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Review #1, by slfb;ls'n' She hates me!!

24th June 2007:
This was really cute. I never even thought about Hermione being like Molly. Ron and Hermione had to get together in the end though.

Author's Response: Aww! Thank you sooo much!!! You ROX!!!~~Emma~~

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Review #2, by JustSuper She hates me!!

5th May 2007:
so sweet love it... you should do one where Mione has the same talk with Molly... that would be fun... nicely written

Author's Response: Thank you sooooo much!!!! You ROX!!!!!!!~~Emma~~

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Review #3, by Diandra She hates me!!

22nd April 2007:
Hahaha.cute with a great ending, nice twist with Arthur and Molly. Only six more to go :( What will I do? You see, I'm reading from the bottom up, but I've already read the top two. You probably don't care, but I figure that I'll seem like I cannot count if there are more or less than six down at the bottom. Thanks again!


Author's Response: Thank you sooooo much!!!! You ROX!!!!!!!~~Emma~~ ^.^

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Review #4, by wizgirl She hates me!!

9th April 2007:
EXCELLENT! My friends compare me and my friend Brandon to Ron and Hermione. They say that we fight like them and we used to be friends. I'm smart like Hermione and Brandon, well, Brandon is stupid and insensetive like Ron. An that's the truth!

Author's Response: Thank you soooo much!!! You ROX!!!~~Emma~~

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Review #5, by marlz She hates me!!

4th December 2006:
that was such a cute story i rate it 10/10!!! love it love it love it!!

Author's Response: Awww!!!! Thank you soooo much!!! You ROX!!!~~Emma~~

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Review #6, by pearluna She hates me!!

27th August 2006:
another good r/hr :)

Author's Response: *smiles huge* Thank you sooo much!!!! You ROX!!!!~~Emma~~

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Review #7, by mudprincess She hates me!!

25th July 2006:
Awwwwwwww! Loved it Emma. So sweet! It'd be nice if you wrote some longer fics, you're a really good writer.

Author's Response: Awwwwwwww!!! Thank you!!! You know...I don't really like writing long fics. Don't get me wrong...I loved yours and everything but...I like my short little one shots. I guess because I was always told that it takes skill to write a long story, but even more skill to write a short story. (My english teacher said that once.) I don't agree with it at all...but it's just a nice thought. *nods* Thank you for your review!!! You ROXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!~~Emma~~

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Review #8, by mrs_heather_grint She hates me!!

11th July 2006:
Awww. "After we fight, we make up... " It seemed that everything happened very fast, like the admitting and everything...But I can't deny that it was adorable and well written. :].

Author's Response: Awwwwwwww!!!!! Thank you soooo much!! But....I said it before...loll..and I'll say it again...This IS a one-shot...and I don't really have 6 chapters to get together. (Gah! Sorry!! I know that was kinda rude!) Anywho...thank you sooo much for the review!!! You ROX!!!!!!!!!~~Emma~~

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Review #9, by Redheads_4ever She hates me!!

6th July 2006:
Short, sweet, and cute! I loved it. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Yay!! Thank you!! I'm soo glad that you loved it! I intend to keep up the good work. xD Haha. Thank you sooo much for your review!! You ROXXXX!!!~~Emma~~

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Review #10, by LovelyMioneWeasley ((not signed in)) She hates me!!

6th July 2006:
i am definately a stalker...anyway, i love this story so much even if it is OOC a little bit and I love the because we make up part. lovely job once again, Emma. Anyway, you seemed to love the The Fear of Loving You so I wanted to ask for your email and I would email the next chapter to you if you wanted to read it oh so badly since it may be awhile until it comes up.

Author's Response: LOL!!! are not a stalker. *shakes head* LOL...Well...a little OoC never hurt anyone...;) Thank you!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! I would love to!!!! Unless you have aol im...because I live on aol im. xD AND msn im...Let me know!!!!!~~Emma~~

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Review #11, by Duck the Duck She hates me!!

29th June 2006:
Aww so sweet! And R/Hrness is always good! Great little fic Emma, cute and FLUFFY!!!! Loved it :D

Author's Response: Weeeeeeee!!!! yay for fluffyness!!!! Ahhhh R/Hrness is always VERY good. *nods*--even if MOST people on HE don't agree with us. xD I'm sooo glad that you loved it!! *hugs* Thank you for the review! You ROXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!~~Emma~~

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Review #12, by RupertsPheonix She hates me!!

