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Review #1, by dash Doubt and a Strange Conscience

12th November 2006:
great chapter im so glad youve posted more i thought you'd given up on this fic.cant wait for more

Author's Response: *shakes head vigorously* Never! There just may be long waiting periods inbetween ^^;; I have lots of ideas for this... it just takes me a while to form them into words that are able to be understood by normal people

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Review #2, by Piper_Bridget Doubt and a Strange Conscience

11th November 2006:
Ok, ignore the question I had in my last review. This chapter is very interesting! I knew that it was Ankaa, but I wasn't positive. It made me laugh a little. Now I am overly happy to read the next chapter when ever it comes. I do want you to hurry,but if you hurry, then the story will be to rushed. So please take your time!

Happy writing!

Author's Response: Yeah... I kept fussing over how I was going to explain harry getting to the burrow... it drove me nuts!

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Review #3, by Piper_Bridget Dominance

11th November 2006:
During the first part of the chapter, I was afraid that Lupin was going to kill her(then I remembered that the story wasn't over and that there was more of the story to read.) i hope that Harry and Ankaa meet. Oh and is Rowen Innish her new name? Just wondering.

Same rating as usual!

Happy writing!

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Review #4, by Piper_Bridget Identities Confused

11th November 2006:
I got a little confused on the last part. Was that whole thing in the present? or was it just the italics? Besides that, great job! I can't wait until Harry and Ankaa meet! (sorry I'm a romance freak!lol)


Happy writing!

Author's Response: the last part was after she was turned, the centaur plays a part later in the story...

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Review #5, by Piper_Bridget Prologue: Mismatched Eyes

11th November 2006:
Seeing as it is easier I will review as I go through each section of your story

The first section really gives the reader an interest to read and find out what this story is about. You really set the mood of the story with your description of how she had changed when Dumbledore passed. The reader also gets a feel of sadness in the first section, which is very good. Not a lot of stories that I have read have been able to get me hooked that quickly.

The second section changes the mood a little to a happier note. I really like the name(s) you chose for your OC. But a lot of them are hard to pronounce. But with the character you have made here, the original names you have chosen seem to go with the personality. But do you think you could tell me how to pronounce some of them? Also, the last part of the second section made me laugh.

On the third section, the mood has a sort of happy/worried feel to it. Then on the last part when bella drops the letter the mood drops to sadness. It also lets me know where the story matches the books.

In the fourth section, the story has its dark/sad feel to it. This section really tugged at my heart. I was so sad that Ankaa killed her mother! What made it worse was that she had to watch as the "wolf" in her mutilated her mother! At this point I HAD to add this story to my favorites! I could not loose this story!

The fifth section really slowed things down and set the scene of what your oc has to live through. I like how you didn't just do the regular "werewolf" or "vampire" move. You not only made her a werewolf and a vampire, you made some new things of your own. But how is it possible that she is all of these things?

Well, now that I look at this review, I realise that this review is getting extremely long. So, just to give you a to the point feel on how I feel about your story: I LOVE IT! There were no faults that I could notice in your story! I wish my story sounded this good! It is very detailed, sad, exciting, and gets me hooked from the start! This story is incredible! This must be my lucky day because I have read yet another excellent writer! This story is to be added to my favorites! After I finish this review I will read the second chapter! Of all the stories that I have read this is going on my list of awesomes! Which to be honest, there aren't that many.I appaud you! 100/10! I do hope you reply to my review!

Happy writing!

Author's Response: Hahaha! Thanks a lot! Let's see... I've almost forgotten all her names!

Ankaa (ahnka)
Ylva (eelva)
Lupe (loopay)
Anilucard (annieloocard)

Any others cause confusion?

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Review #6, by flame Prologue: Mismatched Eyes

27th September 2006:
good chapter, but you left out 4th year.

Author's Response: fourth year was when she met sirius... i used the brief amount of time that he was in dumbledore's office

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Review #7, by blaze Dominance

27th September 2006:
good story. are you going to update soon ?

Author's Response: wahg! i'm sorry... i'm working on it right now... school work has just been really troublesome...

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Review #8, by dash Dominance

21st August 2006:
......in dire need of more...:D plz update soon

Author's Response: gwah! sorry! I was parted from my computer for a week and I've been really lazy about writing! it'll be up soon! hopefully

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Review #9, by i dOnT sTuDy x Dominance

12th August 2006:
Your story is absolutely amazing! And so very original! I love it! Update soon! -Mel

Author's Response: I'd be lying if I said the next chapter was almost done, I've been slacking a lot but I'll try to work on it!

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Review #10, by dash Dominance

28th July 2006:
waiting..........most impatiently.......plz update soon :D

Author's Response: Hehehe... yeah, sorry about that... vacation and writer's block don't really help, huh?

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Review #11, by acciowand Dominance

12th July 2006:
Typical wolves, lol. Good chapter.

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Review #12, by dash Dominance

4th July 2006:
great chapter...their battle was great and yeah the wedding'll be interesting cause thats the first time harry will meet ankaa..excellent story update soon

Author's Response: Thanks a lot, I'm struggling kind of with the Harry thing, but I'll get through it!

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Review #13, by Meggie Dominance

2nd July 2006:
OR not..I reviewed for the wrong chapter.....The wedding will be..interesting in the least.

Author's Response: Hehe... yes very... I just have to get off my lazy bum and write... well not really but you know what I mean...

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Review #14, by Meggie Dominance

2nd July 2006:
It was wondeful! I'm off to read the next chapter..

Author's Response: Do I have the next chapter up?

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Review #15, by Meggie Prologue: Mismatched Eyes

2nd July 2006:
it was amazing!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #16, by bevvie Prologue: Mismatched Eyes

2nd July 2006:
ok, the title: There is no per. per is a preposition. it would be preterito and postero, as in the ablative case. Do you actually learn latin? yeah, soz, it just really bugs me

Author's Response: ER, sorry... I was kind of tired when I typed it, I'll change it.

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Review #17, by dash Identities Confused

20th June 2006:
lovin it...keep it up and update soon

Author's Response: I'll try!

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Review #18, by dash Prologue: Mismatched Eyes

15th June 2006:
two words....very impressive......id like to see more really soon

Author's Response: Chapter 2 is waiting to be validated, three is undergoing editing, and four is being written... so you won't have to wait long...

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Review #19, by acciowand Prologue: Mismatched Eyes

8th June 2006:
I'm saying she needs more faults, a weakness... one we can identify with. She sounds a bit like a Mary Sue, although I'm sure you didn't mean it to read that way. :-)

Author's Response: Oh right... hehe... sorry I'll get on that in later chapters...

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Review #20, by acciowand Prologue: Mismatched Eyes

7th June 2006:
Unusual. She's got to have some faults, though, or the story's not worth reading ;) Keep it up!

Author's Response: *confused* Wait... are you saying I didn't write her with faults? *starts thinking over the prologue*

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Review #21, by Julie Prologue: Mismatched Eyes

6th June 2006:

Author's Response: *laughs*

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Review #22, by elvinPrincess Prologue: Mismatched Eyes

5th June 2006:
Loved it, loved it, loved it. You have to update.

Author's Response: Thanks! And I will, I already have chapter 1 and 2 down, just working on three!

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