicious writing sweetie!!! :)

Author's Response: Yeah the fluff was just coming right on out that day, LOL.
Aw, come on feel bad for poor Ron. He is having a rough day. I actually wrote this chapter in one night. I had awful writers block and it just wouldn't come and then just BAM! it all came tumbling out. It was odd, but fun.

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Review #17, by ladybluestar What are You Waiting For?

2nd September 2006:
This story has many intriguing elements. I really like the idea that Hermione thought she could trust Malfoy, whereas he was just using her. That was very in character for both of them with his Slytherin cunning and her Gryffindor nobility. I find it appropriate that she still blames herself and feels ashamed, which makes it very realistic. Also, I like that time has given her some peace with her past actions. It makes the reader wonder how many nights she has sat up with these memories haunting her. Perfect with the insistence that Amelia is hers.

I can't blame Ron for not being able to get over her lies to him and the way she used him. That would be difficult for anyone to get over and she and Ron have never had a stellar relationship to begin with. It was definitely time for their sham of a relationship to end.

I like that Harry is torn, that he's deeply hurt, yet that contrasts with his realization of repressed feelings. I can't blame him for leaving her all day, it was much more mature than yelling at her or blaming her more. Granted, that is the approach that she is used to, but definitely not the normal dynamic of her relationship with Harry. I like that it takes them awhile to get on the same page with each other, to understand each other, after all, Hermione has put up many walls between them. I hope that the angst continues, even though they have reached a temporary agreement. They still have many issues to work through.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for coming over and readig my story. It really means a lot to me. It's that inter-house unity that Hermione is always on about. ; )
I'm really happy that you got all the elements out of the story that I wanted to get across. Stay tuned for the Harry and Amelia interaction we've all been waiting for.

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Review #18, by Snitchsista Drowning my sorrrows

20th August 2006:
I loved this story so far!! Like you, Draco is always the main villain in my fics as well. It's so much fun to write him like that . . . though sometimes, I go a little too far! Lol. Anyway, fab, fab work, and I am about to add this to my favourites!!!! :)

Author's Response: Thanks very much. *dances the happy "someone really likes this" dance* And I really appreicate the review.

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Review #19, by circinusphoenix What are You Waiting For?

8th August 2006:
Steamy now isn't it? I think it might have been an idea to just fuse this chapter with the last, to make it sound more complete. You just get into the story here, and yes, they do THAT, but then that's it.

Anyways, this chapter is alright though. Short, yes, and it deals with only one scene (again, a very steamy scene), but you're writing is done well. Your descriptions I think are good, considering that you kept it fairly tasteful without getting gross or overly descriptive in what they were doing. I do hope Harry starts going after Draco soon. Good job, keep it going!

Author's Response: Yes it is indeed steamy. I'm glad you found it tasteful, I tried hard. There will more action next chapter. Perhaps not what you expect, however. *mine is an evill laugh*

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Review #20, by Jessamina What are You Waiting For?

7th August 2006:
Holy crap the first paragraph was so romantic!!!! *biting lip, holding back squee*

~Harry felt that he couldn’t possibly touch enough of her to make up for all the time they had wasted.~

That...was a great line. *sighing wistfully*

Very hot, babe. Wow. I'm always nervous writing those scenes, don't want to violate the t.o.s., you know, but, trumps me easily, eh? LOL Very romantic still, though, and wonderful!! Too short of a chapter!!! You tease! Can't wait for more. Still brilliant as ever, this is!!

10/10 :)

Author's Response: I was also quite nervous. That was my first smut scene. I put it to my beta a million times b/c I was so nervous about it. Yes, this was a short chapter, but after te smut I was to exhausted to write anything else. : )

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Review #21, by whatareyouevensaying What are You Waiting For?

6th August 2006:
I'm not comfortable with a numerical rating system, and it doesn't allow me to skip it, so the entire story so far gets an eight.

I really wish I knew how to add to favorites/alerts. Oh well, plenty of time for that later. What Malfoy did was unforgiveable, and I've got a nasty feeling that he'll be a main (if not THE main) villain of the story. Harry and Hermione's relationship is well done without being too much. I'm looking forward to chapter seven.

Author's Response: Malfoy will always be my main villian. He's just so perfectly nasty. Don't worry too much. He's just the angst, and the Harmony fluff will be the main focus.

