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Review #1, by Kya Yamiko I'm With You

14th August 2007:
aww, i love it! it was brilliant, Draco's so sweet and rons a jerk for hurting hermione but hes happy and she will be to, its all good:P

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Review #2, by quadgirl2288 I'm With You

24th January 2007:
aww that was sooo cute! I don't usually read one-shots bt i need something do! I really liked it!

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Review #3, by Danz_Girl_4eva I'm With You

3rd January 2007:
luved ur story, but just so u no, the lyrics are, "damN cold night" not damp, just letting u no...but i luved ur story anyway!! :)

Author's Response: Hehe.. yeah I know :-p I just don't like that kind of language in my writing.. you know? I always have to find some way to bleep it out.. I didn't wanna do the song any injustice or anything, but I really wanted to use it and wasn't going to post it with a curse word :-) Thank you for pointing it out tho lol

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Review #4, by Entropy I'm With You

7th November 2006:
Very nicely done, including all that history without making Draco too out of character. Also very powerful and sweet.

Author's Response: Awww... wow! What a great review! I love it! Yeah, I was worried he would be too OOC... I'm thrilled you enjoyed it! :-D

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Review #5, by Anony_Mouse I'm With You

1st November 2006:
I love, love, LOVE your fanfics!

Author's Response: I love love LOVE to hear that!! :-D That makes my day one-hundred fold!! *grins from ear to ear* I hope I keep you interested so I can get more AWESOME reviews like this lol *head swells with pride*

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Review #6, by evilicious I'm With You

13th September 2006:
this is soooooo sweet!!~~~~!!!

Author's Response: Thanks :-D Feel free to check out some more of my stuff if you're interested ;-)

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Review #7, by phoenix_potter I'm With You

13th August 2006:
short, cute, sweet, love it

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks for the review! :-D

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Review #8, by LostMaeblleshire I'm With You

11th August 2006:
Really lovely. I like how the lyrics sort of summarize the idea of what's going to happen in each portion of the story, but they flow together seamlessly.

Author's Response: Thanks! I always just go copy-paste the lyrics and separate them and that serves as my "planning"... from there i just fill in the white spaces in between the breaks in song... it really helps me pace myself... glad you liked it!!

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Review #9, by butterbeer adict I'm With You

6th August 2006:
this was such a wonderfully story and it was fantastically written!!i loved it!!

Author's Response: Thanks! Wow... you've been a really awesome reviewer-- did you know that? Keep up the good work!

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Review #10, by brokencryingangel I'm With You

4th August 2006:
this is great! you sould do more! *favs*

Author's Response: :-D Yay! Thanks-- I will try to update a few of my stories first and then I'll probably do another one-shot or something before I start something new, like another short-story... I doubt I will do another really long story-- I've been working over a year now on my Trilogy :-S

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Review #11, by lairyfights123 I'm With You

27th July 2006:
Wow. I have to give you oober props for following the song so well. This was a very well written song-fic. You seemed to find something to go with every part of the song and it all made sense which contributed to the flow of it nicely. However I just wanted to let you know it was "Damn cold night." not "Damp cold night". But usually I'm not one to pick out errors such as that. . . sorry about that, I had to find SOMEthing wrong. . .

Now, the actual fic part: The imagery in the beginning was amazing and--as that song does in the beginning every damn time I listen to it, it made me think of how much I love the wonderful, steamy, foggy, cold, gray, WONDERFUL rain. . . Of course, you've thrown some cliches in there, like Ron breaking up with Hermione for Lavendar and such (so OOC you don't even KNOW!) but like I've been saying with non-canon pairings, if you've got one, then SOMEONE'S OOC. . . . it's alright.

Anyhow, you've done a great job of tapping into my senses. . . thank you for that! I think the ending Draco/Hermione bit was a bit rushed, without real reason and sort of cheesy, but that's just my view on the whole pairing in general. . . sort of. . . I've read one that was done well once. I can't remember what it was right this second, but I'm not saying yours was bad my ANY means! You have talent. . . You should actually be quite proud of this!

I hope I've made some sense. . . maybe. . . I dunno. I also hope that this helped! Godd luck and keep it up with everything else you do! * scurries off to read other one-shot you gave me*

An honest 9/10. . . .

