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Review #1, by ShadowKisses Only harry?

11th August 2007:
there's a... secret plan? and Mel is Malfoy's girlfriend? Ok, NOW you have me really intrigued. Can't wait to see what happens next! =D

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Review #2, by ShadowKisses The new girl!

11th August 2007:
oh wow this fic is brilliant ^_^ I thought I'd review before scurrying off to read the next chapter. Can't wait to read more about Melissa ^_^

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Review #3, by DracoMalfoyWhatsYourProblem Only harry?

13th October 2006:
ooo whats gunna happen next??? i cant wait to find out UPDATE

i put up my second part it just needs to get validated AGH
i hate this whole validation thing it bugs me, i mean they should validate it right away like the same day, or not at all! i dont think theirs any point to it! lol well thanx for being my only reader :) lol

ur the only one who reviewed!!!!

i wish more ppl did, maybe i just suck :(

oh well :)

much love

Author's Response: I will update this, hopefully and I'll try and won't forget about it but as 'it all started with the closet' and 'Lost in worries', there are more readers then I update that more.
Can't wait for your 2nd chapter!!! I know it bugs me even more like my 15th chapter....they rejected it 3 times!!!, but its sort of good as they cheak if everything is suitable.
anyway.....NO, your story is awesome, Its just people havn't seen it yet....just wait till your becomes so good and over 100 reviews! Now you've got a banner, maybe it will be easier for people to see your story lol!

Thanks for reading yet another of my stories!! Love ya!!
xxxx Jen

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Review #4, by HERMIONEandDRACOshouldBE Only harry?

8th October 2006:
OMG wow this is sucha clever story OMG they have a plan she is tryin to trich harry NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO she cant do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i wanna know wat is gonna happen tell me NOW i hav to know lol!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Raych again!!!! hello.......this is the....3rd time today, I'm writing to you. THIS IS GREAT! lol
a clever story? I am never cleaver, so it can't be a cleaver story lol!!
well,'l have to wait and see. as I always say. I don't tell....and you should know that! lol
Thanks raych again....oh and breath a bit. maybe that will help, of me not updating! =P

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Review #5, by HERMIONEandDRACOshouldBE The new girl!

1st July 2006:
wow i luv all ur storys there sooooo gooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!
luv raych

Author's Response: Hey,
they are good? I think they are rubbish! but thnxs so much, I think i'm getting more confedent(sp?) now!
thnxs again Raych for the review! and reading ofcorse!

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Review #6, by tom_feltons_godess The new girl!

29th June 2006:
*Shove this Melissa chix off Draco's lap and takes her rightful place* HE'S MINE BACK OFF!!! *Looks around and realizes she's being weird* O...*blushes* Sry...hahaha!!! No it didn't stink it was actually pretty gud!!! I lykd it vry much!!! I love how U portrayed this Melissa person I already hate her but it's a gud thing she pee-ussed me off with her perfectness...LOL!!! I also lyk how U have evrything starting out and then smoothly and gradually have it come to a close with nice cliffy thrown in for gud measure. That's sumthing I can't do so I envy U!!! I red ur review and I went to answer it but me being such a spaz I went to erase sumthing and hit enter instead...LOL but here's my reply:
LOL!!! WOW!!! Thx so much U mad me burst out laffing!!! Yes, Draco is being a son of a crapper but he's just the dood U lub 2 hate or in my case lub to lub. Draco's mine!!! Mine,mine,mine,mine!!! Muwahahahahaha!!! Yesh, Yesh Jared+Hermione=gr8 4 each other....or...R the...hmmm??? :D!!! LOL!!! The nxt chappy's bin in limbo 4 a while now and it shood be out soon!!! U wish U cood wryt lyk me?!? LOL!!! Thx but there R SO many wryters on here who R lyk a konfillion tyms bettr then me but eh...we all got our own styles wryt??? Ur not a bad wryter I'll go and read one of ur stories lyk ryt now and tell ya wut I think okay?!? Thx 4 the ultra wicked review!!! Rock on!!!~Jaymee
But wutevrs...LOL upd8 soon plz!!!~Jaymee

Author's Response: Thnxs so much!!!!! This is such a great review.....
and the longest one ever i bet!!!!
no, i really do think your a really good writer and thanxs for all the complements you gave me. I feel so loved, lol!
I'll be updateing soon hopefully, when my other story gets validated ofcorse! which looks like forever!
thnxs so much for the wicked review!!
xxx malfoy MAD

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Review #7, by skylette The new girl!

24th June 2006:
ma internet is fianally workin!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaay
enyway lol,y dont u hav confidnce in ur sorys?!
dey honestly r gd!
keep on ritin ok?!!!!

i miss ya n i hope ya mis me 2!

Author's Response: Hey again!

I dnt have confidence in my stories i no, because they aren't good. and look...its proven with the reviews i have!

anyway.....i'll still keep writing though, i can't help my self!

missing you too!
xxx malfoy MAD thnxs for reading and reviewing!

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Review #8, by DracoMalfoyWhatsYourProblem The new girl!

15th June 2006:
omg i really liked it! yeah definatly continue it wasnt rubbish at all

Author's Response: Hey!!!
nice to hear from you again!!
you liked it? well i hope you did..... ok. i'll carry on..... i have it all sort of planed out. so yh.....i'll be making more stories now, as more ideas are coming to me!
thnxs so much for the review!!

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Review #9, by MeNuncle The new girl!

11th June 2006:
Great start- excellent! Can't wait to read more of it! Please read my stories too- i'd be really greatful and review!

Author's Response: Hiya! thnxs for reading my story and most of all, revewing it. loads of people don't!!
i'll read your stories later. I promise. but not today as i'm buzy! thnxs a lot! keep reading, and if u want you can read my other story too!

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Review #10, by italianbabe The new girl!

11th June 2006:
I like your story it was really good :) i noticed you didnt have a banner i would be happy to make you one if you like :) i dont write stories on this i made this account so i can make people's banners so please if you need someone to do you one e.mail me

Author's Response: OMG! that would be great. i'd love if u can make me a banner. I asked someone but as its been months and they havnt responded then Ok.... i'll email u straight away!! thnxs again!
aw i love when someone says they like my stories. thnxs!

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