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Review #22, by Jessamina A Tangled Web

2nd August 2006:
"It's not as though you had an illicit affair with Snape or something like that."

That's funny to me...because the girl who does my banners is a fan of S/Hr (I don't know why...??) and I told her I'd do my best to write a one-shot with that pairing for her. *sigh* I don't HOW I'll manage.

~Harry was impressed that she said his name without flinching. To him it still felt like a punch in the stomach.~

Nice. Really brilliant. Such a great writer.

The reasoning for her dishonesty and her actions were, surprisingly, canon. Can't imagine how hard that must be when writing a Draco-impregnanted Hermione. :) But it flowed perfectly, it was believable. As was the 'why' that she didn't go to Harry instead. And I love that he said "Why didn't you choose me?" Oh yeah. Lovely.

Ah...another ending like this eh? I feel for Hermione a lot in this story. She's got to jump through the same hoops that an unfaithful woman would (I should know *smirk*) but she in fact was NOT unfaithful. Not really. It's such an awful twist. Cannot WAIT to see what Harry - and Ron, for that matter - will do to Malfoy when he finally pops up. Fantastic story you've got here. Well written, like Isaid before, inventive, original...really, just brilliant. :)

Author's Response: The original D/Hr scene was a great deal more graphic and it was awful to write. I was shaky and a bit naseus after I was done with it. In a way I relievd to have to edit it for posting, but as awful as it was I wanted people to really see what Hermione had gone through and why she behaved the way she did. Don't worry, Ch 6 is in the queue so it shouldn't take long.

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Review #23, by Jessamina Amends

2nd August 2006:
Awwww, how sweet of an end of chapter there. :) The internal dialogue with himself was great, as was the explanation of WHY he and Hermione hadn't previously gotten together. I'm writing this one-shot in a bit about H/Hr...and in it it talks about he and Ginny and he and Hr.'s relationships, and how they differ. I always thought, if Voldemort looked into Harry's mind and heart, to see which woman he loved most of all, above all others, I think he would see Hermione. Because Harry holds friendship in SUCH high regard (like his father and godfather before him) that how could he NOT love Hermoine best? She's been his best mate, and she's the brains of the operation all the way. LOL

Incidentally, you commented on "The Pure Ones" in my story...and it shows it's not yet validated...creeping me out!! LOL I think it must be, but just not showing on my account yet. :)

I love this story, I'm glad you're on my faves, I hoe you write more soon, I've only got one more chapter!! *sniff*

Author's Response: I think it must be, but just not showing on my account yet. Or so you would like to believe... muah ha ha! I too agree that Harry loves Hermione and not in a hottie McRedhead kind of way. And I think that fact will not get lost in the shuffle of book 7.

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Review #24, by Jessamina Revelations

2nd August 2006:
I love that Harry gets angry at her. His friendship with Ron coming through. Very canon and brilliant of you to go there, instead of him just "oh, Hermione, it's okay" right away, and whatnot. Awesome. And awesome that he DOES comfort her later, because SHE is his best mate too. You've got the same view of the trio as me I think. It's a funky dynamic between em' all! But I love it. :)

And he just left!! *sob* God, it's waaaay angsty, no? Man. Draco's baby girl. Can't wait to read on!! Here I go.

Author's Response: Yeah, you gotta love the angst. Harry has shown us his pehchant for being Emo!Harry so I wanted to see that a bit. And I think Harry would take huring Ron just as seriously as he takes loving Hermione.

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Review #25, by Jessamina Dirty Little Secret

2nd August 2006:
Ohhh!!! Harry's her godfather!!!! *biting lip in excited happiness*

~He wasn’t sure why, but he was amused by her desperation to avoid him after what had happened.~

I liked that line. It stuck out to me. I can see him watching her, all nervous and acting nuts in the kitchen. :) Nice usual. :)

~“I love you, Hermione.”~ I love it when he says that. LOL

Oh....oh no you didn't. I guess it's alright since I've got more to read now...but let me tell you what. If I had read this when it was the last chapter of the story out, we would have gone round. More than evil, this cliffe. But not for me, I suppose, so YAY! Ron is not the father.....damn. On to the next!! :)

Author's Response: Yeah I love neurotic Hermione. She is a lot of fun to write. I know I hate the cliffies too, but I had to break this chapter up somewhere and it's not so bad for you really. : )

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