Author's Response: Yes, I did know that the word was not "damp" but i refrain from coming out with curse words in my stories so i always try to find some kind of substitute lol... and the whole Ron breaking up with Lavender and all-- that was all specific in the challenge... it said that he had to do all that... i only had to get the story to match the song :-p Everyone hates me for that, but really, that was in the challenge! Thanks for the review tho!

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Review #12, by 0MFGZshes__DEADLY I'm With You

26th July 2006:
awwh that was really nice
and finally a good one-shot without snogging!!
props to you!!!
i loved it

Author's Response: LoL... yeah... I hadn't really thought of it that way, but it's true! Hmm... strange...

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Review #13, by Zillac1 I'm With You

22nd July 2006:
I litarlly started crying when I read that. It's so sweet.

Author's Response: I get that more often than i expected... i didnt know it would move anyone to tears... but im thrilled that i succeeded in my goal of making my readers connect with the story

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Review #14, by Daughter_of_Loneliness I'm With You

21st July 2006:
I like that story, I love the D/Hr pairing, and I'm a big fan of the song as well.

Author's Response: Wonderful! Somehow i am always one to read D/Hr but there are few that i like... and i always swore i'd never write one cause i just couldnt get in the mindset to take the ship seriously... but this was my attempt

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Review #15, by Canadian Warrior Babe I'm With You

19th July 2006:
Wow, Sara, wow. I just read that and it felt right. You know that feeling when you read something, and it's just right, that you couldn't really make any other changes to it? That's what this story like. I don't normally read ones shots like this but my sister, who you know as dreamer, insisted I read it. So I did, and I don't reget it. It was good, really good. So now I'll tell you exacltly what I like about certain parts...
I like that first paragraph you used to introdce the story. I dont know what I like in it, but it just works with way that Hermoine feels at the time. Kind of drowned and wandering. It very nicely done, I like to write myself, and it's hard to get that first paragraph right, it't got to atract the attention of the readers, and I think you did this exceply well, I was a bit nervous as to how this story was going to be, but after I read that it was like, 'this'll be a good story.' So congras on that. *grins and claps*
When I was reading the bit were you said that a lot of explaining is needed to make the story fit, I don't think so. You used just the right amount of explanation so that it didn't swamp the reader but informed us of what was going on. I think you do have a lot of talent as an author, keeping writing. You got this abititly to give just enough to make everything fit.
In the paragraph where you were describing how Harry died, you made the whole paragraph rather lengthly, but this is good. It shows how Hermoine keeps running images of it over in her head in kind of a blur that means that she's seen those scenes many times over in her head. Again you add just enough to get us to clearly picture it in our heads but not enough to swamp it. Your getting good at this techneque.
And the part where Ron dumps Hermione, you space the text to show kind of how the two are feeling: scared and apehensive, but something that needs to be done. You make Ron do the task, but you do it without making him look too bad at the same time. Don't feel to bad about about the whole dump thing. I forgive you. You did it well.
And you make Draco seem to be a kind hearted person after this war has forced to show his true colours. You don;t make it sickly to read, but you make him touching and a caring person we all think that he could be....
All in all I think, Sara, yuo did a very good job at this story. And yes, you did make this story a very convicing, and touching Hermione/Draco slash. It is everything it should and could be. I don't regret reading it. You should be very proud of your work and abilities. Bye Bye. Also, look for my reviews in some of your other work. :-p

Author's Response: Wow... the first review longer than one of my responses! lol I can tell you are quite the writer as well! I saw how long that was and was like-- either its a joke from one of my friends, or someone had a list of problems with my fic lol... but i was pleasantly surprised and was grinning stupidly throughout the whole thing :-p Wow... that really made me feel good! I can't believe all the praise... *blushes* I feel so... *swoon* HAPPY! lol... I hope you read some of my other fics soon! You and your sister both have a habit of making me smile ;-) Great review! Thanks again!

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Review #16, by Death2Muds I'm With You

18th July 2006:
You know, I'm strangely tempted to do a nice, public, sarcastic psychological analysis of the person you emailed about, but it just doesn't seem worth sinking to that level. Ach, whatever. I did actually read this though, despite my...dislike...of songfics. Not sure how Draco pasting Voldy fits in with OOtP, but I'm willing to assume any prophesy of Trelawney's is worthless. And for the record, I've never heard of the song.

