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Review #1, by Summer Cyrene Goodbye

28th June 2012:
Amazing!! Just amazing. Made me cry at the end!

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Review #2, by ladylilly Goodbye

23rd December 2007:
wow, this actually made me cry, which is something i don't do too often.

The end with the ring *sob* was so sad and the part with... awww, forget it, the whole thing was sad. But you did a great job telling a story! if i could give it more than 10 stars i would! Awesome job! *sobs some more*

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Review #3, by _boyce_ Goodbye

7th June 2007:
Omg i could hardly read it cause i was crying some much =[

Author's Response: As mean as this is going to sound- GOOD! I'm very glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #4, by ron_hearts_hermione Goodbye

24th April 2007:
Ah, this was amazing. Especially the ring part. I really didn't expect that. But, you know, people who get mad about Hermione dying shouldn't read this.

Any way, great, great job. I loved it. Although, I fail miserably at angsty pieces. Feel grateful for the skill. ;]]

Author's Response: Thanks! haha and I'd be mad if Hermione died too... I didn't enjoy killing her off in this one. Buuuut I guess I don't have to take responsibility for it either way because I'm not the incredible J.K. Rowling ! haha I'm glad you liked it though!

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Review #5, by Hedwig123 Goodbye

23rd April 2007:
This is so sad, i even cried a bit. But it is also beautifully written. Well done.

Author's Response: Thank you very, very much. I would say I'm sorry to make you cry but that was sort of what I was going for :)

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Review #6, by EternalGold394 Goodbye

20th April 2007:
I don't think Hermionie will die either but it's always nice to put a spin on things once in awhile. It's well written though and realistically sad...

Author's Response: Thank you very much :)

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Review #7, by Llama lady Lily Goodbye

20th April 2007:
Especially loved the ring part
*teary smile*

Author's Response: I almost cried writing it. But I'm tough, I held it in. haha I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #8, by thediarywithin Goodbye

7th April 2007:
wow, keep up the good work.

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #9, by Pink_Princess12 Goodbye

24th May 2006:
That was wonderful! SAD!! But wonderful! I'm crying!!

Author's Response: thank you very much :)

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Review #10, by DeathByMoonlight Goodbye

24th May 2006:
Aww...I found tears in my eyes. Your right, very sad. It was written very well, actually.

Saddest part, Ron putting the ring on her finger. Made me want to bawl. It was very good. Please write doesn`t have to be this story, just another one, but your writing was nice. Pictured it all nicely.
Sorry, rambling.

Author's Response: Thanks very much for the review! And as cruel as it sounds... I'm glad you found it to be sad. And thanks for the complements (they were much appriciated since this is my first time writing on this site). I'm currently on page 217- on Microsoft Word- on a different story so I hope to be updating a lot!
Thanks again!
Oh and p.s... I like rambling. lol

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Review #11, by Nymphie Goodbye

24th May 2006:
It was wonderfully sad. It's exactly what you'd expect to feel.... And with Ron and the engagement ring. Could not have been a better ending. Your writing is fabulous... DON'T STOP!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback, I really do appriciate it! I'm quite glad you enjoyed it and I'll be updating my other story soon (it'll be long) so keep checking for it if you want :)

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Review #12, by Cal5114 Goodbye

24th May 2006:
Awesome!! very sad!!

Author's Response: Thanks :)

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