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Review #1, by Crissie Consequences

2nd February 2010:
Your story is cool! I'm Crissie by the way and so far I have written 2 stories: Harry Potter and the Fang of Spirit and the Weasley's Diary. Read them please?

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Review #2, by Katie Smith & Christina Lindberg Consequences

8th March 2008:

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Review #3, by Elf_ears13 Consequences

3rd August 2007:
I love the idea behind this - well, of course I do, I read the summary before I started reading - as I think it's a pertinent issue in almost all times. I'm amazed that, a year before DH came out, what you wrote followed a lot of the deaths (with minor tweaks, yeah). This felt like the summing up conversation I needed after that, that dealt with the gritty parts of war, that really made the defeat of evil that much more of something to celebrate.

The group hug - if you can call it that - was just beautiful, and I love how Harry only cried when he was hidden from view. Great line: It was impossible to know who was crying on who's shoulder. The dialog was great, and all of the characters sounded so believably canon in their reactions, especially Remus, though I wouldn't have said so before DH came out.

I noticed a few times when you used 'its' when you should have used 'it's' (a contraction of 'it' and 'is'), but other than that the writing was just fantastic and your characterization really shone through it.

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Review #4, by Sophia Montgomery Consequences

16th November 2006:
"What d'you think Lupin's got his wand in a twist over?,” Ron muttered. The comma after the ? is unnecessary. Other than that I think you did a very good job of writing this! :)

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Review #5, by Order Consequences

24th June 2006:
I had to read this. Sorry I took so long. Very well written, Mina. You are really good with angst, especially Remus fics. Way to go! I love the way you ended it off.

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Review #6, by holly bergman Consequences

3rd June 2006:
Very good. I don't actually think Snape's evil but you did a very good job.

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