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Review #1, by HollyStone73 Memories

14th July 2013:
This was very well done! I love how you showcased the turmoil and regret that Petunia was suffering. So many times when I read about Petunia she is shown as only a spoiled childish person, so I enjoyed how you wrote her as someone with a full range of emotions. I almost felt bad for her as she reflected on her marriage to Vernon and her jealousy of the love that James & Lily shared. I actually wish that there were more to this so I could see how it was that Petunia progressed into the person we met in Sorcerer's Stone.

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Review #2, by irrelevant Memories

10th November 2009:
you made me cry. icredibly sweet and... i dont know... words cant say. my words cant at least.

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Review #3, by lyrix82 Memories

25th October 2008:
Awesome oneshot! I love the original concept I have actually thought about writing one about the few days surrounding Harry being left on the door step but I'm so glad that you've done it so wonderfully because now I don't have to! Excellent 15 minutes of reading, thanks very much! xx

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Review #4, by amieharry_ginny Memories

25th October 2008:
Great story. A nice change i must say to read something good about Petunia. I actually started thinking whether petunia was really good to harry or not lol What i meant to say is I have started thinking of petunia differently. It was actually sad and sweet at the same time ... a very refreshing fic. Loved the way you showed that petunia was like the way she was only because of her husband it actually made sense lol

I actually started comparing this story to the Petunia we saw in DH in Snape's memory where she showed some liking to magic. It actually made sense and her jealousy of Lily and James's relationship was actually sweet lol

All in all a Great story 9/10

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Review #5, by Lily Marie Evans Potter Memories

26th January 2008:
An Interesting insight into Petunia's mind. It was really sad that she hid her true feelings for the sake of peace with her brute of a husband. I totally understand why she was jealous of Lily's love life. James Potter is the best!! Well done, double thumbs up!! I just have a tiny favour to ask, could you read and review my story once it gets validated. Thanks!LOL

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Review #6, by Snufflesx3_loveyou Memories

27th August 2007:
This story is really amazing! I don't know what it is about it...but I really just love it.

Author's Response: thanks muchly!

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Review #7, by searching17 Memories

15th August 2007:
awww, thats going on my favorites! really cute! I loved it! 100/10!

Author's Response: thanking you muchly!

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Review #8, by siriusly Memories

5th August 2007:
wow.very touching ... i love the detail!

Author's Response: yay!

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Review #9, by Book077 Memories

16th July 2007:

Author's Response: ta

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Review #10, by California Memories

7th June 2007:
I've never really thought of Petunia thinking that way about it but I like it

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #11, by AlliePotter Memories

28th January 2007:
Once again i have found another story of yours that I like ususally i only like to read the ones that are about James and Lily but I like this one very much so!!!

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #12, by Dark Element Memories

21st January 2007:
That is really well written. i think that Petunia was really well portrayed. she probably acted this way when harry was a baby in jk rowlings books.

Author's Response: wowies. thanks!

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Review #13, by mraudbdyy Memories

26th November 2006:
Wow this was an amazing story. You really did a great job at humanising Petunia and giving more depth to the character rather than just what we're presented with in the books. I love the way you showed how Petunia's treatment of Harry is only to please her husband (I can totally imagine her doing that) and also her jelousy of Lily and James' relationship. Great work!

Author's Response: thanks a bunch!

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Review #14, by harrypotterfan8187 Memories

24th November 2006:
Great work, I really enjoyed this. It gave a very realistic reason behind Petunia's behavior. Good job!

Author's Response: thanking you!

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Review #15, by brighteyesx3 Memories

23rd November 2006:
I read this a long time ago, and could have sworn I left a review. So maybe I didn't. But I love love love it! I really like how Petunia is portrayed as just a person who made mistakes instead of heartless. I think it flows well, and I really liked the flashbacks, that is exactly how I always pictured Lily and James getting along. Okay so its Thanksgiving here and I have to go out but lovely story=]

Author's Response: thanksgiving? sounds good...
thanks for coming back to leave a review!!!

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Review #16, by soulchica Memories

19th November 2006:
YOu make Petunia sound like a person! Definately not something I see often.
Props to you for doing the unthinkable!

Author's Response: hey t'anks!!!

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Review #17, by scarletLady666 Memories

19th October 2006:
Yeah it was good!I like this version of how Petunia was made by Vernon to become horrible..i think it is more realistic.I had always thought that no one no matter how shallow feelings can get would automatically turn nasty to their family.Well done , it was very well consructed and written.

Author's Response: thanks so much!

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Review #18, by Bubbles Memories

3rd September 2006:
That was really good! I was only thinking the other day about how his aunt treated Harry when he was a baby. And I think it flows really well!

Author's Response: thanks so much!

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Review #19, by priori_incantatem Memories

3rd September 2006:
Simply Brilliant!

The way Petunia's feelings for Harry have been touched upon and the explanation dreamt up for them having hardedned towards him is phenominal!

Author's Response: wow, thanks!

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Review #20, by ickyvoldykins Memories

19th August 2006:
This is a fairly good fic, I commend you with that. I noticed only a small spatter of mistakes which are hardly noticeable. However Petunia has never had very much love for her sister and therefore strongly disliked Harry. She may have had a bit of sympathy for him at first, but I think that would have worn away quite soon, especially if he cried that constantly, a sign of chronic continual colic, or CCC. I don't think you quite portrayed Petunia to her character properly.

Author's Response: ok sorry you didnt like it too much, or found so many errors in it. i was trying to portray petunia differently but i dont know how to explain myslef properly at the moment... thanks for reviwing anyway.

