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Review #1, by Brandon A Heart Now Cold Was Warm

23rd August 2010:
ubad,...,111,,,.ka?! jajaja

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Review #2, by AussieAnatomy627 A Heart Now Cold Was Warm

27th November 2008:
Nice song choice and the story fits too. Great job!

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Review #3, by GoldenGirl A Heart Now Cold Was Warm

1st January 2006:
It wasnt a very enjoyable read, i'm afraid. Snape was so...out of character. And how is Eleanor dying better than marrying someone else? Keep writing though, it was fairly good for being so OOC. ;) Later.

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Review #4, by Jessie A Heart Now Cold Was Warm

29th December 2002:
Wow, this is great! I've always felt a bit sorry for Snape too. I'm glad that someone actually wrote a country songfic. I love not only that song, but this fic! I think you should make a sequel and I think Karkaroff should be the one who killed Eleanor. : - P Keep writing! Lots o' love, ~*Jessie*~

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Review #5, by Kayla A Heart Now Cold Was Warm

21st November 2002:
Kool! Story keep up the good work

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Review #6, by graci A Heart Now Cold Was Warm

4th November 2002:
WOW! I absolutely LOVE that song! I'm amazed that someone could get past all the bias and srite such a great fanfic for a country song! Most people that I know won't even look at something after they know that it's country :( I Really like your interpretation!

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Review #7, by Lorelei Phantomwall A Heart Now Cold Was Warm

23rd October 2002:
That is COOL. You are talented at writing you should keep writing.

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