Author's Response: LoL... you must have been really bored :-p I thank you for reading and reviewing despite your hatred lol ;-) Means a lot! I never heard of the song either... I just googled the lyrics. As for Draco killing Voldie-- it was my only option.. because no one else was really worthy enough to kill Harry and there had to be SOME reason to forgive Draco for his previous actions :-p So there you are... thanks again for the R&R!!

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Review #17, by TheOneAndOnLy I'm With You

17th July 2006:
aaaawww that was so cute!!!! aw...Meanie Ron! lol. Once again ANOTHER great story!!! how do you do it?

Author's Response: Boredom spawns brilliance I suppose :-p Idk... I never really feel all that great about my work... I have just recently become addicted to challenge fics tho... like this one, it lets me experiment with eras and pairings that i would NEVER in a million years write on my own lol... it really makes me stretch my POV as different characters and makes me focus more on their specific emotions... I always stuck with the Hogwarts era H/G, R/Hr thing-- that was NOT to be tampered with!! But now I just enjoy trying new things ;-) It's just a bonus everyone else enjoys my wanderings as well lol

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Review #18, by Schermionie I'm With You

17th July 2006:
Wow! That's excellent! I love this song and I love this fic. Good job. I do have one critiscm though...Only Harry could have killed Voldemort, but apart from that you've done this very well.

Author's Response: Well in the original draft he did... but that meant that someone would have to kill Harry... and I let three betas preview it and all of them HATED that someone other than Voldemort killed Harry.. so i just decided for the sake of keeping things simple to just let Draco kill Voldie and win him gold status lol

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Review #19, by dreamer I'm With You

17th July 2006:
aawwww thats such a nice gave me the warm fuzzys ^_^ lol
The only thing that i didnt like was that ron was the bad guy lol...i love ron...he's my favourite :) lol
I reckon that draco really is going to turn to the goodside!!! coz he's too hot to be bad!!! :P

Author's Response: LoL... yeah i didnt like Ron being bad either... some ppl have fussed me out about that :-p That was in the requirements for the challenge tho... that wasn't my idea... so I had to do it! Glad you liked it tho!! :-D Excellent review!

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Review #20, by Bebony91 I'm With You

14th July 2006:
awww that was perfect, lots of fluff!

Author's Response: Yay! Awesome! If you like fluff, I suggest the Puppy Love series... I know I sound like an advertisement here but I am really proud of those things... and if you love fluff (and ANY of the Weasleys in love)-- then those are the stories for you!

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Review #21, by olivie I'm With You

14th July 2006:
wow. I usually don't go for Draco stories but that was brilliant! You must be like, really good at writing normal (I'm not saying this wasn't normal),
(just not normal for me) stories!your lucky I gave you a chance! adding to favorites now.!!!

Author's Response: Yes... i am honored that any of my readers gave me a chance... you guys dont know how much it means to me that you like my work! I'm so excited!!! :-D Dramione isn't really my cup of tea either... i recommend you try the Puppy Love series... I think that's basically everyone's cup of tea lol

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Review #22, by jade_6 I'm With You

14th July 2006:
you are such a great writer!!! Wow! You are so talented!!!
That's all I have to say, and the story goes so perfectly to the song it couldn't've been better!
: O

Author's Response: Thanks! Wow! That's awesome that you liked it!! *swells with pride* I really had never heard the song tho... the first time I'd ever seen the lyrics was when I pulled them up on google... I finally got the chance and listened to it one time and immediately knew what I wanted to write about... the words set the situation up perfectly!

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Review #23, by bitterbutsweet I'm With You

14th July 2006:
So beuatiful ... I wish it was longer...

Author's Response: Well the song really repeated the chorus like 8 times... I could have made it longer... but that just seemed like a good place to stop so i left the rest of the repeated chorus out lol

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Review #24, by Diyallah I'm With You

13th July 2006:
THAT was AWSOME....sad though. Does that mean that Ron and Hermione aren't friends anymore?

Author's Response: I don't know... maybe they will be in the future... maybe they will always have a wall between them... I didn't really look that far ahead :-p The song kinda stopped there so I did too lol

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Review #25, by cryingxinside I'm With You

13th July 2006:
omg how could Ron choose Lavender over Hermione Lavenders a stupid git head who doesnt derserve friends lol sorry very good story tho

Author's Response: I know... sheesh... he's so insensitive... unlike Draco... :-p

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