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Review #1, by WananbeRowling Just Me

7th December 2006:
Okay, it is not fair! You have to make this into a story. It doesn't seem like a one-shot. It seems like a chaptered story! It's so good!

Author's Response: Sorry, but as I said before, tis done. Over. I'm really glad that people like it, but I really think it is as it is.

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Review #2, by chocolatefrog Just Me

30th July 2006:
aaah i like it
so what exactly did ron do????

Author's Response: *shrugs* it doesn't matter, they go to pieces over nothing.

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Review #3, by laurentreitman Just Me

8th July 2006:
I love this!! It's soo romantic!!

Author's Response: OMG! Lauren!

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Review #4, by Nymphadorax Just Me

26th June 2006:
That was really well written. Are you going to add another chapter because the ending was kind of a cliff hanger. All in all it was really good.

Author's Response: Sorry, but no. It's intended to be a oneshot and I'm 100% certain that I won't be writing more of this. While I support the ship, I don't like writing it. I kind of hate writing Ron and Hermione gets on my nerves. But I could write another drabble later on, if I really felt like it.

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Review #5, by dasani Just Me

12th June 2006:
Oh please continue... It's such a great start....Just put your hands on the keyboard and type... :D

Author's Response: No. I'm sorry, I'm not going to continue with this.

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Review #6, by nini807 Just Me

11th June 2006:
Oh dear. I liked it until Ron and Hermione fell out. It was good though.

Author's Response: thanks.

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Review #7, by Sudha53 Just Me

30th May 2006:
it's cute, i like it
a continuation would be cool

Author's Response: sorry, but no second.

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Review #8, by Nymphie Just Me

28th May 2006:
I think you could add some to the ending so it ends on a better note. Over-all not too bad.

Author's Response: I like the ending...

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Review #9, by Rose Just Me

25th May 2006:
Very good! That was a missing moment right? I liked it a lot. Write more!

Author's Response: Yes, before harry came to Grimmald place...

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Review #10, by Hermione Fan Just Me

25th May 2006:
Please update!!!!!!!!!!! It was sooooooooo good!

Author's Response: sorry, It's a one shot.

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Review #11, by Gryfindorqueen Just Me

25th May 2006:
really cute :D

Author's Response: thanks.

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Review #12, by ellen Just Me

24th May 2006:
aww, poor Ron whys hermione always shouting at him anyways luv the fic, is there gonna be a sequel? hope so :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reading it. Nope, 100% certain no sequel. Just a drabble.

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