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Review #21, by RemusBlack Memories

16th August 2006:
hm. a different side of Petunia, very insightful. I`ve never thought about her this way, so thanks for making me change perspective. It`s very well-written and really interesting to read. So all in all: very good one-shot! :OD

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #22, by Natalia_ Memories

29th July 2006:
That was great... :D Loved it!

Author's Response: *big happy face*

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Review #23, by J_Black215 Memories

26th July 2006:
wow now that's some deep stuff. It really makes you wonder if Petunia really cares about harry in the regular series. Im definitely going to go back in the books and look for any clues of the sort lol. keep it up! I really enjoy reading your work

Author's Response: thanks so so much!

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Review #24, by maruder at heart Memories

20th July 2006:
it was great sorry its like ive read all ur stories in one night ur a great writer

Author's Response: thanks so much!

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Review #25, by Rebecca <3 Memories

18th July 2006:
Hello again!
I must say I'm really impressed by your writing skills, because it proves you have them if one can write one hilarious story but on the other hand this beautiful but sad touching story. It's very original, because you don't read a lot of stories about Petunia, and if you do she's mostly the bitchy horse-face she's in the books. But I'd rather believe your view, she was indeed jealous of her little sister and wasn't always that nice but loved her no matter what, why else would she keep Harry? Ofcourse we all know Dumbledore's letter but I don't think he would put Harry in a home where he knew his Aunt wouldn't love him, although she didn't show it.
Yes, it's really touching. *can't handle the emotion so throws herselves at the nearest object, which happens to be an old Aardappelsalade [ potatosalade] sandwhich, and sobs uncontrollaby. *
Pffff; i don't know if this Reviewthingy shows times of Reviewing but i think it's kind of errr- unhealthy when somebody revies at 02:41 in the morning.. I would like to introduce to you: me! The one whose summer is filled with sleepless nights and sleepy days because I can't sleep in this heat untill i'm so exhausted that i sleep the whole day trough. Dad says it's a weird habit, Mum worries and I... I review(A).
I should really stop - how do you call constant talking about nothing useful? - well thát, especially in the middle of the night. It's weird you know, how so many people make there own story out of a book an unknown person for us wrote.. how i can go on and on for hours making up story plots and characters and actually draw the people but than be disappointed if they don't live up to my illusions; maybe it's me but it's kind of scary isn't it? That so many people, i mean just look at this site, can get all errr- transfixed upon a story. Pfff just listen to me, i'm nuts tonight, really... wait a minute and i'll go into an endless rambling about Which was first? the Chicken or the egg? Well, now that you [ well.. no not you, me, seeing as you probably are snoring loudly in a comfy bed ] ask that highly interesting question, i do have some theories. Back to my begin-subject. Your story, it was great.. i don't have the patience to read your Musical-thingy tonight although i started in it a few times before i knew you were the same writer but i promise i'll keep my next review short and official and i'll only talk usefull things.
Now that insects all over the world have gathered here, in my room to annoy the crap out of me I think it's time to end this review and surrender. Yeees you stupid little bugs i know you want me [ Muwhaha Power to the People; hmm i guess i already have that since i'm sittin ghere in the dark with my electric err how do you call that? the thingy for killing flies? a flieswatter? haha that's a free translation(A) anyway it's kind of cruel watching them burn.. but hey, i'm just human ]!
So a friend said to me when i complained that i had to smear a HUGE amount of vaseline on my face because THEN they wouldn't sting me, guess again, the next morning i still had insectbites plus a disgustingly greasy skin [ I was a Snape-look-alike without the low voice *although i let my beard grow=D* and the triple broken nose ].. So now i just put a pillow over my head so they won't sting me in my face but that's incredibly hot. You know, i really look like a Yorkshire Terrier who's mollested after those beasts are done with me.. Alright; alright it's not thát bad, but i can assure you I'm nooot a pretty sight than, when ám I a pretty sight? Good question. Ask the photographer who just took my picture for my ID today, he'll probably burst into tears. Hehehe. I looked like a beaten-up sheep of 93 years old who was stoned like a scampi[ that's my sisters line.. it's pretty funny in Dutch altough only she and I find it funny now that i think about it... ]
ooooh i'm really wasting your time and space and my bedrest, oh myyy gooosh i might get ... get... get... i don't know something spooky that you get when you don't sleep enough.
I better be going, sorry for the long good-for-nothing review, i just wanted to say i love your stories!

Author's Response: and i though your last review was long! no really i love your long reviews!!!
must say i am jealous though, i live in australia and it is FREEZING here at the moment! i am the opposite, go to bed just to get warm. (heater clicks off like at 1am) and now i am home alone and i personally believe it is much to much effort to venture all the way downstairs to turn the heater up. cant feel hands...
i love summer. i miss summer. i spent my last summer in europe. therefore i forfeited my summer. news from home told us that its was close to 40 degrees at midnight on new years. at that time i was on top of mt etna thinking i had lost my nose.
so when you say you are still up i am probably am too, i mean i dont know the time difference or anything but whatever...and mozzies? dont get me started on them. i went camping and slept in a twag. (Dont ask) and one arm was out of the covers all night and i got home and let my sister circle all the bites with texta. 57! i had 57 bites from my elbow down. owies.
so anyway keep those long reveiws a coming i love them they make my day/night. thanks for reading and enjoying my stories. And yes the musical. bordering on my greatest acheivement to date!!! yippee!!!
thanks very very much!
this is the magnificent MagicalMiss signing out!!!

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