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Review #1, by TFLuver(not logged in) The One He Loves

16th March 2007:
who is it? who!? WHO!? lol...plz update!! plz? XD < sidewayz (really) smiley face

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Review #2, by nads The One He Loves

27th January 2007:
wow who is the mystery girl with Ron and why does Draco have to be such an arse i know he cant help it but maybe he should try and be a bit nicer and then Hermione might like him lol

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Review #3, by nads "A Troubling Sight and the Head's Dorm"

27th January 2007:
lol it seems that there are a few blossoming relationships doesnt it even though Hermione and Draco dont know it yet lol

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Review #4, by nads "Heads and Hogwarts"

27th January 2007:
aw they have to share a common room and bathroom i cant wait to see what kind of arguments they have lol oh they're so funny

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Review #5, by TFLuver102 The One He Loves

13th January 2007:
ooo-er! lol, koolies...10/10 update! hehehe! XD
luv Rachie/Kitten

Author's Response: Thanx for the review! I'm pretty sure that I'm going to add the next chapter sometime this week!! So keep checking back!! :)

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Review #6, by jacelen The One He Loves

9th January 2007:
oh yea the story was great also!:D

Author's Response: I know! I'm bad huh? I hate it when other author's do that, I guess it was revenge. Teehehee... Well, Thanx for the review! :) I'm pretty sure the next chapter will be up this week! Keep checking back, and reviewing!! :)

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Review #7, by casizzle21 "Heads and Hogwarts"

8th January 2007:
lol this sounds good *reads on*

Author's Response: Thanx for the review!!! :) I'm pretty sure I'll be able to put the next chapter up this week!!! Keep checking back!

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Review #8, by la_bella The One He Loves

7th January 2007:
Who is SHE? everyone is getting together aren't they???loz
good, keep the chapters coming!!!

Author's Response: Thanx for the Review, I really appreciate it!! I'm gonna keep myself on track and keep writing dont worry lol. I'll probably add the next chapter this week! :)

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Review #9, by clueless921 The One He Loves

9th July 2006:
WHO IS IT??!!!!!!


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Review #10, by Kaykay The One He Loves

7th July 2006:
I really like your story please update soon.
I'll keep checking back for another chapter.

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Review #11, by MissGinny "A Troubling Sight and the Head's Dorm"

4th July 2006:
another very good chapter....i am not a big fan of H/D but i like the way this is written sounds really good so far!

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Review #12, by MissGinny The One He Loves

4th July 2006:
oh my goodness who is it?? lol i need to know! lol

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Review #13, by clueless921 "A Troubling Sight and the Head's Dorm"

26th June 2006:
Ah!! I ussually don't like Draco/ Hermione ones but this one is really good so far. I am just hoping that they keep it all bottled inside for a little while least Hermione anyway...Anyway (lol) I really do like this story I am really suprised it only got one review. I'ts well written and I don't think I caught any spelling mistakes. Update soon!!

A fan

Author's Response: Thank you soo much for your review! :)
Yeah Hermione's feelings are still undecided, well at least to her. But she won't figure it out for a while. And thank you again, I'm glad you liked it!! I will be updating tomorrow.

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Review #14, by Shyanna "Heads and Hogwarts"

28th May 2006:
Good start! *applauds* Hate cliffhangers though :(

Author's Response: Thanks. And yeah, i do too. But thats why I did it. lol. I want to post the next chapter soon, but I had to finish Drivers Ed. So my next post should be in the next couple of days.

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