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Review #1, by Ed -----

31st December 2017:
Read canon! Get dates right!Ginny born Aug 11!

Author's Response: Yo this story was posted in 2006. Way before the concluding publication of the series and before Pottermore was a thing that could provide miniscual details such as that, and my memory isn’t perfect, but I doubt that was mentioned in the books that were published at the time of this fanfic publication. I also can’t remember every detail I read, and I also don’t spend my spare time correcting 12-year-old fan fiction because I have better things to do. Sorry you were so bothered.

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Review #2, by callie -----

6th April 2013:
I thought it was brilliant. yet it had a few typos

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Review #3, by potterprincess07 -----

7th October 2010:
This is good, but sad. However, I think that if it were a little longer, it would help fill in the gaps a little. I'm also confused about the pov. It starts out in Ginny's then goes into third person. Sorry, but that just confused me a little bit.

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Review #4, by James and sirius 4 eva -----

18th April 2008:
Hey, i have to say i dont think its one of your best by far. But that said its still really good. just a tad rushed and possibly a bit unrealistic.

Still god job.

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Review #5, by Harry and Ginny_4evr -----

16th February 2008:
I think it was interesting. I like the last part the most. I think it amazingly but at the same time horribly sad. Great work.

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Review #6, by Lily's_eyes -----

30th January 2008:
Great story! A little side note, November as 30 days, not 31.

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Review #7, by cousins9021094 -----

12th December 2007:
awww it is soo sweet yet so sad at the same time i love it.

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Review #8, by Caitlyn90 -----

2nd September 2007:
Having read all of your stories in one sitting now (i think im a bit addicted!) i think this wasn't one of your best. It was quite short, but so much seemed to happen in that little amount of time so it seemed very rushed. Keep writing... you're really talented!

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Review #9, by Don't Have One -----

27th August 2007:
I thought the end was a little scetchey but over all it was quite well written.

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Review #10, by xWonWonsGurlx -----

17th August 2007:
aw i liked it!


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Review #11, by BatSEnecal -----

15th August 2007:
This one is definitely not the best one you have written. It was just too short. More detail would have been greatly appreciated. 7/10

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Review #12, by lunascope -----

8th August 2007:
This is Great You need to write a sequal

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Review #13, by ginny_weasley_54 -----

28th June 2007:
wow. i love it. it made me cry. but pretty much everything does. i hate being emotional. i cry over everything. well anyways i love this story. it's amazing.

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Review #14, by harrypotterhugefanforever -----

4th June 2007:
Oh, is it Independence Day??? Please tell me. I like this story *tear*. But it's not my fav but that doesn't matter.

Author's Response: Nope. One more month. Hehe. Thanks though.
Love from Drue

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Review #15, by inabena57 -----

10th May 2007:
*sniff sniff* lol that was really sad but also very very good it was a little short but i still enjoyed it alot..*10/10*

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Review #16, by Rae -----

9th April 2007:
Hm, I liked it, but it left me wondering.Well...How did Voldy die?

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Review #17, by Isolde Eris -----

22nd February 2007:
The ending was a bit sudden but other than that I loved it amazing job!

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Review #18, by AloneintheDark -----

14th January 2007:
oh, i know I have heard that line before, just don't know here. Another good story by you, I love reading your stuff because, unlike other people (because your a/n says you dont think angst is your thing) you ae giving a few different genres a try, to at least see the results, and its nice to see that in an author, someone who tries a few different things. But that is where you and, I don't feel comfortable writing Fluff or Romance, becasue it comes out like mushed goo. But, recently, yet-to be posed, I found a story I wrote a long long time ago (before HBP an maybe even before OOTP) that, as a harry/ginny shipper, I had a lot of trouble writing in the first place, its a harry/hermione thing my friend challenged me to do back in like 4th or 5th grade (I am in 8th now), after a huge argument about which would come true HG or H/HR so, I know how you feel about genres, there are some that are just a little iffy for us to write... 10/10

Luna aka.. AloneintheDark

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Review #19, by jewlzbird -----

15th December 2006:
so sad!
*sniff sniff* Very good. L.O.V.E it. You could try to make it a bit longer though. 10/10!!

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Review #20, by FiREBOLTx3 -----

9th November 2006:
i liked it.

Author's Response: Thank you. Your name is becoming more and more familiar to me, and it makes me happy to see that, because it means that my writing is entertaining you. YAY!! Thanks for another good review.
Love from Drue

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Review #21, by James_Fan -----

13th October 2006:
This story is so sad but great at the same time. *Tear*.

Author's Response: Yes. It's fairly sad. I didn't think I did a too good job on this story. I will most likely edit it and make it better. Thank you for the wonderful reivew, James_Fan!! All your reviews make me so happy!
Love from Drue

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Review #22, by wolf2010 -----

20th August 2006:
Awwwwwwwwwwww, poor Ginny!!! I loved this! Your description was TERRIFIC!!! Haha, especially this part::

One month later, a Daily Prophet fluttered in the wind, it swirled, and landed on multiple roses, forming from the ground, in the middle of the tiniest cemetry. The roses were the most magnificent red, any had ever seen.

Good job! :D
Wolfie (haha, I'm still trying to think of a nick name for you!)

Author's Response: Wow, Thanks Wolfie!!!!! YUAAAAAY!! Go good description...person...writer!! HAHA HA!! Thanks, I love that paragraph...brings some slight happiness into the story. Hehehe!
Love from Drue

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15th August 2006:
o my god i loved it so much you are like my 2nd favorite author!!!!!!!

Author's Response: WOWWWWWW!!!!!!! Thanks so much, JYYUKFTHJGDTYKYLGJYUFGTJKHKU;GHUGFTDRDFDTETYFTUTGJ;O[P0!! NAaahahahahah! Lol, thats a long name! lol, Just kidding. Thank you so much, you have inspired me!!!
*Runs off to write more one-shots*
Lol, I never really thought this story would be that good, but thanks so mcuh! I'm glad you liked it!!!
Love from Drue

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Review #24, by Ginny_Halliwell -----

8th August 2006:
I liked it. But so sad! **tear** I, also, have one question. Who killed Voldemort? And I do believe that Ginny wouldn't have the strength to go on if anything happened to Harry. Very well written! **sniff**

Author's Response: YAY! I know...*tear* I dunno who killed nasty Voldy. Since Harry had already destroyed his horcruxes, he was mortal, and could die anyway. He was also atleast 70 years old. Voldy could have died many ways...Use your imagination! LOL! Well, thanks Gin!!!
Love from Drue

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Review #25, by mrs_heather_grint -----

5th August 2006:
Not iffy at all, I had chills the whole time I was reading it... I loved the whole roses idea. It was lovely. Ginny, however, was a little OOC. She doesn't really show her emotions through tears. But a little OOC never hurt anyone. I loved it. You get a 9 :]:]:].

Author's Response:! Thanks sooo much! I really don't care for this story, and I don't think I did very well...maybe at some point I can fix it up and make it better, but yeah. I know after I posted this story...Ginny does seem real different.! A 9!!! Thanks sooooo much! Glad you enjoyed it!
Love from Drue

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