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Review #1, by I_LOVE_love Straitjacket Feeling

20th October 2008:
I loved this little story! I normally don't like dramione fics, but I like this one; it was sooo sad though, but good.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it =D it's actually one of my older stories, ha!

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Review #2, by Gryffindor Fish Straitjacket Feeling

31st July 2007:
That's really sad. Maybe you could make a sequel to "Move Along" about them moving on. And like another to another song by them like "Dance Inside" about them getting back together! It could be a trilogy! ;)

Author's Response: ohh, thats a really good idea!! I'll consider that =D

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Review #3, by H_Hshipper Straitjacket Feeling

14th October 2006:
That was good! Love AAR!...*evil laugh* Gosh this is the weirdest review I've ever left I think.

Author's Response: haha. I believe this is the weirdest review I've ever recieved. But thanks nontheless :) I'm glad you liked it

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Review #4, by xdarkestxsecretsx Straitjacket Feeling

3rd September 2006:
So sad...makes me wanna cry for them. Stupid Harry and Ron with there jealous ways.
kiss ^.^ Tasha

Author's Response: haha, yeah. they can be jack...donkies sometimes ^_^

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Review #5, by Hunny_Baby_Doll Straitjacket Feeling

1st August 2006:
*sigh* Oh how depressing. I LOVE THAT SONG! Omg, I was listening to it while I was reading. It`s so depressing. BUT IN A GOOD WAY!! Lol. Aw. Fantastic.

Author's Response: haha. yeah. its depressing :( I'm sorry. I do that too, listen to the song if its the fic if I have it, lol

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Review #6, by harrypotter_fanatic Straitjacket Feeling

2nd July 2006:
it's so almost made me's pretty impressive that you tucked all Hermione's emotions in an amazing way...Conratulations!!
Great job!!!

Author's Response: lol, thanks for that. I guess its a compliment that you also almost cried. If that made any sense.

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Review #7, by Fire Straitjacket Feeling

27th June 2006:
Wow, that was great! Lots of conflicted emotions, lots of great imagary. I can't wait to read more by you. Well done. *there were some typos, and a few things that need fixing. Nothing major*

Author's Response: thanks ^_^ heh, even microsoft word can't be perfect.

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Review #8, by misshermione Straitjacket Feeling

19th June 2006:
Hmmmm... interesting. I detected several elements from different movies and such in here. :p Number one, Desi, go back and check your first few paragraphs for typos, they are rather numerous. Also, if you don't know how to spell something, either look it up on the lexicon or just leave it be, because the chances are that if you don't know how ot spell it, the majority of others won't either. :)

This was a bit well, I don't know, it just didn't seem totally real in my eyes in some places, but I don't really know how you could correct that. I really like the concept of the story and the way the story fit with the lyrics though, nicely done. I find it a bit hard to believe they would still receive hatemail, as in general, people move on, but that's your choice.

My biggest qualm of this is I don't hear Hermione's voice, her character is kind of just there, but with no direction. The only way I can think of to remedy this is to make it longer.

Anyway, great concept, brilliant song, the writing is getting there, just keep at it!

Author's Response: ^_^ hahahahaha, thanks Jean. I'll be sure to keep that in mind

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Review #9, by Dark Princess 06 Straitjacket Feeling

18th June 2006:
please update really soon!

Author's Response: I really don't think I'll be adding to the story *blink* I don't know where else it could go, but I want to write more songfics soon :)

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