24th June 2006:
Aww, that's so cute. Good job!

Author's Response: AWWW!!!!!!!! Thank you soooo much!!! *Hugz* I reallllly LOVE getting reviews like this!! You ROX!!!!!!!!!!~~Emma~~

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Review #13, by duck_fan She hates me!!

21st June 2006:
quack quack. (In english it means this was a cute and awsome story. I simply love it. It's so cute and I love the line: "we also can't help falling for bushy hair women." ^_^) Another piece of work I must say and I can't wait for another one of your stories. Cluck, Cluck (From your favorite duck in a chicken costume ~duck_fan)

Author's Response: Weeeeeee!!!! *squeaks* Chicken_Fan!!!! *squeaks again* YAY!!!! Awww!!!!! Thank you soooo much!!!! *Hugz lots* It's a great thing that my newest fic just got OKed! *Jumps up and down* Thank you soooo much for this review!! You ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!~~Emma~~

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Review #14, by angel007 *too lazy to sign in* She hates me!!

17th June 2006:
Aww, tres sweet... Absolutely great story to read!

Author's Response: Awwww!!!! Thank you sooo much. I just love reviews like this!!! *Hugz* You ROX!!!~~Emma~~

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Review #15, by allisyn_weasley She hates me!!

16th June 2006:
its really good i love it lol

Author's Response: Awww!!!!!!! Thank you very much. I'm sooo glad that you loved it!! Thanks for the review! You ROX!!!~~Emma~~

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Review #16, by xXHermoines TwinXx She hates me!!

12th June 2006:
yay! that was geat! a little short, but great. i loved it. you are an amazing writing, i havent read a story that could make me well up with tears in.......a while, lets put it that way!
hope you dont stop writing fanfiction as this is fantastic!

Author's Response: Awww!!! yay!!! Thank you. I just love getting reviews like this. So sweet, and nice. *Hugz* *Blushes* Thank you for calling me an amzing writter. That was soo sweet of you. Thank you soo much for you awesome reivew! You ROX!!~~Emma~~

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Review #17, by LovelyMioneWeasley She hates me!!

10th June 2006:
super cute!! i love ur writing. keep it up! keep them coming!

Author's Response: *smiles* I just love your reviews LMW...they always make me smile. You are such a sweeeet person. =D Thank you soooo much for your very sweet, kind, and awesome review! You ROXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!~~Emma~~

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Review #18, by ginnyleenz She hates me!!

10th June 2006:
Nice storys..i liked the ending
this was such a cute line :)
"Hermione then sobbed and said, “Oh Ron! I-I feel the same way about you! I’m so sorry that I yelled at you. I guess I just...I just wanted to fight with you again...because after we fight..we make up...”"

Author's Response: Awww!!! Thank you sooo much. I love reviews like this. *giggles* yes..that was a sweet line. =D Thank you for your very sweet review! You ROXXX!!!!~~Emma~~

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Review #19, by mbstargirl123 She hates me!!

9th June 2006:
This was a pretty cute story.

Author's Response: Aww! Thank you very much. =D I adore reviews like this. Thanks for the review. You ROX!!!~~Emma~~

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Review #20, by running_swift She hates me!!

9th June 2006:
You can't spell cue!!! You should get someone to give you a spelling lesson tuition course or something.... *rolls eyes and grins* :D Hey you again!!!!! Another... kinda OOC fic, I have to say. Ron sounded very much like you, to be honest. Or Ethan. Whichever. :P But... it wasn't Ron *shakes head* Sorry!! But hey, I'm reviewing :P However, apart from that, you still write great!!! *huggles* Lub ya still, Swifty xx

Author's Response: *laughs* Did you know it was 2 AM when I was writting that? LOL...(Ethan kinda helped me the best he could...but we were both falling asleep)...LOL...then how is I have a 90% in english then miss Swifty? *smiles* It's not my fault I'd rather do an algebra problem then spell a word! *laughs again* I'll go ask my mom to beta it right now though. Thank you for your review. You ROOOXXX~~Emma~~ (PS...sometimes OCC-ness is a good thing.)

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Review #21, by nini807 She hates me!!

9th June 2006:
So so sweet! I'm nearly crying!!! :') Beautiful!!! Waaaaa!!!!! :') :') :') 10/10 by the way!!!

Author's Response: Awww!!! LOL! *Hugz* yay!!!!!! 10/10!!! =O Thank you oooooh so much!!! You ROOOOOXXXXXX~~Emma~~

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